Better Male Masturbation: How to, Techniques, and Questions Answered

There is nothing wrong with masturbation. It's fun, can even be healthy, and it's nothing to be ashamed of. Also, if you don't want to do it, that's fine too. Now that the obvious is out of the way, we can focus on some fun stuff.

What Is Masturbation & How to Masturbate

how to masturbate

Masturbation is a natural way to pleasure yourself. When masturbating, you often touch and rub your body parts to advance the sexual pleasure you feel. Typically, you focus on your penis which you stroke to the point of ejaculation, or orgasm.

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Why There Is Nothing Wrong with Masturbation

is masturbation wrong?

Masturbation was a taboo for our parents and grandparents. It wasn’t discussed and there even were medical treatments to cure people of masturbation. Now, of course, we know that masturbation is completely normal and extremely common.

Read the Is Masturbation Wrong article to see masturbation myths busted and learn how masturbation is healthy.

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Male Masturbation Techniques

male masturbation techniques - part 1

Masturbation can be like a long, familiar relationship. All is good, but sometimes it can feel a tad unexciting. Most men never make an effort to experiment with their jacking off routines. Still, small changes can invigorate your solo sex life to new levels.

Learn new masturbation techniques from the Best Masturbation Techniques post.

Male Masturbation Facts

male masturbation by numbers

Everyone masturbates - we should know that by heart already - but how common is male masturbation? How often do we masturbate? How long does it take? Do married people masturbate too?

Find some curious masturbation facts in the Male Masturbation Statistics infographic.

History of Masturbation

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Throughout history, masturbation has been viewed through countless lenses of religions, laws and cultures. There have been long periods when masturbation was considered to be wrong and harmful. It was even seen as a sin.

Read how the attitudes towards masturbation have changed over time.

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How to Anal Douche

Prostate Play: How to Anal Douche

Anal douching is often associated with gay men, as the demographic most likely to engage in anal sex, but the truth is that many men douche for masturbation purposes.

Prostate play is a lot of fun, but it can get messy; if you are a fan of anal play then douching reduces the likelihood of poop on your playthings!

Male Masturbation Questions & Answers

male masturbation questions and answers

Over the years, I've answered to over 60 different questions about male masturbation.

The questions cover various topics on health, male masturbators, personal lubricants, anal masturbation, sex dolls, other sex toys and more.

See all male masturbation questions and answers.

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