Male Masturbator Questions Answered

What is a Male Masturbator?

A male masturbator, or masturbation sleeve, is a tube of flesh-like material that is used to aid masturbation. The inner surface, often ribbed or patterned, encloses and stimulates the penis in a way that provides quite a different experience for those accustomed to nothing more elaborate than the palm of their hand.

Some masturbators are made to resemble vaginas. Others feature openings that resemble an anus or mouth. The inside can be smooth, just like the real thing, or patterned with a series of bumps or ribs to add a little extra stimulation.

Just like a vibrator, they can be used alone or enjoyed with a partner to improve sex play and add a new dimension to the experience.

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What are the Best Male Masturbators?

Once you’ve decided to explore the world of male masturbators you might find yourself overwhelmed with the vast array of options available to you. There is a huge variety of different types of male masturbator. Anatomically shaped ones range from those with a choice of orifice (mouth, vagina or butt) in a plain sleeve, and those which take the imitation a little further with ‘realistic’ life size buttocks or legs. Or there is the plain and simple ‘stroker’: a great choice for beginners.

A male stroker is a plain tube with a textured interior. They are basic masturbators; not modeled on anatomy. This means that they are a little more discreet that other male masturbators. Many are reversible, featuring two different textures for two very different experiences. Basic male masturbators can be found at any sex shop. Look for ‘masturbation sleeve’, ‘pocket pussy’ or ‘stroker’ to find unbranded items.

If you are feeling a little more adventurous then it might be time to explore one of the two best-known brands of male masturbator. The Japanese brand Tenga is famous for high-tech options, with the Tenga Egg being perhaps the best known. It’s a stretchable, flexible sleeve that covers the penis and provides a smooth and enjoyable sensation. The Tenga Flip Hole is at the other end of the scale; a complex design with various textures and a three buttons which give you a great deal of control over the sensations.

The second brand worth looking at is the famous Fleshlight, best known for its discreet, flashlight shaped sleeves. Both Tenga and Fleshlight are popular and trustworthy brands that offer a wide range of masturbators, and both are worth checking out. See their websites, Fleshlight and Tenga, to explore their complete product ranges.

I have reviewed dozens of different masturbators over the years. See the Fleshlight page for the Fleshlight reviews and the Other Sex Toys page for the rest.

What is a Fleshlight?

Fleshlight is the brand name of one of the bestselling lines of male masturbators. They have the same masturbation sleeve as other brands but usually feature a discreet outer sleeve that makes the masturbator look like a flashlight.

Some of the newer models are a little less subtle, most notably the Blade which is made to look like the hilt of a sword!

See the Fleshlight website for their whole range.

Learn more about different Fleshlights in my Guide to Best Fleshlight Textures:

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How to use a Fleshlight?

For the best experience, the Fleshlight sleeve should be removed before use and soaked for a few minutes in warm water. This makes the experience more ‘lifelike’ because the sleeve will retain some of the heat and feel more like real skin when you begin to use it.

Add plenty of your favorite lube when using any kind of male masturbator as there is no natural fluid to smooth the resistance. A Fleshlight is designed to be handheld and can be pumped up and down the length of the penis until orgasm is reached. Most models of Fleshlight are enclosed and feature a twistable end cap which can be used to increase or decrease the amount of suction, according to your preference.

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7 Ways to Use a Fleshlight Masturbator

  • Hand Held: As described above, handheld is the default way to use your Fleshlight. It’s quick, easy and lets you stay in control; the perfect way to begin your Fleshlight experimentation.
  • Shower Mount: For those who like to play in the shower. The Fleshlight shower mount has a super strong suction cap to fix it to your shower wall and is the perfect set up for some hands-free shower fun!
  • Other Mount - On a Mission: This is a mount for those who prefer their Fleshlight in the missionary position. It lets you simulate missionary sex and up-against-the-wall sex with your Fleshlight. See all Fleshlight Mounts on their website.
  • Stand Alone (with your bed): Tuck your Fleshlight between two pillows or under the edge of your mattress to free up your hands for other things. Ok, this doesn’t have the sturdiness of the Fleshlight mounts but it does allow you a lot more flexibility to adjust your preferred angle and costs a fraction of the price.
  • With a Partner: Yep – the Fleshlight is not only for solo play. You can use it with a partner as a part of foreplay, to try a different orifice, or as an alternative to penetrative sex. Some male masturbators (such as the Fleshlight Quickshot, the smallest and cheapest Fleshlight) are open-ended and allow the tip of the penis to emerge. It’s great for enhancing oral play, or just trying something different to stimulate the head of the penis.
  • Interactive Fleshlights:
    - Fleshlight iPad attachment allows you to connect your Fleshlight to the screen for easy access to porn which masturbating.
    - The Fleshlight VStroker is a step up from the iPad as it actually allows you interact with the porn on the screen. You control the speed of what you are watching by controlling the speed of your Fleshlight.
    - The Fleshlight Kiiroo Onyx and Pearl are a Fleshlight sleeve and dildo which simulate the feeling of sex for couples who are apart from each other (although the Onyx can also be used alone). The pair connects via Bluetooth and the sleeve produces a squeezing movement through 10 contracting rings. These are pricey and reviews are mixed at the moment so it might be worth waiting to see whether Fleshlight comes up with any improvements.

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What are Tenga Sex Toys?

Tenga is a Japanese brand of sex toys aimed at men. Their range features masturbators, cock rings and accessories. Unlike some brands, Tenga do not make any attempt to make their toys look or sound like genitals; they have a sleek, high tech look and names like Air-Tech and Flip.

