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Best Male Masturbation Techniques

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Masturbation is a bit like a long, familiar relationship. It’s not boring exactly - everything feels good and works well - but over time the novelty has worn off. Most men never bother to experiment with it; they’ve found something that works so they stick with it. 

But healthy masturbation (much like a healthy relationship) benefits when you make the effort to add a little extra spice and try something new. A little experimentation could improve your solo-sex-life in ways you’ve never imagined. 

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The Best Male Masturbation Method

There are many fun ways to masturbate but none of them will work for every guy; we’re all turned on by different things. This article will explore some of the most popular techniques (and some lesser known ones). The only way to find out which ones work for you is to try them. 

Personally, I can think of worse ways to spend an afternoon! 


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Male Masturbation Tips: What You’ll Need 

One of the best things about solo masturbation is its simplicity – all you really need is yourself - but if you’re looking for new sensation there are a few props which can help to spice it up. 

Lube: Many of the techniques here can be improved with the addition of a little personal lubricant. The lube will make your grip slippery and reduce friction, increasing the sensation and enhancing your orgasm. Click here to learn more about the best lubes for masturbation. 

Your (Other) Hand: Simple, convenient, and ready for action at any time, your dominant hand is your go-to masturbation resource. To mix it up, try using your other hand sometimes; this can feel pleasantly unfamiliar and almost as if someone else is giving you a hand job. 

Sex Toys: The subject of sex toys can be daunting for a first time user. There are a lot to choose from and most guys don’t share recommendations with their friends. 

Luckily, it’s not as complicated as it seems. Most male masturbation toys can be broken down roughly into three types: things you put your penis into; things you put inside yourself; and things you use to stimulate other erogenous zones (more on this later).

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Time and Privacy: If you really want to experiment with new techniques you will need to find the time and space to savor them. Make sure that you won’t be disturbed and that any toys or lube you need are on hand and easy to reach. 

Of course, you don’t need to wait until the situation is ideal, so don’t be put off if privacy is hard to come by. Some of the tips in this article can be put into action the next time you have your penis in your hand; others can wait until you have the time to explore them properly. 

Tip: New methods might feel strange at first and you’ll probably want to revert to tried and tested techniques for a quick and easy thrill. Try to resist this temptation; if you don’t try something new you’ll never know what you’re missing out on!

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Masturbation Grips and Techniques 

Your first orgasm was probably achieved by hand. In fact, your own loose fist has probably become your go-to for a quick hand-job; it’s easy, reliable, and always around when you need it. But have you ever tried changing your grip? Most men haven’t, and they’re missing out.

Next time, try one of these alternative grips and see how it feels. 

The Backhand Grip: The backhand is like a regular tennis racket grip but your thumb and forefinger are against the base of the penis and your palm should be touching the opposite side. It might feel a little ‘backward’ at first, especially if you usually use a fist, but it’s worth persevering. 

The Ring Grip: Make a ring with your index finger and thumb, as you do when you’re making the ‘OK’ sign. Only this ring should touch your penis while masturbating; keep the rest of your fingers clear when you start. The gentle grip allows you to spend more time stroking the glans (tip) of the penis.

The Prayer Grip: Interlock your fingers as if you are about to pray and place your penis between your palms. Move the whole of both hands up and down the shaft for maximum contact with the penis. Try some lube with this grip.

The Thumb Grip: If you usually place your thumb on top of the penis, wrap it over and put it underneath, next to your forefinger. It’s now in the perfect position to tickle and rub against the sensitive underside of the glans.  

The Campfire Grip: Have you ever tried to start a campfire by rubbing sticks together? This grip takes your penis between your hands and rubs it in a similar manner, rolling it between your palms. 

The Left-Hand Grip: Use your left hand to masturbate for a change (or your right, if you’re usually left-handed). This can feel a little clumsy at first; it’s so unlike your usual technique that it can give the impression that someone else is giving you a hand job. 

The Alternating Grip: Use both hands to masturbate. Start by pulling one hand from the base of your penis to the tip. Follow this immediately with the other hand. When the first hand reaches the end, move it back to the base and repeat. This will create a seemingly endless ‘milking’ motion along the whole length of your penis. 

Through Your Underwear: If you fancy a change of sensation but don’t want to try a new grip, try using your old favorite without removing your boxers.  Most of the grips described above can be used through a layer of loose underwear and the fabric adds extra sensation. 

The Foreskin: If you’re lucky enough to possess an intact foreskin, move it up and down over the head of your penis. This feels amazing and protects the sensitive tip from overstimulation.

The Masturbation Sleeve: As an alternative to your hand, consider using a masturbation sleeve such as a Fleshlight. Masturbation sleeves are usually designed to simulate a pussy or butt with extra texture inside for intense and varied stimulation. 

Masturbation sleeves are especially good as an alternative if you’re prone to using a ‘death grip’ on yourself. 

Different Ways to Masturbate - Strokes: Like your grip, your favorite stroke has probably become a habit. Try varying the speed, length, or tightness of your stroke and focus your attention on different parts of your penis to experiment with different sensations.  

