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Fleshlight Review: Brandi Love Heartthrob – Stimulating, Realistic MILF Masturbator

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Fleshlight Brandi Love Hearttrob

Buxom MILF Brandi Love was a latecomer to adult movies; she entered the industry in her early 30s and featured in her first adult movie a few years later. 

However, her late start did not hold her back; she rose to fame as a MILF and soon found herself working on a wide variety of productions. 

Sporty from childhood, Brandi has a sleek and athletic body which has earned her a loyal following among viewers. 

Today she has over 140 credits on IMDB and has been nominated for multiple industry awards​, winning Best Cougar and MILF Performer in 2013 and 2018. 

Brandi also showed talent in business. During her early porn career she became co-owner of No Rivals Media; created an online resource for parents in the adult industry; and authored several books related to her work. 

She later teamed up with Fleshlight to create two exclusive textures: the anal ‘Shameless’ sleeve (read the review) ​and the pussy texture: ‘Heartthrob’.

Links to Brandi’s work can be found on​

Brandi Love Heartthrob
The vaginal sleeve of hot MILF Brandi Love defies all expectations with its stimulating channel and subtly ribbed texture.

​Fleshlight Brandi Love Heartthrob Review

Sleeve and Texture

Fleshlight Brandi Love Hearttrob - sleeve

The Heartthrob opens with a perfect replica of Brandi Love’s pussy lips, accompanied by her signature on the side. The first inch or so is a very tight tunnel, followed by a ‘notch’ cut out of the sleeve edge which gives the penis something to push through.

The rest of the sleeve is textured with a simple repeating pattern of cross ribs. Each set of seven ridges is arranged in a diamond shape; they widen and lengthen towards the center, pressing inwards into the channel. 

The sets alternate through the sleeve so that the channel between them remains narrow with pressure from all sides.     

One of the advantages of a sleeve like this is it’s suitability for all penis lengths; the repeating pattern means that it is possible to get the full benefit of the texture even if you don’t reach the end.


Mini Lotus
  • Very realistic feeling sleeve and a very popular choice; ideal for a first time Fleshlight user.
​Brandi Love ​Heartthrob
  • Heartthrob is an ideal all-rounder for the guy who just wants one good Fleshlight.
Kendra Sunderland Angel
  • Twisted ribs pull gently and the small bumps and constrictions create subtle changes in feeling.

How the ​Heartthrob Fleshlight Feels

The entrance is pleasantly tight and there is a good amount of resistance followed by a satisfying ‘pop’ as you push into the sleeve. 

Inside, the channel is tight without being constrictive and the different sized ribs create just enough texture to be noticeable. 

As one set of ribs decreases in size, the next is getting bigger, creating a constant subtle stimulation in a wave like pattern. 

Fleshlight Brandi Love Hearttrob - texture

Fleshlight ​Brandi Love Heartthrob Texture

The ribs themselves are not large enough to be felt separately – the sleeve actually feels smoother than I anticipated – but the overall sensation is something like a subtle vibration along the length of the penis. 

The effect is intensified as the penis swells and I found that moving a little faster and more aggressively increased the stimulation, leading swiftly to a pretty amazing orgasm.

It’s worth noting that the amount of lubrication makes a big difference to the experience of using Heartthrob; I found the texture a lot less noticeable when I was too generous with the lube.


Despite the multiple ribs, the simple pattern of the Heartthrob means that it is quite easy to rinse out with clean running water. 

The only section where lube might get trapped is the ‘notch’ just inside the entrance; luckily this is easily in reach of a finger so it is quite easy to push out any excess. 

Drying time is average; the channel is quite narrow but a few hours in a dry spot should suffice. Don’t forget to check that the sleeve is completely dry before returning it to its case.

Fleshlight ​Brandi Love Heartthrob Review Summary






​How I rate Fleshlights explained

​The Heartthrob was a nice surprise; it was more subtle and felt a lot more realistic than I expected.  Overall, I’d say that it’s one of the better sleeves I have tried; reasonably stimulating without ever becoming overwhelming. It’s great for long, slow masturbation sessions and edging, with just enough intensity for a quickie when you’re in the mood. 

Brandi Love Heartthrob
The vaginal sleeve of hot MILF Brandi Love defies all expectations with its stimulating channel and subtly ribbed texture.

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