Fleshlight Launch Review: Does the Robot Masturbator Live Up to the Hype?

Using a Fleshlight masturbation sleeve is pleasurable in a way that masturbating by hand is not; it adds an extra dimension of softness and texture and an element of fantasy. Let’s face it - it is a lot easier to indulge in a little imagination when you are faced with a molded impression of your favorite porn star’s pussy lips and a textured, flesh-like orifice. 

UPDATE June 2022: The original Launch is back in stock. 🙂

The good news is that its successor, Quickshot Launch, is a great improvement over the original Launch. Fleshlight dropped the interactive mode and selection of textures is more limited but the different settings mean that there is actually a lot more variety to the experience. Read the Fleshlight Quickshot Launch review.

The Fleshlight Launch brings the fantasy even closer, by taking you one step further from the manual action of masturbating. You simply insert your favorite Fleshlight sleeve, set the speed, and let the moving action of the Launch do the rest. That’s right - it does the thrusting for you. Not only that, it can hook up (via an app) to real porn videos and move in time with the action on screen.

It sounds amazing. But does it live up to the hype?

I have owned the Launch for three months now, and I have made the most of that time to test it out with several different sleeves and services. Read on to find out what I made of it.

Fleshlight Launch
Brings the fantasy even closer, by taking you one step further from the manual action of masturbating.

What exactly is the Fleshlight Launch Sex Toy?

Fleshlight Launch with Fleshlight

The Fleshlight Launch is, essentially, a sex robot. A moveable holder for standard sized Fleshlights, it has wireless Bluetooth connectivity and syncs up with a range of adult movies, games and even virtual reality goggles to create, according to Fleshlight.com, a ‘fully automated Fleshlight experience’.

To use it, you slot in your favorite Fleshlight, switch it on, and control the movement with a simple set of buttons. Alternatively, you can hook it up wirelessly to a selection of websites and sit back as it moves in time with the images in a variety of sexual videos.

The Launch is made by sex toy manufacturers Kiiroo and Fleshlight, who pooled their expertise to create something really new and exciting.

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Who should buy the Launch?

The Fleshlight Launch is one of several relatively new sex devices which are automated in some way. Early adopters and fans of new technology have probably already bought it. If you haven’t yet taken the plunge but you’re tempted by the novelty value and curious to see where the technology will take us next then I’d say go for it. I would also recommend it to any dedicated Fleshlight fan who has tried and enjoyed one of the Fleshlight mounts or the Launchpad and fantasized about something more.

Personally, I couldn’t wait to try it, but it is definitely not for everyone. The following are definitely not reasons to buy the Launch:

For lazy masturbation: I have to admit that the idea of laying back and letting the Launch do the work appealed to me. But, as an old hand at Fleshlights sex toys, I knew that the idea of a device which takes care of everything was not realistic. Set-up, configuring the device and connecting with interactive services is fiddly, and there is extra cleaning, charging and care. Handling the Launch took some getting used to and it took a few uses before I felt comfortably in control of it. If you’re looking for something to take the hassle out of masturbating then this isn’t it.  

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Kissa Sins Insatiable
  • Delivers mind-blowing orgasms every time.
Mini Lotus
  • Very realistic feeling sleeve and a very popular choice; ideal for a first time Fleshlight user.
Mia Malkova Boss Level
  • A fantastic all-round good Fleshlight with a firm grip and constant stimulation.
Fleshlight Launch with girl 1

To indulge your favorite (unusual) fantasy: The idea of using a masturbator which syncs with a video (or VR goggles) seems like the stuff of sci-fi – just one step away from a realistic and compliant humanoid sex robot (learn more about Sex with Robots). If I’m honest, it is an amazing experience and one well worth trying out, but it’s not yet ready to indulge every fantasy. There is a limited range of videos available so if your tastes are somewhat out of the ordinary then you might not be able to find what you are looking for. Having said that, the selection is growing fast and, as more companies jump on board and more devices come on the market, I am sure that the variety will grow immeasurably. 

To complement your first Fleshlight: If you’re completely new to using masturbation sleeves then I’d suggest starting small. The Launch is quite aggressive in its action and if you find that the sleeve you’ve chosen doesn’t suit you then you might not enjoy the experience at all. I have a large collection of Fleshlights but I wouldn’t use them all with the Launch, so choose carefully. Learn more about how to choose the best Fleshlight sleeve.

Price: The Fleshlight Launch is not cheap. At just under $200 is it definitely an investment and if it is not going to deliver what you need then it might be worth holding off. But don’t let the price put you off; as a fan of Fleshlight masturbator sleeves I thought it was worth every penny and a welcome addition to my Fleshlight collection. 

