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Best Male Masturbation Techniques

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Masturbation can be like a long, familiar relationship. All is good, but sometimes it can feel a tad unexciting. Most men never make an effort to experiment with their jacking off routines. Still, small changes can invigorate your solo sex life to new heights.

By experimenting, you can find the best way to masturbate for you, and reach more intense orgasms.

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How to practice new masturbation tricks

Choose a place where you know you will have privacy and won’t be disrupted while you’re playing with your schlong. Often just the thought of a new masturbation experience will give you a hard on, but just in case, prepare with some erotic material of your choice.


Many of the following techniques work best with personal lubricant. The lube will make your grip slippery and more enjoyable. Learn more about what are the best lubes for masturbation.

When you’re ready, take your time and don’t rush. If you come during the first minute, you’ll need to start all over again. How bad is that? Take your time and experiment with a couple of new ideas each time. Try to hold back your orgasm, and savor the pleasure.

For more masturbation basics, check the masturbation tutorial.

Masturbation grip techniques

The hand is the basic tool of male masturbation. It is reliable and always around when you need it. A loose fist was probably what you used for your first orgasm. Have you ever tried other grips? Most men haven’t.

  • The Backhand: This grip is like the regular “tennis racket” grip, but your thumb and forefinger are against the base of the penis, and your palm is touching the opposite side of the penis.
  • The Ring: Make a ring with your index finger and thumb, like when making the OK sign. Only the ring will touch your penis when masturbating. As the grip is more gentle, you may be able to focus more on stroking the glans (the tip) of the penis.
  • The Prayer: Like in a prayer, your fingers are interlocked and your penis is between the palms. Move the whole interlocked grip up and down along the shaft of your penis.
  • The Left: Pleasuring yourself with your left hand can feel as if someone else is giving you a hand job.
  • The Thumb: Instead of placing your thumb above the penis, like you usually do, have it underneath the penis, next to the forefinger. Now the thumb will rub nicely the sensitive underside of the glans.

By edging you can reach a fantastically intense orgasm.

When you're getting close to an orgasm, STOP! Take your hands away - cross your arms or put your hands behind your head so that you're not tempted to continue.

After a short break, start again. Repeat this three or four times. When you finally let yourself orgasm, it will be exquisitely intensive.

Edging can also help in developing stamina, and help those suffering from premature ejaculation.

  • The Campfire: This grip is like how you move your hands when trying to start a campfire by rubbing sticks together. Place your penis between your hands, and move them back and forth.
  • The Boxer Shorts: If your penis is sensitive, you can extend your pleasure by gripping it lightly through your underwear. Most of the grip masturbation techniques also work through shorts.
  • The Alternate Hands: Use both of your hands to masturbate. Start from the base of your penis with one hand and pull it up along the shaft. When the first hand reaches the top of the penis, start with the other hand from the base. Repeat. The movement like milking a cow.
  • The Foreskin: If you’re lucky enough to have an intact foreskin, you should try moving it up and down over your glans. It feels great!

Masturbation strokes

Stroking up and down the shaft of your penis feels good. For more intense pleasure try varying the speed, length, and tightness of the grip.

Sex toys can enhance masturbation

While masturbating without any extras is a lot of fun, using sex toys can boost the intensity and pleasure.

Fleshlights is one of the best male masturbators available. To learn more, see my thorough Guide to Realistic, Intense, and Other Top Fleshlights. The ​Fleshlight Launch robotic stroker takes the masturbation experience to a wholly new level (read the Launch review).

If you don't want to invest on sex toys, you can also make a pocket pussy at home.

The glans of the penis is especially sensitive. Stroking the glans with gentle, short moves can feel extraordinarily good. Also when you’re fully erect, try tapping the underside of the glans with one or two fingers. Don’t touch your penis otherwise. Be patient and find out if this alone can make you to orgasm.

The testicles enjoy a light rubbing. Make long strokes down the shaft to the balls. Try holding the base of your penis and balls with one hand and use the other one to masturbate along the shaft. Squeeze your testicles lightly.

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Masturbation position tips

Lying in a bed or sitting in a chair may be the most common male masturbation positions. They aren’t necessarily the best ones, though.

As for grips, different masturbation positions can lead to more intense orgasm. Your weight distribution changes in different positions, potentially allowing for a more powerful ejaculation sensation.

