Best Male Sex Toys

One of the best sex toys for men is the Fleshlight, which I have covered extensively but Fleshlights are not the only male masturbators or sex toys out there.

Tenga Flip Hole Silver review

Tenga Flip Hole series is Tenga's response to Fleshlight's full-sized male masturbators. It works pretty much the same way as Fleshlight but cleaning and drying is much easier due to its hinged design.

If you'd like to learn more about the Fleshlights, see the Fleshlights section of this website. Or if you want to dive into choosing the best Fleshlight, see the extensive Fleshlight Guide.

Cheap Male Masturbators

Fleshlight or Tenga masturbators are quite expensive. There are a few very cheap or free male masturbator options.

25 ways to make a homemade fleshlight

I tested building five different homemade pocket pussies. All are easy to make and the ingredients can be found at regular grocery stores.

What was most surprising was that these homemade Fleshlights aren't bad at all! They don't have the richness of the texture of commercials pocket pussies but they can still feel pretty darn good. DIY Fleshlights are definitely worth of checking out if don't want to dish out a lot of money for an artificial vagina.

Tenga Eggs and Juicy Masturbators are mini-masturbators that are smaller and cheaper than their full-blown cousins.

They are also intended to be single use only sex toys, but they can last for quite a while with a good cleaning routine. A pack of six masturbators will cost about $30-40.

Tenga Eggs and Juicy Minis are quite similar. The material in Tenga Eggs is thicker and softer than in Juicy Minis, but this makes them easier to rip. You can definitely get more hours from Juicy Mini Masturbators.

Sex Dolls

realistic love dolls - how to choose a sex doll

If a simple masturbator doesn't satisfy your urge, there is a massive variety of sex dolls on the market. Eye, hair and skin color can all be customized and shape and size will be very much a matter of personal preference. Your sex doll can range all the way from a simple sex toy to a detailed representation of your ultimate fantasy sex partner.

A great place to start your sex doll exploration is the Guide to Sex Dolls. You can also check the Masturbation Questions and Answers section for more information about sex dolls and sex robots.

If you fancy something truly immersive, head to the Sex with Robots article that explores 32 different sex robots and advanced sex toys.

The new Fleshlight Launch automated, interactive stroker comes pretty close to the robotic vagina experience. Not only the inserted Fleshlight sleeve feels great but it really feels like someone else is involved in the action. Read the Launch review to learn more.

Best Lube for Masturbation

The choice of personal lubricant can make a huge difference to how a sex toy, or your hand, feels. Nowadays, I never masturbate without a lube. Lube just makes it feel so much better.

There are many different lubes. Certain types of lubes can ruin your sex toys, but that same lube can feel exquisitely great when you masturbate with your hand only. See my Guide to Choosing the Right Lube for Masturbation. If you're looking for a more natural and less processed personal lubricant option, read how to use coconut oil as lube.

Did you know you can even make good lube at home? See the Lube Guide for the instructions.

Sex Toy Materials and Safety

Sex Toy Safety: How to Buy Body-Safe Sex Toys

Sex Toy Safety: How to Buy Body-Safe Sex Toys

Do sex toy materials matter? Yes, they do! What you wrap around your penis or stick inside you is quite a big deal.

There are very little regulations for sex toys and unsafe and porous material are used in sex toys, especially in cheap ones as a consequence.

Knowing a couple of basic facts - like that phthalates are not body-safe - and keeping your masturbators and prostate massagers clean, will keep tingling or stinging away from your intimate parts.

Male Sex Toys Gifts

Sexy Gift Ideas - Best Sex Toys for Men

Do you want to surprise your husband or boyfriend? Has your partner bought you sex toys before and now you want to give him something naughty-but-nice too?

Male masturbators can be used in foreplay or even in a simulated threesome, cock rings can enhance sex for both partners, and teledildonic sex toys can help in long distance relationships. See the Sexy Gift Ideas post for more ideas.

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