Fleshlight Launch Review


Fleshlight Launch box

The Launch was delivered in the usual fuss free packaging I’ve come to expect from Fleshlight; they take care to ensure that there are no raised eyebrows from your mailman and neighbors by making the packaging plain and discreet.   

I’m not sure what I was expecting when I opened the box but the content was surprisingly minimal. The only other items in the box are a USB charging cable (no plug) and few small booklets: a quick setup guide, a product manual and an ‘authenticity card’ and warranty.   

Readers should note at this point that this product does not include a Fleshlight sleeve or case; these need to be purchased separately. Additionally, it is worth noting that not all Fleshlights are compatible with the Launch (I’ll go into this in more detail below).

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Appearance and Design

My first impression of the Launch was that it looks great. Smooth and sleek, in a classic black, it manages to look both minimalist and high-tech at the same time. The build quality also feels as good as I’d expect from Fleshlight and Kiiroo. But (be warned) it does not stand up on its end in the way the pictures on the website and box seem to suggest. When I tried to stand it on the table it immediately toppled over and, while the case feels sturdy enough in my hands, I would not expect it to survive a drop onto the floor.

The bottom edge of the Launch has a hollow rubber ring along the edge that presses against your body, so it is pretty comfortable to use even if you push all the way in.  

Size and shape

Fleshlight Launch size

Fleshlights are big. Anyone who has ever used one will know that they are a handful, to say the least. So I was not surprised that the Launch, which comfortably holds a full sized Fleshlight sleeve, was a fairly chunky device. I was actually expecting it to be bigger, so I was pleasantly surprised to open it and see the dimensions: 6” wide and just under 13” long. It weighs around 3lbs

Fleshlight Sleeve Compatibility

The Launch is designed to take standard Fleshlight cases, with a few exceptions. The standard, Girls, Fleshjack Boys, and gold STU cases all fit perfectly. The Go, Flight and Sex in a Can models are too small. The clear Ice and Turbo sleeves do not fit, and some users have reported issues with older models and some special edition cases. However, standard Fleshlight sleeves and cases are generally interchangeable so if you have one well-fitted case you can just switch the inner sleeves.


The Launch comes with a USB charger cable but no plug so make sure you have a spare when the box arrives. The charging port is on the back and has a small rubber cover which is a bit fiddly to remove and push back in. The power button indicates when the device is fully charged by turning from red to green and a 6-8 hour charging time should give you about two full hours of use (the Launch cannot be used while it is plugged in and charging). I have never needed anywhere near two hours but I can confirm that I have not yet had an issue with running out of power.   


My first impression of the control buttons was that they would be really simple to use. There are just two ‘buttons’ on the front. The power button is self-explanatory and the Bluetooth button is used to switch between manual and interactive mode. The other controls are panels are along the sides of the device: one to control the length of stroke and the other to control the speed.

It all looks easy but the sensitivity of the controls did cause me a few issues at first. When the Launch is switched on it ‘wakes up’ in interactive mode so you have to switch it over if you want to use manual mode (to do this, press and hold the mode button for three seconds). However, the placement of the button means that it is easy to accidentally touch it while you are using the device, meaning that it stops or changes unexpectedly. To switch back you need to hold the button for a few seconds – a very annoying interruption!

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There are several settings for the Launch in manual mode. You have control, via the side swipe panels, over the speed and stroke length. The sleek control panels look great but are clunky to use and the changes are sudden rather than gradual. It’s difficult, if not impossible, to make small adjustments while you are inside the Launch, especially as you’re getting to the point of no return. I would really prefer raised buttons, or perhaps the ability to control the speed etc. remotely, either with a controller or through the app.

Other small improvements would be the ability to set random modes, or create a preset series of movements and speeds. Some users are already exploring customized scripts for the Launch (see here for details) so if you have the technical ability then you might explore the idea of creating your own.

Fleshlight Launch in Use: Manual Mode

Fleshlight Launch on its side

I decided to get the hang of manual mode first – partly because it seemed easier and partly because I couldn’t wait to get started! So I plugged in my Wonder Wave Fleshlight (I wanted to start with something gentle as I didn’t quite know what to expect), lubed up and switched it on.

A quick note on lube: it’s much easier to add it before you pop the Fleshlight into the Launch, but make sure you wipe it off your hands. I learned this the hard way - twisting the Fleshlight into position became a very slippery and difficult job if everything is covered with lube!

From reading other reviews I was expecting the speed to be a little fast initially so was prepared for this. I started it off on the slowest setting, with the shortest stoke length, and turned it up gradually as I got used to the feeling.


My first impression was that it really is like nothing I’ve ever felt before. Technically, I had control – the side panels are in easy reach at all times – but it didn’t always feel like it. There’s no gentle edging with the Launch and it’s not easy to make small adjustments, close to impossible when you’re nearing orgasm. And the thrusting just goes on and on, whether you’re ready for it or not. Unsurprisingly, I didn’t last long the first time (or the second or third)!

