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Life Selector Review: The Best Interactive Sex Game

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Life Selector Review

Lifeselector logo
CONTENT 5.0 / 5.0
EASE OF USE 5.0 / 5.0
VALUE 4.5 / 5.0
SAFETY 5.0 / 5.0



A unique interactive sex game that combines porn videos with interactive elements, where viewers can decide what happens next.

The service has a great cast of stars, a variety of genres, and is easy to use. Some of the content is free, but most of the good content is behind a pay-wall.

The value for money is good, but only with bigger credit packages.


  • Great content quality and quantity
  • Great models
  • Fresh content every week
  • Ease of use and navigation
  • Good value (with large credit packages)
  • Fast loading
  • Safe website


  • Cost (with smaller credit packages)
  • Streaming only (no downloads)

Update on August 8, 2018: If you’re a returning reader, you can find the biggest changes summarized here. I’ve also updated the whole Life Selector review.

Wow! Cannot believe it’s almost three years ago when I wrote this review. It’s definitely time to give Life Selector another thorough look.

What I wrote before is still true. Life Selector is still the best interactive story driven sex game I’ve been able to find.

What has changed over the last couple of years is that the biggest shortcomings (mobile support, HD videos) have been fixed and there are a lot of new interactive videos featuring many of the hottest new porn stars.

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Mobile support:

Life Selector now supports both Android and iOS devices. I tried it on both my Android phone and iPad, and Life Selector plays beautifully. All interactive options that are available on the desktop are also included in the mobile. My phone is LG G6 and loading scenes was slightly sluggish. Not bad, but it took a couple of seconds to move from one scene to another.

HD video support:

The video quality used to be good but not HD. Now, I’m happy to report, Life Selector supports video resolutions up to 1080p. Also the old interactive porn videos have been upgraded as they appear to be 1080p.

User interface:

The ease of use is still great. Especially, I love the capability of continuing to watch from where I left last time. I’ve never managed to watch a full interactive game on one sitting, and being able to continue where I left is a great feature. Navigating works the same way also in mobile devices, and it doesn’t get in the way on the smaller screen.

Content quantity and quality:

Life Selector has hundreds and hundreds of porn games available. They’ve been active in adding a couple of video stories every week. The selection of new and hot porn stars is also great. They’ve added Abella Danger, Riley Reid, Elsa Jean, Abigail Mac, Romi Rain, and many, many more.

A new feature called ‘Pre-Order’ allows users to decide what porn videos are produced next. It works like crowdsourcing; you can support a video with your money/credits and when a video reaches the target contributions, it will enter the production.


Life Selector pricing is the same as before. You buy credits that you then use to unlock scenes in the interactive videos. The bigger credit package you buy, the cheaper each individual credit is going to be.

A new feature Life Selector has added is ‘Return Rewards’, which gives you 25% bonus credits if you visit Life Selector five days a week. This is a great way to boost your credit purchase.

Another cool money saving tip is that if you click ‘Buy Credits’ and then exit the pop-up window, you’ll receive a 33% discount offer.

Overall, I think the value for money is quite good. Watching a good chunk of a sex game costs you only a few quarters, and you can always re-watch those scenes you’ve unlocked for free. I love going to an interactive porn video I’d been watching before, and continue unlocking different scenes and options.

I hope you enjoyed reading this updated Life Selector review. Even if you don’t want to spend a dime, go to and watch a few trailers. They are pretty good. 🙂

The Difficulty of Finding Quality Adult Online Games

In the sea of scammy and spammy online adult sites, it is hard to find the sex games that actually are good and worth your time. I should know, after trying out so many sites that force hidden pop-ups, make leaving the site half impossible, or are just filled with groan-worthy content.

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That said, finding the best interactive sex game wasn’t that difficult. What did take time was checking all the other sites for their content.

What is Life Selector?

You may be familiar with game books; the books where you choose your own adventures, that were popular in the 80’s. Interactive sex games, or interactive porn videos, are similar. You start watching a porn video and during the film you have options to choose what happens next. The videos are often made from a POV (Point of View) angle so that you can imagine being part of the action.

Life Selector has a catalog of over 400 shows with a great cast of porn stars. Within each show, you have many decision points where you can decide the direction of the story. At some decision points, you may need to pay to proceed.

It might be an overstatement to call Life Selector shows games. They are more like interactive porn videos, where you are given control to decide what happens next.

Interactive sex games can be extremely exciting. Combining quality, quantity, and variety of content with plentiful choices during the shows, can make you feel that the show truly responds to your desires. If any of these components are missing, usability is poor, or the site is sketchy, then the service won't be worth your time or money.

