How to Buy a Fleshlight

Many people choose to buy their sex toys online. There are several reasons for this: discretion, choice, price and convenience. However, there is also an overwhelming amount of information and more than a few dishonest sellers. This article will attempt to simplify the process of finding and buying Fleshlights online.

Fleshlight – Basic Buying Choices

Fleshlight have created more than a hundred different textures. These have come with standard butt, mouth, pussy and (butt) cheeks in addition to a huge variety of realistic orifices molded from real porn stars. Standard cases and sleeves also come in several colors, including novelty gold and blue, as well as more realistic flesh tones.

Fleshlight Mini Lotus
The most realistic Fleshlight

A standard Fleshlight comes in four parts: sleeve, case and two end caps. However, as you increase your Fleshlight collection you might opt to buy extra sleeves alone to save cash. All standard sleeves and Fleshlight girls sleeves are the same size, so can be used with the same cases.

There are also the non-standard Fleshlight lines: Flight, Sex in a Can, Go, Vibro and the transparent Ice range. You can also buy a good range of accessories, including a hands free shower mount, a sleeve warmer and a moving, interactive holder (the Launch and Quickshot Launch) which syncs with your favorite porn.

If you are unsure about which sleeve to try first, you can browse the reviews right here on Merry Frolics or search the forums over at, where every question you can think of has probably been asked and answered already.

You can also find my best Fleshlight recommendations in the updated Guide to Finding the Best Fleshlight.

Complete Guide to Finding the Best Fleshlight


Kissa Sins Insatiable
  • Delivers mind-blowing orgasms every time.
Mini Lotus
  • Very realistic feeling sleeve and a very popular choice; ideal for a first time Fleshlight user.
Mia Malkova Boss Level
  • A fantastic all-round good Fleshlight with a firm grip and constant stimulation.

Where to Buy a Fleshlight

Fleshlight Website – Buy Direct

Fleshlight Online Store

When you shop for a Fleshlight, the best source to find exactly what you want is the official website at When you buy direct you can be sure that you are getting the real thing. There are sometimes deals on for multiple purchases – worth waiting for if you plan on buying more than one sleeve at a time.

Fleshlights on

Amazon is the go-to store for most online shoppers, though many people do not realize that they sell sex toys too.

While generally it is a safe and reliable marketplace, be aware that often Amazon will not be the seller you are dealing with when you order. Fake sex toys are not uncommon on the Amazon store.

Make sure you buy from a trusted seller to avoid the risk of fake products. ILF, LLC - Official Store is the official Fleshlight company within and your best source.

Other Online Sex Stores

While most sex stores won’t carry the full range of available Fleshlights (some have a very limited choice of sleeves) there are some advantages to shopping elsewhere. If you want to add other products to your order then a general sex-store might be the best place to shop. and are great sources for sex toys and have the added benefit of numerous customer reviews to help you make your choice.

Which is the Cheapest Fleshlight?

Fleshlight Kendra Sunderland 250x250 Ad

The prices of Fleshlights do not vary much so trying to find a ‘cheap’ model will only lead you to fakes or inferior products. You can expect a Standard or ‘Girls’ model to cost around $60-80 USD. Additional sleeves are slightly cheaper so if you already have one case you can save a little on additional purchases.

The smaller models – Sex in a Can, Go, and Flight - are $40-50. Unless you have a very large penis, these can be a great budget alternative to the standard sleeves.

The Quickshot models are $30-40 USD. The downside with the Quickshots is that they are not as good as other Fleshlight sleeves. They cheap, small, and easy to clean though. You can read my review of the smallest and cheapest Fleshlight here.

The Flight and Sex In A Can Fleshlight models are also cheaper than standard Fleshlights. Learn more on: Fleshlight Flights: The Most Discreet Fleshlights and Sex In A Can Fleshlights: The Best Tight Male Masturbators.

Fleshlight Deals and Coupon Codes

The Fleshlight online store runs special deals every now an then (but more rarely in 2019 and 2020). The maximum discount you can find is 25 - 30% and this big discounts occur only during the Black Friday Sale. At any other time of the year the best discount you can find is around 15%

You can find the weekly updated list of all the Fleshlight and other males sex toy deals on my Sex Toy Deals page.

In other stores it’s harder to find Fleshlights in reduced prices. Sometimes you can get lucky and find a good deal when a sex shop has a clearance sale and sell their last remaining older models (which are still perfectly good Fleshlights) at a good discount.

Coupon codes or vouchers for Fleshlights used to be very uncommon. Now you can sometimes find valid coupons. See the Fleshlight deals and coupons page for the current promotions. 

Can’t find the sleeve you want?

You might have seen review online for a certain Fleshlight sleeve, but cannot find it for sale. Some Fleshlights have been made available for a limited time only, or have been known under a different name. If the sleeve is not listed on the official site then assume that it is not currently available.

The good news is that popular sleeves are sometimes re-introduced, often with a different name. Search, my Fleshlight main page, Fleshlight Forum, and Reddit/r/fleshlight for more information about your missing sleeve.

Fleshlight banner 01 - 312x90

Fleshlight Ordering, Shipping, Billing, and Returns

The first worry many have when ordering a sex toy online is whether anyone will know. Will your neighbors see the box? Will your kids ask questions? Will your housemates or partner catch a glimpse of your credit card bill?

Luckily, most sex shops are well aware of this concern and do everything they can to ensure that your order goes unnoticed. and use plain brown packaging, with LH Trading / ILF, LLC. appearing on bills and as their return address. The same will be true of most adult industry retailers and this is such a common concern that the information is usually prominent on the website.

Be aware that returns will only be accepted for unopened and faulty items (another reason to deal only with reputable companies) so make sure you read the retailers terms and FAQ page before ordering.

Alternative Options to Fleshlights

There is a good reason for Fleshlight’s popularity in the market: they are excellent at what they do. You will find cheaper masturbation sleeves, and you might discover a bargain. But proceed with care, especially if you are dealing with unknown sellers or goods from overseas.

Fleshlight Kendra Sunderland 250x250 Ad

Check out my article about choosing safe sex toys and think about the body parts that will be coming into contact with the sleeve; is the risk really worth it?

However, Fleshlights are not the only option; there are some decent alternatives. Some interesting options are listed below.

  • Tenga Flip Hole male masturbators have extra controls for adjusting the pressure and the sleeve material is firmer than in Fleshlights. Tenga is easier to clean than a regular Fleshlight. Read my Tenga Flip Hole review.
  • Tenga Eggs are a significantly cheaper alternative at ~$10. However, it is designed for a single use so is definitely not as cost effective as a reusable Fleshlight. They can be carefully cleaned and reused but no more than a couple of times. See my Tenga Egg review to learn more.

DIY Fleshlight Options

If you really are shopping on price – perhaps you are not yet ready to invest in a good quality toy but are wary of poor imitations – then you might consider making yourself one. Yes, you read that right. You can save yourself $60 now and make your own masturbator at home. See my extensive How to Make a Homemade Pocket Pussy: 7 Homemade Masturbators Guide for details.

In summary, shopping online for Fleshlights is safe, fast and easy if you just remember a few simple rules and take care. Always check that you are dealing with a genuine and reputable retailer before you click the buy button.

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