Fleshlight Launch soft edge

Nearing climax was a tricky moment for me the first few times I used the Launch. I’m sure everyone has their own preferred pace when they are reaching the point of no return and in the sensitive moments just after. Personally, I find that some of the intense Fleshlight textures become almost painful to use after orgasm and I either stop completely or slow right down towards the end. With the Launch I knew I didn’t have that sort of control and when I did eventually pluck up the courage to try a couple of more stimulating sleeves I found myself feeling so tense and distracted that I couldn’t enjoy the build-up as much. The orgasms on these occasions were mind-blowing, but also a little overwhelming.   

Maximum stroke length is around 3 inches and, if I’m honest, there are times when I would have liked this to be longer. While it more than ‘does the job’, the feeling of pulling almost fully out of a multi-textured Fleshlight sleeve before plunging all the way back in is hard to match and there really is no way to experience that with the Launch.

Changing the position of the start point can help and you can choose, by starting it higher or lower, which part of your penis will get the most attention. This is especially useful if the sleeve you are using has different sections; you can decide where you want to position the textured areas and choose the depth of stroke.

The fastest speed – 180 strokes per minutes – is very fast indeed for a Fleshlight. Their bulkiness means that sort of speed is not really practical when moving them by hand so it was a completely new experience: it almost feels like the Launch is literally going to launch out of your grasp. I would have liked a slower setting too as even the slowest speed on the Fleshlight Launch was still faster that I’d usually start with. The speed changes were also a little clunky. I expected the swipe panels to equate to a wide range of speeds which I could ramp up gradually; in reality the changes were faster and less subtle that I expected.

Despite these small flaws, my first experience of the Launch impressed me and it did get better over time as I got the hang of the controls and made fewer mistakes. It genuinely feels like someone else is stroking you but there’s nobody else there – it’s a pretty amazing feeling and like no kind of masturbation I’ve ever felt before.

Fleshlight Launch in Use: Interactive modes

Trying the Launch in manual mode had given me a taste of what it could do but interactive mode was what I was really excited about. It took a little time to set up so be prepared for this!

Fleshlight Launch Interactive Porn - FeelMe

FeelMe.com Interactive Porn

Setting Up 

How to Setup Fleshlight Launch for Interactive Videos

  1.  Check this troubleshooting flowchart by Kiiroo if you're having issues: link.
  2. FeelMe.com configuration instructions: Text & video.
  3. Pornhub setup instructions: link.

The Fleshlight Launch connects to compatible adult content via the FeelConnect phone app (available from the iTunes app store and Google Play). To sync up your Launch you need to download the app to your phone or tablet and follow the instructions to connect it. Once you are set up, you can watch content on your PC or TV screen by connecting the app with a QR code (you cannot watch the video on the same device, so if you want to watch on a tablet I’d recommend using your phone for the app).

It’s worth noting here that there have been some connectivity problems with the FeelConnect app. I had to remove it completely and re-install it when it failed to find my Launch with Bluetooth on the first try. Once I was set up there were no issues with the videos. I did some brief research and it seems that the developer is making improvements all the time so it is likely that this will all be ironed out with newer software updates.

There are currently three main providers of content for the Fleshlight Launch: Feelme.com, Pornhub.com and Ufeel.tv. I decided to start with FeelMe as all the videos on the site are compatible with the Launch.

Interactive Content on FeelMe.com

I found the free content on FeelMe.com on the ‘Feel Free’ channel (select ‘Channels’ from the dropdown menu to find it). There are five free videos to try; others can be accessed by paying a subscription fee (subscriptions last 24 hours, one month, or six months). I had a good look around the site and there seems to be a decent selection of high quality videos: over 500 currently available. However, there is not a lot of variety and the search function is really poor so if you have very specific interests then you might have trouble finding something suitable.

FeelMe also has an interactive Camgirls section and a selection of Virtual Reality videos. I did not explore these sections for this review but I will be taking the plunge into VR sometime in the near future and will return with a separate review then.   

Interactive Content on Pornhub and UfeelTV

Fleshlight Launch Interactive Porn - Pornhub

Pornhub.com Interactive Porn

Once you have connected your Fleshlight Launch to the app on your phone or tablet, you can also link it to other video providers.

At the time of writing there are over 330 interactive videos on Pornhub and this number is increasing all the time. There is the usual mix of high quality videos and those with a more amateur feel, as well as a significant number of teaser trailers for videos on Ufeel.tv.

I had a quick look at Ufeel.tv but decided that the $29.95 monthly subscription fee was too high for me, though the videos can also be purchased separately for £9.95. There are just 20 videos on the site, including two animations. However, the quality of the videos seems high and they do feature some big name porn stars, including Kayden Kross, Riley Reid and Dillion Harper.

