Health and Masturbation Questions Answered

Is masturbating bad?

Masturbation is common and normal. Most men masturbate – either regularly, or at some point in their lives. It’s a great practice for all sorts of reasons. It is safe – as long as it is just you and your penis there is no risk of harm or injury. Masturbation is healthy – it relieves sexual tension, and it relaxes the body and mind. It feels good.

Whether you are doing it on your own or sharing an experience with a partner, masturbation is very unlikely to lead to an STI infection. Pregnancy can also be avoided through masturbation– unless you are providing semen for fertility treatment.

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Masturbation can supplement a healthy sexual relationship with a partner as a means of mutual exploration and learning about what the other person’s desires are, or it can replace sex when a partner is going through periods of reduced sexual interest.

Some people who belong to particular cultures or religious communities believe that it is wrong or sinful and this can lead some people to feel guilty about their practice. Other people may risk engaging in the practice with too much frequency, which can impact on their social and psychological well-being, in which case, therapy may be advisable. Utilizing equipment which is not specifically designed to supplement masturbation may create an increased risk of accident and is also not recommended

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Does masturbation reduce the risk of prostate cancer?

Research has shown that if you are a frequent masturbator in your 20s and 30s, you have a greater chance of developing prostate cancer. However, frequent masturbation in your 50s is associated with a reduced risk of developing prostate cancer. So the message is: take it easy in your 20s and ramp it up in your 50s for optimum health.

Does masturbation increase testosterone levels?

While it is possible to detect a slight increase in testosterone levels in men during masturbation and just after ejaculation, this may be a result of exposure to sexual stimuli, rather than the physical act of masturbation itself. It is also possible for men to achieve a testosterone peak if they have masturbated to ejaculation and then abstained from ejaculation for 7 days - researchers found a 146% increase in testosterone on the 7th day.

What is the masturbation death grip?

A really firm hold of your penis, together with a rapid rhythmic movement to achieve a quick orgasm – useful if you need to get it done as fast as possible so you don’t get caught. However, that firm grip can spell disaster because your penis becomes dependent on it to feel sensation, and the tighter your grip, the more tolerant your penis becomes, making your sexual response more difficult to achieve.

The real problem arises when, after getting used to your own firm grip, you attempt to have vaginal or anal intercourse with an actual person. That kind of sexual experience feels completely different – softer, more cushioned. You may not be able to achieve the pleasurable sensations as easily as you do on your own, or you may need to experiment with different positions in order to create a sexual response in your penis.

How to treat the masturbation death grip

There are various methods for getting over the death grip that will help you to either get used to a lighter touch by yourself or enjoy satisfying penetrative sex with a partner.

Try taking a break from masturbation for a while. Your time away will depend on your own habit. A few days may be enough, maybe a week, maybe a month. Give yourself enough time off, so that you will be able to climax easily with a lighter touch.

Alternate your hands, use lubricant, don’t use lubricant, get your partner to stimulate you – can all help you enjoy a more successful experience.

Using male masturbators is also often recommended as a treatment to the masturbation death grip. If curious, check out my Guide to Best Fleshlights. You can also check out the male masturbators questions and answers.

How much is too much masturbation?

The answer to this question really varies from person to person. Some people masturbate once or twice a month, some are at it once or twice a week. Some people need to relieve the sexual tension every day, and others even more often than that.

What is too much for one person may not be nearly enough for another.

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Is it possible to masturbate too much?

A fair indication of “too much” masturbation is when it starts to interfere with various other aspects of your life. Are you in a relationship? Is your habit affecting your sexual relationship? Within a relationship, masturbation can enhance your sexual experiences – it is a means of learning more about your partner, or showing your partner what they can do to increase arousal. It is also an alternative to intercourse when your partner is less interested in sex. But if you are doing it so much that you don’t feel like having sex with your partner, or you can’t be aroused with your partner, then you might start to worry.

If your masturbation habit is so frequent that affects your working life or your social life then you may have cause for concern. Do you spend so much time masturbating that you can’t get your work done? Does it make you late for work? If you masturbate instead of spending time with friends, then it may be time to cut back or, if you can’t manage by yourself, seek help from a therapist

When should I masturbate before sex?

If you are fairly sure that you are going to get some sex later, but you struggle to keep it together long enough for your partner to climax, it might help to masturbate an hour or so before a date. That will put you in charge, rather than your penis, and you will have the self-control to give your date what they want first.

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What are the most common masturbation related penis injuries?

Sex with a vacuum cleaner – everyone must have heard a story about someone whose penis got stuck in the hose, but how about the 51-year old New Jersey man who lost the top of his penis inside a hose that had a blade in it designed to push the dust into the bag?

There are also plenty stories about men who lose items inside the urethra, sometimes so far in that they are found in their bladders by their urologist! Problems like abrasions, bleeding, or urinary tract infections can result from activity such as this.

Frequent masturbation may lead to skin irritation or tenderness of the head, foreskin, or shaft. Vigorous masturbation can result in abrasions or minor tears. Reign it in for a while, give your penis some time off, until it all starts to settle down and feel better. It’ll feel extra-good when you get back to it

What is erectile dysfunction?

When a man is unable to achieve an erection or maintain one long enough to enjoy sexual penetration, this is known as erectile dysfunction. It can happen as part of other physical or psychological issues and can occur over time

Conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, and obesity are associated with erectile dysfunction and life experiences such as stress at work, relationship problems, depression, and anxiety also contribute. Physical conditions can lead to psychological issues which may result in erectile dysfunction.

Does masturbation lead to erectile dysfunction?

Masturbation does not cause erectile dysfunction. However if you have become so used to achieving an orgasm through masturbation, you may find it difficult to do so with a sexual partner because the two experiences feel very different. Try abstaining for a few days before having sex with a partner. Your penis will become more sensitive and your level of desire will increase, making sexual intercourse a more enjoyable and successful experience.

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