The Best Fantasy Sessions Start With WankzVR!

Going all the way back in history to the earliest cave paintings ever discovered, historians have proven that humanity has always had a love for porn and erotic visuals. Throughout the entire human timeline, there has always been a desire to create erotic art that is more intimate and immersive than was ever possible during earlier generations.

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The progress from drawings to French Postcards, and then to VHS, DVD and eventually streaming porn online has been one continuous set of smaller leaps forward over a long period of time. Now, the world is taking one of the biggest jumps forward ever with amazing Virtual Reality Porn that will literally blow your mind!

WankzVR Strokemon GO

Instead of watching porn on a flat screen, WankzVR proves you can now become part of the action, and see it all from the point of view that previously was only possible for live participants.

Streaming videos that don’t require any downloading can be enjoyed on any VR headset with full 360-degree view points that empower you to look around the room, focus on what you find most exciting, zoom in or out as you wish and get the maximum amount of pleasure from every moment.

“We don’t expect VR porn to replace sex, we see it as the perfect appetizer for the eventual entrée or a sweet dessert to be savored,” said Shane of “By watching our exclusive virtual reality XXX action on your headset during sex you can even create a dynamic where your spouse is someone else for an evening, opening up whole new dimensions of sexual freedom and restoring the kind of variety many couples crave while maintaining complete trust in a relationship.”

WankzVR Introducing Nikkita Diamond

VR porn uses special stereoscopic cameras to record a video in real 3D from virtually every angle all at once. That means if you are enjoying a VR blowjob, you can choose to look at her pretty face, or glance down toward her feet or check out what’s going on across the room.

Instead of a directed experience that requires you to see only what the performers and crew thought would be hot, you now have the autonomy to engage in any fantasy session in whatever way gives you the maximum amount of pleasure.

“The feedback we are getting is terrific, and because VR porn is such a flexible medium, we are able to put that feedback to use almost immediately,” said Shane. “That means each scene is better than the one before it because the content is constantly evolving based on the desires of the audience. WankzVR is unique because we have the best pornstars and newest amateurs ready to work with award winning camera crews to give our viewers exactly what they want. It’s a rare mix of talent, emotion, and energy that you can feel in each second of the action rather than just watching another contrived vid on a tube site somewhere. That’s the main thing people should understand. WankzVR isn’t just another porn site or the next porn site, it’s an entirely different way to experience sexual gratification and the possibilities are limitless!”

WankzVR Rebel Therapy

One look at the transparent tour of allows you to quickly test out the scenes, with or without a VR headset. Even on a 2D flat screen, you can still move your viewpoint with your mouse, zoom in or out and get some of the enjoyment that VR makes possible. Of course, to get the maximum amount of pleasure from the site you will want to jack in with a VR headset of your own to see the full potential of virtual reality erotica.

“We have gone to great lengths to ensure that WankzVR works with pretty much any VR headset available” Shane explained. “From simple VR Cardboard gear to the high-end headsets like the Vive, Ruby or Oculus, if you have any VR headset, you can get started in minutes. Our site even shows you how with simple detailed instructions so you can go from VR newbie to VR pro viewer even faster than these gorgeous models can peel off their panties!”

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