Fleshlight Review: Ice Crystal – Transparent Fleshlight

Fleshlight Ice is like no other sleeve available. The main feature of the Ice sleeves is their transparency; both the Superskin sleeve and the case itself are clear enough to see right through them and watch the action as it progresses.

This makes the Ice the ideal choice for those who enjoy a little visual stimulation; you can see the whole length of your penis as it slides in. The Ice sleeves are also the ideal choice to use with a partner, as you can both enjoy watching the action.

Fleshlight Ice Crystal

Ice Crystal Fleshlight Review

Sleeve and Texture

Fleshlight Ice Crystal masturbation sleeve

The Fleshlight Ice Sleeve comes with a choice of three standard orifices: the Lady (pussy) opening, the Butt, or the circular Pure. I chose the standard pussy for my review, but the inner texture is the same for all three.

Inside the canal, the textures start immediately with a round chamber surrounded by large angular bumps. It quickly narrows into a tight (0.4” / 10mm) passage with gently rippled walls, then widens to 0.6” (15mm). The ripples become more pronounced and distinctive through this section.

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Another sphere follows, lined with irregular bumps, then a second tight constriction and a final chamber. The walls of this chamber are lined with roughly rectangular bumps. Finally, a narrowing ribbed section occupies the last two inches.

With such a varied combination of textures, there is a lot to enjoy in this sleeve. Average guys might not reach the end - the second tight constriction is 5-6” into the canal and the final ribbed passage starts at 7” from the entrance – but there is still a good variety of stimulation to enjoy.

If you love seeing yourself inside a masturbator, there a few other transparent Fleshlight models that might interest you: Flight Aviator, Go Torque, Quickshot Vantage, and Fleshskins Grip Blue Ice.

How the Ice Crystal Feels

Seeing your penis slide into a Fleshlight is quite a novel experience, but this sleeve does not just rely on the novelty value of the transparent material. The varied texture, alternating bumps and ridges, is one of the more complex designs I have seen. After seeing it, I expected intensity. I was not disappointed.

The sensations start as soon as you enter the channel, with the bumps around the first chamber which provide immediate stimulation to the sensitive penis tip. The small passage that follows takes a firm grip on the penis and feels pleasurably tight.

The second round chamber adds further bumps to the mix, stimulating small points all around the penis while the narrow passage continues its firm grip lower down the shaft. I did not reach far into the final sections, past the second tight passage, but there was plenty to enjoy without them.

Fleshlight Ice Crystal Texture

Fleshlight Ice Crystal Texture

The change from bumps to ridges then back again, along with the widening and narrowing passage, combine to form a quite powerful gripping massage effect, with small tingly points of stimulation from the bumps around the sensitive head of the penis. The added effect of being able to watch the whole length of your penis as you thrust in leads to a pretty intense and toe curling orgasm.

The material used in the Fleshlight Ice is stickier than the regular Superskin. When lubed up or wet you don’t notice the stickiness but when packing it away or taking it out, the stickiness can be quite off-putting.


The Ice Crystal is pretty fiddly to clean; the separate chambers all allow the build-up of lube in between the bumps and ridges. The only way to get this one really clean is with a lot of running water. I block one end of the sleeve and fill it with water, before swishing it around to make sure any residue is removed.

Drying time will be quite long for this sleeve - allow several hours in a warm spot and check the inside of the sleeve for any remaining damp before packing it away.







How I rate Fleshlights explained

I loved this sleeve: a great combination of intense stimulation, tight constrictions and the fantastic visual effect of watching the whole thing in detail. If you love intensity then you’ll love this sleeve.

If you’ve tried a few sleeves and are looking for something different, the novelty of the transparent materials delivers. It is definitely one of the better sleeves I have tried. Highly recommended!

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Tera Patrick  Tease is another complex sleeve - ideal for those who enjoy a lot of variety in texture. It has six separate chambers which each deliver a different sensation. If you loved the complexity of the Crystal Ice, you might also enjoy this one.

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