The glans (head or tip) of your penis is extremely sensitive. Stroke it very gently with the tips of your fingers or the palm of your hand. When you’re fully erect try tapping the underside of the glans with one or two fingers. Be patient and try to avoid touching other parts of your penis while you experiment with this; you might be surprised at the results.

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Erogenous Zones for Male Masturbation

While you’re practicing new strokes, it’s worth taking the time to think about your other erogenous zones too. Everyone is different so these are likely to vary hugely from person to person. 

Testicles: You’re probably already aware that your balls are extremely sensitive. They contain a huge number of nerve endings which allow them to feel even tiny sensations. Gentle caresses or squeezes can feel exquisite when you’re aroused. 

Try holding the base of your penis and balls while you stroke the shaft, make a gentle ring around them with your fingers or cup them in your hand and tug them gently.    

Perineum: This is the smooth area between your testicles and anus. You’ve probably never given it a lot of thought but this tiny little erogenous zone is one of the pleasure hot spots of your body. 

Gentle caresses in this area can feel amazing and firm pressure on the perineum, especially as you near orgasm, can lead to a really explosive finish. 

Add lubricant and - if you’re feeling adventurous - a vibrator for extra sensation here. 

Prostate/G-Spot: The prostate, sometimes referred to as the male g-spot, is located inside your anus. Rubbing it can produce an extremely powerful orgasm so it’s definitely worth exploring. You can reach it yourself with a lubricated finger; insert it and explore the front (belly side) until you feel a small bump about two inches in. Try light massage or pressure here until you find the g-spot.

The tissue of the anus is fragile, so always proceed with care. Wash your hands thoroughly and trim and file your nails before you begin. Lots of lube will make insertion easier. Alternatively, consider choosing a sex toy designed specifically to stimulate the prostate.

Other Body Parts: Partners often spend time exploring each other’s bodies to find out what feels good, but many men neglect to do this for themselves. Try stroking your inner thighs or stomach, caress or tweak your nipples, or touch other sensitive areas of your body to find out what feels good. A small vibrator can be an interesting addition (no, they’re not just for women). Use them anywhere you enjoy feeling your fingers; you’ll soon discover what feels best.  

Use online porn for immersive masturbation

Lively imagination may be all you need to become aroused. For those that need some extra excitement, virtual reality porn is a mind-blowing way to immerse in a sex action.

Or you might enjoy interactive porn games where you control where the steamy action goes next.

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Male Masturbation Positions 

Sitting or Lying: Lying in a bed or sitting in a chair are probably the most usual positions for male masturbation and both have some clear advantages; they are comfortable, take little effort, and allow easy access to your penis. There is also the benefit of being able to easily view a screen if you enjoy porn. 

Standing or Crouching: When you stand, your testicles hang free; use your free hand to hold or caress them. The standing position also allows you easy access to your perineum. 

If you crouch a little and push your pelvis forward your butt cheeks will press together and your clenched muscles will increase and intensify the sensation.   

On Your Heels: Sitting back on your heels encourages your butt cheeks to spread, leading to a different sensation entirely. Try spreading them even further as you near orgasm; for some men this can lead to a powerful and extra intense ejaculation. 

Prone: This position is similar to that or missionary style sex. You lie face down on your bed and grip your penis underneath you. Control the thrusts by moving your pelvis into your hand.

Take care with this position; your weight is on top of your penis and if you’re too forceful you could hurt it!

Thrusting: Instead of moving your hand, move your pelvis in small thrusts. It can take some control to keep your hands still but once you get the hang of it thrusting can work very well in both standing and kneeling positions.

The (Ultimate) Self-Pleasure: Ok, this one is unlikely to be achievable unless you’re unusually flexible and very well endowed. But imagine being able to give yourself a blow job! It’s almost worth considering a yoga class…

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Masturbation Props and Furniture

The same advice about positions can be applied when using masturbation sleeves or toys like Fleshlights. If you always sit on a chair, try lying on your back or rolling the masturbator in a towel or pillows and thrusting into it, hands free. You can even buy props, or ‘mounts’, to help you position yourself or your masturbator for hands-free masturbation. Click here for more information about Fleshlight accessories.

Masturbation in The Shower

Sometimes, where you do it is almost as important as how you do it. The shower is a great place to masturbate: you have guaranteed privacy and there’s no need to clean up afterward. 

The water pressure can feel amazing against your skin; try moving the shower head over sensitive areas and see how it feels. The shower is also a great place to experiment with anal play; touching the area in or around the anus can produce very intense sensations. 

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Male Masturbation Tip: Edging

Edging can improve both your sexual stamina and the quality of your orgasms. It’s a simple technique, though it takes a certain amount of willpower to achieve!

When you feel yourself getting close to orgasm, stop! Take your hands away; cross them or put them behind your head so that you’re not tempted to continue. 

After a short break, start again. Repeat three or four times. When you finally allow yourself to orgasm, the result with be mind-blowingly intense. 

If you didn’t think an orgasm could feel even better, be prepared for a surprise; with a little experimentation and an open mind you can make your favorite hobby even more enjoyable.

Fleshlight Mini Lotus
The most realistic Fleshlight

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