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How to Make a Homemade Fleshlight

5 Ways to Make a Homemade Fleshlight

    Fleshlight masturbators are quite awesome. But sometimes you cannot have one; you’re away or just cannot buy one. Or maybe you’re a tinkerer and want to make your own homemade sex toys.

    On YouTube, you can find a bunch of instructions on how to make your own homemade Fleshlight. As I have a couple of real Fleshlights I approached these guides with a healthy dose of skepticism but I still wanted to know, if it's possible to make a decent Fleshlight imitation at home.

    Fleshlights used as a reference in this article are:

    After watching a bunch of videos, I selected a handful that seemed like good ones and went shopping for the required items. Next, I made each of the DIY pocket pussies and tested, whether they are any good. Finally, I compared my creations to a real Fleshlight to give you guys an idea of how good these homemade pocket pussies are.


    Read on to learn if homemade Fleshlights are any good. A note before you start; get good quality lube before trying these out. If you want to make the lube at home as well, check out these instructions.

    If you're curious about the real Fleshlights, you can find dozens of articles and reviews in the Fleshlight section of Merry Frolics.

    Homemade Fleshlights All Needed Items

    Homemade Fleshlights: All Needed Items

    Homemade Fleshlights: What I shopped for the project.


    Most of the following instructions use latex gloves which can be too short for full penetration. They can also tear and make a mess. You can upgrade your masturbator by using a dentist's latex glove which is softer and more durable. Another enhancement is to use a condom, XL size, instead of a glove. The condom is softer and allows deeper penetration.

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    Homemade Fleshlight #1 and #2 - Towel Masturbators

    Learning how to make a towel masturbator is extremely easy. You only need a small towel, a latex glove and a rubber band. Latex gloves are available in most grocery stores in the housekeeping aisle, next to detergents. (If you're curious about buying a real Fleshlight, see the Fleshlight Buyer's Guide.)

    These towel, or sock, masturbators are also called fifis. The term fifi comes from prison slang where inmates use towels, latex gloves, and vaseline to make hands-free masturbation devices.​


    • 1 small towel
    • 1 latex glove
    • 1 rubber band


    1) Fold the towel a couple of times into a long and narrow shape.

    2) Place a latex glove on the towel with the cuff hanging over the end.

    3) Fold the towel over the glove.

    4) Stretch the glove cuff over the towel and secure with a rubber band.

    5) Now you have a tight rubber covered hole.

    6) Lube up and enjoy!

    (Click for bigger images.)


    Instead of folding the towel, in this version, the towel is rolled. You can use all the same ingredients, but the resulting masturbator feels different due to the different shape of the canal.

    To size the hole so it’s not too tight or wide, you can use a toothpaste tube that you roll inside the towel.

    1) Put the toothpaste tube inside the glove, and place it on one end of a once folded towel.

    2) Start rolling the towel around the glove.

    3) After a roll or two, start wrapping the glove cuff around the towel. This will hold the glove in place later.

    4) Continue rolling and at the end pull out the toothpaste tube.

    5) Wrap with one or two rubber bands to hold the towel roll together.

    6) Lube up and enjoy!

    (Click for bigger images.)

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    Some ​Thoughts and Tweaks

    I ended up making two different types of towel Fleshlights. The versions feel different and also have distinct challenges when making them.

    The first versions I made were both way too tight. In the Folded Towel version, the tightness is defined by the size of the towel. If the folded towel is thick, the glove cuff will squeeze it too tight and the opening will be too small.

    In the Rolled Towel version, the toothpaste tube I used wasn't thick enough and the whole canal was too narrow. When making your own, find something that is suitable for your size. Note: Your erect penis is bigger than you think!

    In the rolled version, figuring out the right size is critical as you cannot push through the tight spot since the whole canal is the same size.

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    How Good Is the Towel Fleshlight?

    60 %
    vs. Fleshlight

    Both towel masturbators feel quite good (after fixing the size issues). They are less intense than most Fleshlights as there are no bumps, ribs, or other textures in the canal. Still, you can feel the texture of the textile. To me, it felt a little too rough. This isn't necessarily bad but it is a distinct sensation from the smooth Fleshlights.

    The penetration depth is less than in most Fleshlights due to the size of the latex glove.​

    The folded towel masturbator has a tight opening but it opens up after that. You can control the tightness of the deep end with your hands.

    I liked the rolled towel version a little better. The uniform canal width was more to my liking. On the other hand, sizing the rolled towel masturbator is a little more difficult.

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    Homemade Fleshlight #3 - Sock Masturbator

    A sock masturbator is even simpler to make than towel masturbators. You already have most of the ingredients and there is much less tweaking with the tightness.


    • A few pairs of sports socks
    • 1 latex glove
    • 2 rubber bands


    I used ankle high sports socks as I don't have regular ones. You can also use regular sports socks. They will probably work better when you wrap a sock(s) around the masturbator (step 4 below).

    1) Stack two pairs of socks. (If you use regular sports socks, one pair is enough; fold each sock).

    2) Sandwich a glove between the socks with the cuff sticking out 1-2 inches.

