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Fleshlight Quickshot Boost & Vantage Review: Smallest and Cheapest Fleshlights

Fleshlight Mini Lotus
The most realistic Fleshlight

Fleshlight is one of the biggest names in the adult toy industry, with good reason. They are the best known for their ‘artificial vaginas’: large masturbation sleeves with realistic orifices and a huge variety of sleeve textures to choose from.

Full-sized Fleshlight sleeves have plenty of ‘flesh’ to accommodate even the biggest penis. Unfortunately, this does make them a little bulky: they are not always easy to handle and can be difficult to store discreetly. The ‘solution’ to this comes in the smaller Fleshlight designs: the Go, the Flight, and the Quickshot.

The new Fleshlight Fleshskins Grip Blue Ice that Fleshlight introduced in 2018, is another good smaller and cheaper Fleshlight option. Read the Fleshskins Grip Blue Ice review here.

As an enthusiastic Fleshlight fan, I was keen to try out their most compact ‘travel masturbators’: the Fleshlight Quickshot designs – Boost and Venture.

What are Fleshlight Quickshot Sex Toys?

​The Fleshlight Quickshot design is quite different from the standard immersive sleeves. They do not contain a full-length canal but are formed more like a wide, donut-shaped ring which encircles the penis but remains open at both ends.

The discreet and small case has removable caps at both ends. After you remove the caps you can see two identical, nondescript orifices. Either one of the entries can be used and they feel pretty much the same. (Read this post to learn more about discreet Fleshlights).

These pocket pussies are much smaller than regular Fleshlights. At 4.3”, they are less than half the length of the full-sized sleeves. They are also narrower: the width of the outer case is just 2.6-2.9" (6.5-7.3 cm), compared to the 2.4-3.7" (6-9.5 cm) of a regular case. This makes them a great alternative sex toy for smaller guys or those who need something a little more compact, for travel or easy storage.

The Quickshot Boost comes in silver-grey color and the Vantage in clear transparent one. The material it is the usual soft, supple SuperSkin that makes Fleshlights feel so amazing.

The only differences between the two Quickshot models are the sleeve texture and the color of the material and case.

The Quickshots are also available in the Fleshjack product line. The Fleshjack Quickshot Vantage and Boost are identical to the Fleshlights models.

Fleshlight sizes compared: Regular Fleshlight vs. Go vs. Quickshot

Fleshlight Quickshot next to GO and Full-sized Models

How do the Quickshots Compare to Regular Fleshlights?

Ever heard the phrase ‘size isn’t everything’? Well, it’s true. The Quickshot designs might be compact, but they have several benefits over both the regular sleeves and the other compact designs. Here are a few of the main pros and cons.

Why Quickshots Are Better than Regular Fleshlights

Smaller Size: The Quickshots really are much, much smaller than the regular Fleshlights. First-time users are often surprised by the hefty size of the standard sleeves. Well, if you have ever handled a full-sized Fleshlight, now it’s your turn to be surprised. The Quickshot really is petite, and its diminutive size is one of its best features.

It makes it a lot more comfortable to hold and easier to handle than a full-sized sleeve: ideal if you have small hands or want to play with a partner.

The Quickshot’s compact body also means it is easy to store. This is especially useful if you share accommodation and need to keep your sex toys discreetly hidden.

It also packs away neatly into a suitcase or travel bag.

​Other recommended reads: Fleshlight Flights: The Most Discreet Fleshlights and Sex In A Can Fleshlights: The Best Tight Male Masturbators.

Easier Cleaning: One of my least favorite things about Fleshlights is keeping them clean. Yes, they are a lot of fun to use but washing them out can be fiddly and time-consuming. Not so with the Quickshot - their open-ended design makes cleaning really easy.

All areas are within easy reach and you can just run water through or insert a finger from both ends to wash out all the nooks and crannies. You can even turn it inside out for cleaning and drying. The the Fleshlight cleaning guide for more cleaning and drying information.

Fleshlite Quickshot Textures: Boost vs. Vantage

Quickshot sleeve textures

Open Ended: The open end of the Quickshot makes it more versatile than a standard Fleshlight. It is ideal for couples play and can be used to add a little extra spice to oral sex.

Cheaper price: A Quickshot is much cheaper. You can buy a Quickshot for half of the price of a regular Fleshlight.

Why Quickshots Are Worse than Regular Fleshlights

Of course, there are some disadvantages to Quickshot Fleshlights:

  • they lack the full immersive experience of the artificial vaginal and anal designs;
  • the open-ended design can make them messy to use, especially with runny lube;
  • the smaller size of the surrounding case can make them a little too tight for thicker guys;
  • the huge variety of the full-sized sleeves is also lacking; there are just two Quickshot textures to choose from.

