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Fleshlight is the most popular male sex toy in the world. The first Fleshlight male masturbator left the factory in 1997 and close to ten million Fleshlights have been sold since.

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There are dozens of different Fleshlights. They come in many sizes and shapes. Apart from the size, the most important ​feature in a Fleshlight masturbation sleeve is its texture, which is the bumps and shapes lining the canal that passes through the sleeve. These shapes differ significantly and change how each Fleshlight model feels. Currently, there are close to 60 different Fleshlight textures available. The best place to start learning more about Fleshlights is the Complete Guide to Finding the Best Fleshlight in 2017.

The Complete Guide to Finding the Best Fleshlight in 2017
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I have been writing about men's sex toys for two years. During that time, I've tested dozens of different masturbation sleeves and other sex toys. In my opinion, Fleshlights are some of the best male sex toys and the variety of Fleshlight sex toys is unbeatable. They keep releasing several new products and textures every year, and most I've tested have been really good.

​Would you like to make your solo sex life a lot better? If yes, dig into my Fleshlight guides and reviews.

Fleshlight Classics

The original Fleshlight Classic is the first ever Fleshlight design. It has a smooth and fairly wide canal. It's the only Fleshlight I don't recommend. You can still read the review here.

Other "classic" Fleshlights are available as sleeve only and Build Your Own Fleshlight products. I have reviewed most of them.

Fleshlight Girls - Vagina Orifice

Fleshlight Girls sleeves are based on real porn stars and cam girls. The openings - pussy, ass, or mouth - are molded from the anatomy of real porn stars, so they offer the most realistic look of any male masturbator.

There is a slight overlap between the sleeve textures in the Fleshlight Classics and Fleshlight Girls series as some models have been "elevated" from the Girls to Classics series.

Also, though some of the textures are shared among several Fleshlight Girls, most textures are unique to each adult star.

The Fleshlight Girls lineup is constantly evolving when new models are added to the collection. I've tested the following Fleshlight Girls pussy Fleshlights.

Fleshlight Girls - Butt Orifice

Similar to the Fleshlight Girls pussy models, the orifices of the Girls anal sex toys are molded from their real butts.

Many of the butt textures are unique to each Girl but several Fleshlight Girls models share the Forbidden texture. If you want to try this texture - and you should, it's great - you can choose from several Fleshlight Girls. I've tested the following Fleshlight Girls anal sex models:

Stamina Training Fleshlights

In Fleshlight's marketing talk, the Stamina Training Unit, or STU, is the tool for improving your sexual endurance. While true, you can also practice your physical and mental sexual stamina with any Fleshlight. Typically, the more intense Fleshlights are most suitable for this but if you're sensitive, or uncircumcised, a milder Fleshlight might be a better starting point.

Check out the following Fleshlights; STU, Nicole Aniston Fit, or Stoya Destroya to improve your sexual stamina.

Blowjob Fleshlights

Fleshlight Swallow is the original Fleshlight texture for simulating oral sex. It's available as an option for several Fleshlight Girls. The new Turbo Fleshlights have a multi-layered entrance that does a pretty good job of simulating the sensation when you pass through the lips.

If you're looking for a unique blowjob experience, the Sex In A Can models Vampire Succu Dry and Sukit Draft are great options. Both of them are very tight Fleshlights.

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Smaller Fleshlight Models

Fleshlight has four different product lines that are smaller and more discreet than the regular sized Fleshlights (which are pretty big btw).

The Fleshlight Quickshot is the smallest - and cheapest - of all Fleshlight models. It's a great small masturbator but it's also very different from other Fleshlights as it's open-ended and doesn't provide that full enveloping experience.

The Fleshlight Flight series has arguably the best design of all Fleshlights. Its stylish case is also more solid than in other Fleshlights. When it comes to use and sensations, the Flight Pilot and Flight Instructor are on par with the full-sized Fleshlights.

In my opinion, the Fleshlight Go series has the best size of all Fleshlight models. Too bad they've made only two different texture options available. If you're looking for one of the best high-intensity sleeves, take a look at Go Surge.

The Sex In A Can, or SIAC, product line is disguised as a can of beer rather than the usual ‘flashlight’ design of the standard Fleshlights. The SIACs are the tightest Fleshlight models available.

Personally, I'm not a big fan of the Sex In A Can Fleshlights but they can be a great option for smaller guys. I've reviewed the following:

Other Fleshlights

Fleshlight Freaks sleeves definitely aren't aiming for realism. You can fulfill your inner fantasies with the Alien, Cyborg, Drac, or Frankenstein Fleshlights.

Yet another kind of a turn on is provided by the transparent masturbation sleeves; Ice Crystal and Quickshot Vantage are clear enough that you can see right through them and observe yourself in action.

Fleshlight Vibro is a vibrating Fleshlight.​ It comes with three vibrating bullets embedded in the masturbation sleeve that enhances the massaging effect.


Fleshlights are great but if you fancy other men then a Fleshjack masturbator is a good choice. The Fleshjack, or 'gay Fleshlight', masturbation sleeves are comparable to Fleshlights but the vagina orifice is not offered.

The form and function of Fleshjacks are very similar to Fleshlights. Several of the textures are shared between Fleshjack and Fleshlight but many designs are unique to Fleshjack.

The Fleshjack Boys, like the Fleshlight Girls, are a series of sleeves modeled from the real-life orifices of popular porn stars. Each of the Boys has given their name to a sleeve which is modeled on an exact molding of their butt.

Check out the Fleshjack Guide for more information.

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