    3) Wrap the glove cuff over the socks.

    4) Take your other sock(s) and wrap them around the sock-glove sandwich. If you use longer socks, they can be used to adjust the tightness of the sock masturbator.

    5) Secure both ends with rubber bands and you’re ready.

    6) Lube up and enjoy!

    (Click for bigger images.)

    How Good Is the Sock Fleshlight?

    75 %
    vs. Fleshlight

    The sock masturbator feels pretty good. It really works. I removed the rubber band closer to the opening to make it less tight.

    The sensation isn't that far from Fleshlight Quickshot; the short, open-ended Fleshlight. It feels a little less intense as there is no texture, but you can control the tightness with your stroking fist. I like the softness of the socks. They felt less coarse than the towel in the towel masturbator.

    As with other homemade masturbators using latex gloves, the penetration depth is lacking.

    Homemade Fleshlight #4 - Toilet Paper Roll Masturbator

    The toilet paper roll masturbator is the easiest one to make. You need only a roll of toilet paper and a latex glove. Sizing the hole is easy as you can always remove more paper for a better fit.


    • 1 toilet paper roll
    • 1 latex glove


    1) Remove the tube from the toilet paper roll by pulling and wiggling it out.

    2) Put the glove through the roll and pull the cuff over and around.

    3) Lube up and enjoy!

    (Click for bigger images.)

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    How Good Is the Toilet Paper Roll Fleshlight?

    66 %
    vs. Fleshlight

    The toilet paper masturbator feels good, almost as good as the sock masturbator. It is slightly tighter but feels nice and soft. The softness depends on the kind of toilet paper you use; the softer the better.

    At first, the toilet paper masturbator was a little too tight but it was quick to adjust it to the right size.

    Like other homemade Fleshlights in this article, the toilet paper version doesn't have any texture, and therefore, the sensation is less intense and interesting than with real Fleshlights.​ See the Complete Guide to Fleshlights to find out what is the most realistic Fleshlight.

    The depth of penetration is also more limited due to the size of the paper roll and the latex glove.

    how to find the best Fleshlight for you

    Homemade Fleshlight #5 - Sponge Masturbator

    For the sponge masturbator, you need to go shopping as you are not likely to have all required items at home.

    You need a can of Pringles or Lays. Or alternatively, you use a tall cup.

    You will also need 2-4 kitchen or wash sponges. The sponges need to be small enough that they fit inside the can. They also should be soft. Otherwise, they will feel hard and unpleasant.


    • 2 kitchen/wash sponges (small enough to fit inside a Pringles/Lays can)
    • 1 latex glove
    • 1 Pringles/Lays can


    If you have a full-size chips can, you need two sets of sponges; one at the bottom of the can to prevent the contraption from sliding out of position and one at the top to provide the pleasure.

    1) Place the first set of two sponges at the bottom of the can. Try to bend and push them to the sides.

    2) Sandwich a glove between the sponges.

    3) Squeeze the glove-sponge sandwich into the can.

    4) Wrap the glove cuffs around the opening of the can.

    5) Lube up and enjoy!

    (Click for bigger images.)

    How Good Is the Sponge Fleshlight?

    40 %
    vs. Fleshlight

    The sponge masturbator felt just OK. The sponges were a little too hard and didn't envelope the penis completely. Softer sponges would feel nicer and better fill the can.

    I used a Lays can, that I washed first, for the masturbator. I cannot imagine using a Pringles can that is still covered with grease and salt.

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    Homemade Fleshlight Sex Toy #6 - Cornstarch Jelly Masturbator

    Homemade Toilet Paper Roll Fleshlight Next to Fleshlight Quickshot and Bookworm

    This recipe didn't work out too well but I've included it here in any case for more adventurous readers.

    How Good Is the Cornstarch Fleshlight?

    0 %
    vs. Fleshlight

    Unlike many others who have tried this recipe at home, I was able to make a solid cornstarch cone. But it ended up being too hard to be of any use as a masturbator.

    I didn't try a second time as the whole cornstarch concept doesn't appeal to me. A cold masturbator? No, thank you.

    If you still want to try, you can find the instructions here. I had to double or triple the times for both microwave and fridge.


    Best Homemade Masturbators Side-by-Side

    The 5 DIY Fleshlights Side-by-Side

    I must say I was surprised at the outcome of this experiment. I expected the homemade Fleshlights to be disappointing and embarrassing. But no, they can be quite decent alternatives to real Fleshlights.

    My favorites were the Sock and Toilet Paper Roll masturbators.​

    Making them is easy and fast. Getting the sizing right will take a little while first but after you figure it out, it should be easy to repeat.

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    Getting the ingredients is really easy as well. Everything is available in a regular supermarket.

    Don't get me wrong, the real Fleshlights are much nicer. The material is soft and pliable and feels almost like real flesh​. Their designs and textures can be realistic or adventurous and the sensations are definitely more intense, varying, and interesting.

    But if you cannot have a real Fleshlight, these homemade sex toys are a great option to get more pleasure from masturbation.

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