  • The Standing: In the standing position, your testicles can hang free. Rubbing them with your free hand can feel great. If you crouch a bit and push your pelvis slighly forward, you will close your butt cheeks which can intensify the sensation. The Standing is also a good position to rub your perineum, between the testicles and anus.
  • The Heels: Sitting on your heels on your bed will spread your butt cheeks. When closing to an orgasm, try spreading the cheeks further apart. This can lead to a powerful ejaculation sensation.
  • The Prone: The position for prone masturbation is closer to actual sex. You lie on the bed, with your face down, and your hand gripping the penis under you. Now, keep thrusting your pelvis into your hand. Be careful you're not too forceful as that can damage your penis!
  • The Thrusting: You can add thrusting to many positions. Instead of moving your hand(s), hold your penis in your hand(s) and thrust your pelvis back and forth. Try to keep your hands still and use your body to move. This technique works well with standing and kneeling positions.
  • The Shower: The shower is a great location to masturbate as there is no clean up required afterward. The water pressure - especially if you have a massaging shower - can feel great on your erogenous areas. You’re also free to touch the area around or inside your anus. That can produce an intense feeling for many.
  • The Circus Freak: Unless you’re a master in gymnastics or have an enormous cock, you won’t be able to give yourself head. But think about it, how cool would that be?

Learn about your erogenous areas

It’s not just your penis that is good to touch. Your body has many erogenous areas where touching does feel good sexually. I will cover these in more detail in another post, but here comes an overview.

  • Testicles: Your balls have a large number of nerve endings. Gentle caressing or massage of your testicles can intensify your sexual pleasure. Try tugging your balls. Or gently make rings around the testicles with your fingers.
  • Perineum: The area between your testicles and anus is called the perineum. The area is sensitive to pressure and massage. Try caressing or pushing in gently with your free hand. Some lubricant can make this feel especially good.
  • Prostate / Male G-Spot: Rubbing your prostate can produce an extremely powerful orgasm. The prostate in located inside your anus. You can reach it by inserting a lubricated finger, and exploring the belly side, about two inches in, of your anus. The prostate feels like a small ball or a bump. Try light massage or just pressure on the prostate. Remember to trim and file your fingernails, wash first and use plenty of lubricant.
  • Other body parts: Don’t neglect your other body parts either. Touch your nipples, caress your stomach, or inside of your thighs.
Use online porn for immersive masturbation

Lively imagination may be all you need to become aroused. For those that need some extra excitement, virtual reality porn is a mind-blowing way to immerse in a sex action.

Or you might enjoy interactive porn games where you control where the steamy action goes next.

If you're just looking for variety to your regular online porn sites, check the best NSFW Reddits.

Toys and other masturbation helpers

Male masturbation toys can be what takes your masturbation to a completely new level. As I will be writing more articles about sex toys in future, only the basics are covered here.

  • Personal lubricants: As mentioned above, the lubricant can make your hand - and other sex toys - feel so much better. There are many kinds of personal lubricants. I recommend using water or silicon based lubricant for solo sex play.
  • Masturbators can feel much closer to a real vagina than your hand. There are many different manufacturers and models around. Fleshlight and Tenga are maybe the two biggest names. They also make masturbators that imitate the sensation of anal sex or a blow job. To find the best masturbator for you, check out my guide to choosing a Fleshlight.
  • Penis rings can add extra pleasure to your masturbation by changing how your penis and erection feels.
  • Vibrators are not just for women. Men can also use vibrators to stimulate the perineum and other erogenous areas.
  • Prostate stimulators are designed to reach the male G-spot easily. They make massaging your prostate easier, and can add vibration into the game as well.

​You can learn more about ​popular male sex toys on the Best Sex Toy Gifts article.

Variety will make your solo sex better

Male masturbation doesn’t need to be just a quickie to release sexual tension. With experimenting, you will reach more powerful orgasms and more pleasure in masturbation. Don’t be shy but try and have some more fun!

All the techniques listed above aren’t necessarily for everyone. Each one of us have personal preferences and likes. My three top male masturbation tips are: 1) Use lubricant, 2) try a masturbator, and 3) don’t rush. For more tips, see all male masturbation articles.

To learn more about basics of masturbation, check also the following articles: What Is Masturbation & How to MasturbateIs Masturbation WrongBest Male Masturbation TechniquesMale Masturbation Facts, and History of Masturbation.

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