What is Merry Frolics?

This website is all about male masturbation. I'll do my best to create the best resource for male masturbation information, male masturbation techniques, and masturbation products. Sometimes I may throw in some news or other relevant stories.

Who is behind Merry Frolics?

I'm a man in my early forties. I am happily married with no kids. I live in a relationship where we discuss sexuality openly and are curious about it. Sometimes masturbation is a private thing for us, sometimes we do it together. But it is never a secret.

Why did I create Merry Frolics?

I feel that male sexuality is still something that we don't talk enough about. Especially male masturbation is still often viewed as something a bit shameful. I think that shouldn't be the case. Media and men's fitness magazines should cover all aspects of male masturbation the same way they cover other health and sexuality topics.

I hope this website helps in promoting openness and reduces the prejudice or miss-information. But primarily I think that by learning more about male masturbation, we will all be healthier, and enjoy life more fully.

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