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Fleshlight Flight Aviator - featured image

New Fleshlight in the Flight Series: Aviator

    June 2nd, 2017.

    Fleshlight Flight Aviator

    Fleshlight Flight and Go are my favorite series of Fleshlight products. They are smaller and cheaper, but they are still able to deliver a full Fleshlight experience. I wish Fleshlight would make more of them.

    Well, it seems that they are. The new Fleshlight Aviator comes in the familiar Fleshlight Flight size, which is much more suitable for use, storage, and travel than the full-sized Fleshlight.

    Unfortunately, it seem that the Aviator uses the clear SuperSkin Ice material which, while feeling great, is much stickier than the normal Fleshlight material. I wish they had chosen the milky material used in the Flight Instructor which feels amazing.

    Like all Flights, the orifice in the Aviator is non-descriptive and discreet.

    The texture seems to be a series of ribs. While looking fairly simple and straightforward, it makes making any kinds of guessed about how it feels impossible. As seen before, the simple texture may not look much but feel amazing, like in case of Go Surge and Vortex.

    Fleshlight Flight Aviator - texture

    Fleshlight Flight Aviator texture

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