Fleshlight Quickshot Boost Review

Fleshlight Quickshot Boost Masturbation Sleeve

The Boost comes with a generic (not realistic) orifice in each end of the sleeve. The Boost sleeve material is usually silver-grey but I tried the special Gold edition.

The case is black and quite innocuous; you could hide it in plain sight if it was not for the word ‘Fleshlight’ printed around the sides. Even with the branding, it would still probably be unnoticed by a casual glance and could be stored fairly inconspicuously on a shelf or in a drawer.

The sleeve material doesn’t feel different from the regular SuperSkin. It creates a really soft and ‘giving’ texture for you to slide into. Inside the canal, the Boost is lined with small raised ridges which run part of the way around the canal, interspersed with medium-sized bumps.

How the Boost Feels

The first thing that I noticed about the Boost is that the material feels a lot stickier than other Fleshlights I have tried. It’s not a huge problem once lube is added but the initial impression wasn’t as nice.

The ridges and bumps inside are quite wide, so I felt them move around the penis as it slid through. The texture is definitely most noticeable around the sensitive head of the penis but it’s obvious enough to be stimulating as it moves down the shaft. Overall the Boost texture was enjoyable, but I wasn’t blown away by it.

Perhaps the most interesting part of the Quickshot Boost was the feeling of pushing right through and out of the open end. I expected this to feel less satisfying than a regular Fleshlight as it lacks that feeling of being completely enveloped in the canal. But the sensation was actually really nice: you can control the feeling of pressure and release as you move the Boost further along the shaft and it’s nice to be able to access the tip of the penis, especially if you use the Quickshot with a partner.

Fleshlight Quickshot Vantage Review

Fleshlight Quickshot Vantage Masturbation Sleeve

The Quickshot Vantage’s is similar to the ‘Ice’ Fleshlights, that are made with a transparent SuperSkin sleeve and a clear outer case. This enables you to see every movement of your penis while you are using it and adds an exciting visual element to masturbation.

If you fancy ​transparent Fleshlights, read the reviews of: Fleshlight Ice Crystal, Quickshot Vantage, Flight Aviator, Go Torque, and Fleshskin Grip Blue Ice.

The texture of the Vantage is a series of spiraled raised areas with ridges set along them.

How the Vantage Feels

Overall, I was slightly more impressed by the Vantage than the Boost. The ribbed texture was a bit more obvious, especially along the shaft. The stimulation was great but not overwhelming and led to a very satisfying climax.

The open-ended design meant that I could keep the over-sensitive tip of my penis well away from any excess stimulation after orgasm.

The small case of both Quickshots did feel surprisingly tight to me, especially when compared to other Fleshlights.

Many guys enjoy the tighter feel so this will not be an issue for everyone. I relieved it on the second use by removing the inner sleeve from the case which allowed me a lot more freedom to control the tightness with my hand.

Be careful when removing the inner sleeve from the case; the material has a lot of give but it is not super-strong and could tear if handled roughly.

Fleshlight Quickshots Review Summary

Fleshlight Boost:




Tightness - with case

Tightness - without case


How I rate Fleshlights explained

Fleshlight Vantage:




Tightness - with case

Tightness - without case


There is no doubt that the Quickshots don’t deliver quite the same experience as a regular Fleshlight but I do not think they are inferior, just different.

I have used many Fleshlights and have several favorites and the Quickshot Vantage is definitely one I will be returning to again. There is plenty to enjoy in the textured SuperSkin without the all-encompassing stimulation of the vaginal sleeves.

Which Fleshlight ​Sex Toy Should you Buy: Quickshot or Regular?

Best Small Fleshlights: Quickshot Boost vs. Vantage

So, which sleeve type would I recommend? The answer is: it depends (I know – not helpful!) But it really does depend on what you want from a masturbator.

There are pros and cons to both styles of the sleeve and it is perhaps unfair to compare them directly. If you are looking for an artificial vagina or a ‘realistic’ imitation of the feeling of sex then I would advise you to consider a standard Fleshlight.

You might also want to give the Quickshot a miss if you have a thicker penis as the compact size of the case might feel a little constrictive. See the best Fleshlight options for big men.

However, if you are looking for a sex toy to improve your masturbation experience, share with a partner, or hide from your flat mates or travel companions, the Fleshlight Quickshot is a pretty amazing little device.

If you’d like to buy a Quickshot, check the How to Buy a Fleshlight guide. After ordering one, reading the How to Use Fleshlight post is a good place to spend a couple of minutes.

Fleshlight has frequent promotions and you can see them on my weekly updated list of the best sex toy deals.

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