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Male Masturbation by Numbers

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Everyone masturbates; we should know that by heart already. But how common is male masturbation? How often do we masturbate? How long does it take? Do married people masturbate too?

You may be surprised how common male masturbation is; 95% of men do it, and most of us do it regularly. Naturally, young men are wanking off more often, but 76% of men in their forties also masturbate regularly.

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As we masturbate, sometimes we’re also caught while on our solo adventure. That has happened to 42% of us. There is nothing to be ashamed about that either, but we often prefer some privacy while masturbating; unless we do it with our partner, which is what 70% of people do.

Find these and some more facts in the Male Masturbation Statistics infographic below.

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male masturbation by numbers infographic
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