Fleshlight Launch Interactive Mode Review

Fleshlight Launch Interactive Porn - Ufeel.tv

Ufeel.tv Interactive Porn

Once everything was ready to go, I selected one of the free FeelMe videos, inserted a Fleshlight, then myself, and pressed play.

Oh boy!

This thing is amazing. Like my experiments in manual mode, it started off a little faster than I would have chosen but this time I knew what to expect. What I didn’t know was what was coming next. It sped up, slowed down, paused then started again, with long slow strokes changing to short fast ones in unpredictable bursts. Yes, it was following the action on screen, but there was no real way to know what was coming next. It was totally out of my hands.

I didn’t last long.  

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One of the most amazing things to me was how real it felt; the connection between what you are seeing on the screen and what is happening to your penis is very realistic. I don’t usually enjoy blowjob videos but watching the action while your sleeve is moving in time with it is something else entirely.

For the purposes of research (naturally) I tried a good selection of videos from both FeelMe and Pornhub. The movement of the Launch does not sync exactly with the videos; when I started paying attention to this I noticed that the timing is sometimes a little off. But I really don’t think it matters. It’s close enough to be convincing.

General Observations

The Launch was not as noisy as I expected, though it is definitely audible. Using the Launch in a shared living space might be tricky. It is bulky to store (I’d suggest a box under the bed or in a closet if it’s too big for your drawers) and the noise, while not significant, might be audible through thin walls.  

Hands-free is difficult as there is really no way to stabilize the Launch reliably. In the interest of thorough experimentation, I got creative with some pillows and tried a few different positions but it was difficult to get a good angle. Some sort of prop or accessory to hold the Launch in place would be amazing.

Choosing a Sleeve for the Launch

Fleshlight Launch on its side 2

Sleeve selection is always important when using a Fleshlight; the intensity can vary hugely between different textures. Even when I’m moving them myself, I find some of the most intense textures a little too much to handle during and after orgasm - they become almost painful to an over-sensitized penis. I usually combat this by slowing down, pausing, or even withdrawing completely and perhaps switching to another sleeve.

When using the Launch, control is a lot more restricted. An intense sleeve can become very, very intense, very quickly. Choosing the correct sleeve becomes even more important, especially if you don’t want to finish too quickly.

I was cautious with my first few Launch sessions and, while I did eventually try a few of the more intense sleeves, I much preferred the milder ones. The sleeve I found myself returning to again and again was the Tornado (read the review) – it’s realistic without being too tight or intense. I’d recommend something similar for first time users (see reviews for Vortex, Kendra Sunderland Angel, or Jenna Jameson Legend for other not-too-intense options).

For other recommended Fleshlights, see the Complete Guide to Fleshlights. If you prefer Fleshjacks, check the Guide to Fleshjacks.

Cleaning the Fleshlight Launch

All Fleshlight users will be accustomed to the somewhat fiddly clean-up process; all sleeves need a thorough rinse through to make sure any excess lube or residue is removed.

The Launch itself is a lot easier to keep clean – the hard case means that a wipe over with a damp cloth to remove lube is all that is required. I would suggest that care is taken with lube, both during and after use, as it can be awkward to clean out of some parts of the device.  


The Launch’s manual mode felt a little like someone else was masturbating me but I knew I still had control of the speed and stroke.

The interactive mode was something else entirely! It really feels like someone else is involved in the action; there is all the pleasure of lying back and letting things happen combined with the complete privacy and self-indulgence of masturbation.  

Does the Fleshlight Launch live up to the hype?

Brief answer: yes it does. There are a few little niggles, which I’ve no doubt will be addressed over time, and some of the interactive content does feel like a beta test, but the product as a whole impressed me. There is a definite added excitement when the movement is coming from somewhere other than your own hand and is out of your immediate control.

Could it be better? Yes. But there really isn’t anything out there to compare it to yet so if you’re looking for a mind-blowing, hands-free masturbation experience and don’t want to wait then I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it. It really is like nothing I’ve ever felt before.

The actual masturbation experience and sensations are a full 5 out of 5 but the controls and Bluetooth connectivity could be much better. Also, the content selection is still fairly limited.


Other Interactive Sex Toys for Men

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VStroker Virtual Sex Adapter for Fleshlight

The Fleshlight VStroker is, in some ways, almost the opposite of the Launch. It connects to compatible videos which adapt their content to your stroke. There are also interactive ‘games’ you can play to increase your stamina.

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The Lovense Max is another male masturbator sleeve with the ability to move around your penis. The Max not only work with interactive videos but it can also be used in sync with Lovense Nora, which is a vibrator for women.

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