Fleshlight Launch – The Robotic Fleshlight Stroker

March 13th, 2017.

This week Fleshlight launched Fleshlight Launch, a brand new robotic Fleshlight holder that automatically strokes your penis.

After you've inserted your favorite Fleshlight inside the Launch, you can control length and speed of the strokes. The Launch also has a set of pre-programmed ​pleasure patterns.

The Fleshlight Launch integrates with interactive erotic videos and adult virtual reality experiences. You can even you use it with your partner over distance or enjoy a private adult webcam session.

Fleshlight Launch unboxing video by Kiiroo

You can use Fleshlight Launch with any full-sized Fleshlight. It was developed by Fleshlight and Kiiroo. Kiiroo is creator of adult teledildonic sex toys.

This is a a funny Fleshlight Launch advertisement video (NSFW).

Fleshlight Launch

How Is Fleshlight Launch?

I haven't had a chance to try Fleshlight Launch yet, but first reviews are coming in. The initial reviews need to be always read with a grain of salt but here are some highlights.

​Design of Fleshlight Launch

The Launch is BIG. Really big. It's over a foot long and 6" in diameter.

Apart from the size, the design looks more like a kitchen tool than a sex toy.

To use the Launch, you take your favorite full-sized Fleshlight, slide it in and lock in place.

Using Fleshlight Launch

The following unboxing video explains most of the basics of using Fleshlight Launch. The video is also one the best to properly see how the Launch looks like.

​There are two apps that you need to use the Launch with interactive porn: Feel Connect is used to connect with interactive porn videos and teledildonics. Feel VR is used with VR porn. I'm sure that many porn sites will start supporting Fleshlight Launch soon.

The Launch uses Bluetooth to synchronize to your computer or mobile device.

Fleshlight Launch unboxing video by Kiiroo

​The Modes

There are two modes; manual and interactive. In the manual mode you can control the speed and length of the stroke.

In the interactive mode, the Launch synchronizes with the adult performer and action you're watching. So, when the action gets hectic on the video or sex cam, the Launch move faster and faster. 

The controls for speed and stroke length are said to be very responsive but they lack tactile feel as they are operated solely by touch and lack mechanical parts.

How Does It Feel Like?​


​According to users on Reddit/r/fleshlight/, the Launch is amazing. The Launch is thought to be a major step towards sex robots.

Some of the Redditors that have used the earlier teledildonic masturbator from Kiiroo, Onyx, say the Launch is much, much better as it allows a complete hands-free experience, uses a real Fleshlight (that you can choose), and the range of movement is just unprecedented.

That's a pretty high praise for the new Fleshlight toy!

The main downside is its size. You need to prepare your masturbation session as you need to jury rig the Launch to where you want use it. Although annoying, I'm sure sex toys accessory companies will remedy this with time.

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