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Other immersive porn alternatives

If interactive story lines aren't your thing then maybe the total visual immersion of virtual reality porn would excite you. In VR porn you truly are in the middle of sex scenes.

Read the Intro to Virtual Reality Porn to get started or check out the best VR porn sites in my reviews.

If high quality old school porn videos are your thing, then take a look at my review of FrolicMe. Their erotic porn videos will take to fantastic slow(er) orgasms.

How Good Is the Interactive Porn Selection?

Life Selector has over 400 shows and a few hundred porn stars. The content selection is varied and pretty good. You can choose from regular categories, like Teen, MILF, Big Tits, Threesome, etc. The selection of specialized categories, like BDSM, Foot Fetish, Voyeur, and so on, is large as well.

LifeSelector Shows Listing
LifeSelector Shows Listing

The site has a large number of top pornstars, including Riley Reid, Mia Malkova, August Ames, and many more.

Finding the kind of content you’re looking for is easy as you can set multiple filters. For example, you can look for “blonde”, “big tits”, and “teen”, and the search results will show you shows with only that kind of content.

Each show is also categorized either as a “Quick Show” or “Full Show”. Quick shows have fewer build up scenes and lead more directly to the actual sex scenes. They seem to last up to half an hour with a small number of decision points. The full shows can have close to 20 options with content close to an hour.

"How I met my girlfriend" style videos include very long build-up scenes but are very gratifying in the end. If you want, you can always jump directly to sex scenes as there is a button for that.

Life Selector has been consistent in adding new videos. During the last few years, they've added a couple of interactive videos every week. The selection of porn stars has also grown and includes many of the most popular porn stars.

If you enjoy watching still photos, there is a section where you can find a large selection of POV and other photos from the interactive videos.

  • The Life Selector website appears to be safe and doesn’t make attempts to mislead users or steal their information.
  • According to online safety scanners, the Life Selector website is safe to browse. The website has a clean history and doesn’t have any known instances of phishing, malware, or unwanted software.
  • The website doesn’t use suspicious redirects, open unwanted browser windows, or use other questionable practices.
  • The payment process appears to be secure and follows good practices.
  • The website uses cookies, but that is to be expected. There’s nothing suspicious in this. If you wish to browse without cookies being permanently stored, you can use the incognito or private modes provided by your browser.

How Much I Can Watch for Free?

If you don’t want to pay, all shows have trailers that will show you a couple of minutes of content. These are also great when deciding which shows to view. You can start playing Life Selector shows for free and even proceed through a few decision points without paying, but most of the good content is behind the pay-wall.

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Interactive Porn Video Walk Through: A Day with August Ames

To better explain how Life Selector's interactive porn videos work, I will walk through a show with you.

After selecting a show, you can either start the game or view the trailer. After clicking ‘Start Game’, you’ll see more details about the show - the setting and highlights.

show setting and highlights
Show setting and highlights

The wait time is almost non-noticeable as the game starts playing. Video quality is very good throughout the shows (you can choose a resolution up to 1080p). The videos play either in full screen or a window. Playback and full features are supported also on Android and iOS devices.

2:38 (duration of the scene): ‘A Day with August Ames’ starts at a swimming pool, where August Ames is displaying her goodies. She is incredibly sexy.

0:42 The film cuts to a bedroom, where an alarm clock goes off, waking you up. You’re the man of the film. Barely clad, August walks in. The first decision screen pops up.

Decision point 1
Decision point 1

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I choose “Just a few more minutes…” option and the film continues. Maybe this is my real life? Well, maybe not, but the immersion is pretty good.

3:10 August spends a little more time in the bed, teasing you. Touching with her hands and giving a little taste of a blow job. It is definitely turning me on.

1:44 I’m dressed and sitting when August walks in dressed in sexy lingerie. Some more teasing ensues. What would you like to do next?

Decision point 2
Decision point 2

Time for the first pay-gate. I decide to pursue the free path and choose “I think we could do something else indoors”.

5:56 This scene is fairly boring. You play cards with August and she keeps teasing you. The next option is about who will win the game.

Decision point 3
Decision point 3

As a nice guy, I let August win by choosing “My GF will”. This is the first time I’m using my credits. Without paying, I cannot proceed. Letting August win costs me 6 credits.

All shows that you have watched before are free to watch again. When you watch a show a second time, you don’t need to pay again for the choices you’ve already made. If you desire to open alternative branches of the story, you only need to pay for new decisions.

You can also skip a scene you don’t want to watch. And at any time, you can save and exit and later resume watching from the same spot.