What is Tenga Egg?

The Egg is one of the best known items in the Tenga range. It is a basic masturbation sleeve that comes packaged in a plastic egg. The outside of the egg reflects the design on the sleeve inside, with descriptions such as ‘wavy’, ‘silky’ and ‘twister’.

The outer ‘egg’ splits open and reveals a soft ‘egg’ inside; this is the masturbator. A hole in the end on the soft egg contains a pack of lube, ready for use. It might look small, but there is plenty of stretch in the Tenga Egg; once you slide it over the tip of the penis you will see that it is very stretchy and plenty big enough to cover the whole length.

The sleeve it then used like any other masturbation sleeve. Use your hand to move it up and down the length of your shaft until orgasm. It’s a simple product with one job, though there are a nice range of different sensations to choose from, both ‘regular’ and ‘strong’.

The main drawback of the Tenga Egg is that it is not washable. It is designed to be a single use item and should be discarded after use. Learn more about Tenga Eggs on my review.

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What is Tenga Fliphole?

The Fliphole is a masturbator that is built to last a little longer that the Tenga Egg (up to 50 uses). It’s a hard plastic case with a soft plastic inner which provides a great variety of sensations.

Unlike other masturbators, the inside section is not in the form of a removable sleeve. It is instead made up of a variety of shaped and textured pieces which will stimulate your penis in new and interesting ways with every use.

The outer case can be ‘flipped’ open along its length to view to soft shaped interior. This makes it easy to clean and means that you can add lube to the full length of the masturbator before use. When it is closed you can see the entry hole: a small opening which stretches to accommodate your size. It makes no attempt to look like a vagina or a mouth; Tenga toys are made to look like high tech sex toys and nothing else.

Added sensation can be created by pressing with your hand on one of the three white circles indicated on the outside of the tube. By pressing in different places it is possible to increase or change the sensations during masturbation.

The Tenga Fliphole is not just one design; there are four versions of the toy. Each features a slightly different interior shape and more, or less, suction, smoothness and stimulation. For more information read my Tenga Fliphole review.

What is Autoblow 2?

The powerful Autoblow 2 is a completely hands free masturbation toy. It’s an automatic ‘blowjob robot’ that works by creating a stroking action around a flexible sleeve that covers your penis. Unlike other masturbation sleeves the motion is created by a motor system, leaving both of your hands completely free for other purposes.

The motor does not run on batteries (so there’s no chance of it running out mid action!) but plugs into a wall outlet for power. While that sounds a little scary, the creators swear that it’s absolutely safe. The motor will stroke for up to 500 hours and runs at three speeds: slow, fast and oh-my-god!

The sleeves come in three different sizes so it’s worth checking which one you need. You will also need a good amount of lube (be sure to pick one that is sex-toy friendly). It’s a great idea but reviews are mixed, with some men complaining about a lack of sensation. It looks like it might be one for those of a larger girth

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What are Male Vibrators?

Male vibrators are sex toys that feature a vibrating action for extra stimulus and are used by men.

Contrary to popular belief, many men will have tried a vibrator in one form or another already, either alone or with a partner. Some men are surprised and pleased the first time a female companion shows them their favorite toy but, if you have not yet had the pleasure, there is no reason to wait.

There are an increasing number of vibrators on the market that are designed specifically for men. They come in many different forms, from vibrating cock rings and butt plugs to sheath masturbators with several different settings and speeds.

A full length vibrating sheath is designed to slide over the penis and deliver its ecstasy inducing buzz to the full length of the shaft. As with any masturbation sleeve, you will need to use plenty of lube to get the best effect.

A vibrating cock ring usually features some kind of attachment to deliver maximum pleasure to a particular area. For male-only use they sometime have an area which extends over the testicles, while those designed to be used during sex often have something to provide stimulation for your partner too.

Vibrators are definitely not just for girls and even those marketed primarily at women can have unexpected uses. The basic massage wand is not exclusive to women and the sensations produced by a simple stick vibrator are pleasurable to both sexes.

The cheapeast way to try a male masturbator is to make it yourself. See 7 Homemade Sex Toys for Men for instructions and review.

How to use a Male Vibrator?

As there are many different kinds of vibrator, there are also many different ways to use them. Those that are designed for a specific purpose, such as sheaths, rings and plugs, will have instructions for use included when you buy them but simpler designs of vibrator will have a variety of possible uses.

For first timers who have got their hands on a basic massage wand or a simple stick vibrator, here are a few simple suggestions to make the most of your experience.

  • Get used to the feel of it before you start. Take some time to get used to the sensation of the vibrator on your skin. Stroke yourself with it. Try sensitive areas that you would normally neglect during masturbation: the inside of your thighs or the soft area just inside your hip bones. Handle it and get comfortable with it before going any further. You might just discover some long neglected erogenous zones that will benefit from a little more attention.
  • If you are starting with a masturbation sleeve, penis ring or anything that you intend to insert then it is even more important to make sure you know your way around it before you start. Check that everything is in order, that you know how to remove it and take your time to get used to the idea of anything new. Feeling intimidated by your sex toy is not a great start so make sure you are feeling confident and comfortable!
  • Now it’s time to switch it on. Start with the lowest setting and resume your exploration. See how it feels on different areas of your body. Add lube as needed. You will soon get the idea and find your sweet spots but don’t rush it. The sensation will be different from anything you’ve experienced before so take your time to enjoy it and make the most of the experience.
  • Once you have got used to the vibrations then you will soon work out what feels best and will find yourself hooked!

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