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Life Selector Pricing and Payment Options

You don’t need to buy a membership or subscription with Life Selector. Opening storylines are paid with Life Selector credits. You can buy viewing credits in packages. The bigger package you buy, the cheaper each credit is. Life Selector's credit packages are as follows:

Credits in a package

Price (USD)

Cost per credit (USD)

5000 (+ 250 extra)



2000 (+ 100 extra)



1000 (+ 50 extra)



100 (+ 5 extra)



How much is it per minute or per show?

The cost varies between the shows and depending on which decisions you make. ‘A Day with August Ames’ took me 34:37 minutes to watch with the choices I made and I ended paying 56 credits.

Thus, the cost for the whole show was between $1.06 and $5.32 (depending on how much you paid for each credit). And the cost per minute was between 15.4¢ and 3.1¢.

I think the value with the bigger credit packages is pretty good, whereas, if you keep buying 100 credits only, it’s going to be quite expensive. On the other hand, spending ten bucks to try the service out isn’t that bad.

Life Selector offers the regular payment options: credit cards, PayPal, and even Ukash. The payment process is secure and the business name for the transaction in your credit card bill will be “PAYPAL *EPOCH.COM” (I paid with PayPal).

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The Walk Through Continues

3:35 You have the pleasure of pleasuring August on the sofa. When things are getting really hot, the doorbell interrupts. What happens next?

Decision point 4
Decision point 4

Now you can also choose to see the other option from the previous decision point, but I decide to move on (15 credits).

0:50 A masseuse arrives.

1:34 August is receiving some naked massage. You’re curious to see and move closer. It's time to make another decision.

Decision point 5
Decision point 5

You’re given an option for a threesome. I decide to go for it (15 credits).

3:43 Some cock teasing and oral sex follow. You feel like the king of the hill. Within the scene, you’re also given a couple of extra blowjob options. These additional options within scenes are common and can be used to customize the action more to your liking.

2:36 + 3:35 You finish taking August doggy style and then Jade in missionary.

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The video player displays shortcuts to jump back and forth between the most recent three scenes. This should guarantee that you’re able to get your fill.

The video player user interface is well made and easy to use. Selecting different options is easy and smooth. The loading times were non-existent all the time. I did experience occasional short video stutters, but they didn’t spoil the viewing experience.

Back to the film. What would you like to do next?

Decision point 6
Decision point 6

If you’re not yet finished, you can have more sex with the girls. I choose August (6 credits).

3:20 You have some more fun with August. Jade is helping along. Are you there yet?

Decision point 7
Decision point 7

You can keep going with Jade or get ready to release your load. I choose “I’m ready”.

1:24 The show finishes with an ejaculation on August’s face and her sucking you clean.

The total duration of the show was 34:37. I made 7 decisions and there were 8 more that I didn’t watch. Also, within the scenes, there were a handful of additional options to further customize the action.

What Others Think about Life Selector

Other reviewers view Life Selector largely positively. When searching for other reviews, I didn’t find any critical ones.

  • Rabbits Reviews: “Life Selector is an easy recommendation."
  • Adult Reviews: “For those who love POV porn and want an even more intense virtual experience Life Selector is an excellent pick.”
  • Porn Inspector: “I’ve reviewed sites similar to the niche offered from Life Selector before, but, I have to admit, this is extremely well done.“

Find out what makes the best interactive sex game.

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Are There Good Alternatives to Life Selector?

I was not able to find any good interactive sex game sites apart from Life Selector. It is easy to find POV porn - all porn video sites have that, but if you’re looking something more customized to your likes, it’s hard to find.

In case you want to check out some sites that specialize in POV porn, go and check Pure POV or Mr POV.

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Life Selector Review Summary

Life Selector is the best interactive sex game out there. It combines porn videos with interactive elements in a unique way. Its content quantity, the cast of stars and variety are great, providing a lot of value. The content is kept fresh with weekly new releases.

The value for money is good when purchasing bigger credit packages. With the smaller packages, the cost per show or minute is too high.

The service has a sleek and fast user interface that is a pleasure to use. The image quality is 1080p HD and good enough for viewing on a large TV.

Life Selector is now compatible with Android and iOS devices, which support all the interactive features.

Overall, Life Selector is a unique and very high-quality offering which provides good value for the money and many, many long and sweet masturbation sessions.

Disclosure: Please note that some of the links above are affiliate links, and at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you decide to make a purchase. If you click an affiliate link and make a purchase, you help support this website. Please note that: 1) I do not and will not recommend a product just because I’m an affiliate. 2) I do not recommend products just for the sake of making money. 3) I recommend products because I think they are valuable to my readers. 4) I respect and value my readers too much to write anything other than my own genuine and objective opinions and advice.

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