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25 Ways to Make a Homemade Fleshlight

Fleshlight Mini Lotus
The most realistic Fleshlight

Perhaps you’re away from home and feeling horny; the idea of using your hand just does not appeal but your favorite Fleshlight is safely stored back in your bedroom. Maybe funds are tight and you can’t afford to buy a Fleshlight right now. Or maybe you’re just a tinkerer and enjoy the idea of creating your own homemade sex toys.

If any of the above describes you at all a homemade masturbator might be the perfect temporary solution for you. I say temporary because, for me, nothing really beats a genuine Fleshlight.

These seven DIY Fleshlights have been super-popular! I've now added 18 more homemade pocket pussy ideas that anyone can easily make at home. Have fun!

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The realistic feel of their Superskin sleeves is like nothing else available and the variety of textures they offer means you’ll never get bored of them. (Can you tell I’m a fan?).

But they are expensive to buy and their bulky size means that they are not always practical to transport.

A simple homemade sex toy can be a cheap and simple alternative in a pinch. This article takes an in-depth look at some of the options and how they compare.  


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Mini Lotus
  • Very realistic feeling sleeve and a very popular choice; ideal for a first time Fleshlight user.
Mia Malkova Boss Level
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How To Make A Pocket Pussy at Home

I have an extensive collection of real Fleshlights and love using them. However, I am always willing to try something new so I set out to find the best options for homemade pussies / masturbators and test them thoroughly (all in the name of science, of course!).

I also compared them to some of my favorite Fleshlight sleeves to see how they measured up.

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Researching Homemade Fleshlights

Homemade Fleshlights All Needed Items

Before You Start: What You Need to Make These Homemade Masturbators

There are many videos online which show you in detail how to make different DIY sex toys and masturbation sleeves. So many, in fact, that finding the good ones is not easy.

I was looking for masturbators which can be cobbled together quickly and easily with normal household items.

I spent some time browsing the best of the videos on YouTube and selected a handful which seemed to meet my criteria. Then I searched my house for parts, went shopping for the rest, and began.

Fleshlights used as a reference in this article are:

I created each of the DIY pussy masturbators and tried them out myself. Here I will share the results of what is probably the most interesting and enjoyable DIY project I have ever undertaken!

If you are curious about trying out a real Fleshlight then you can find dozens of articles and reviews in the Fleshlight section of Merry Frolics. You should also see the Fleshlight Guide to find out what are the best Fleshlights.

TIP: If you are considering making any of the masturbators described here (or any other homemade sex toys for men) I’d recommend using a good quality lube to make sure you get the best experience. You can buy lube or make your own lubricant by following the instructions here.

TIP: Several of the masturbators described below make use of latex gloves, which can be found easily in most grocery stores – usually next to detergents in the housekeeping aisle. They are likely to be the most easily available item but are not ideal in my opinion; they are usually too short for full penetration. There is also the possibility that poor quality gloves will tear and make a mess.

You can upgrade by using a dentist's latex glove, which is softer and more durable. Alternatively, use a condom (XL size) instead of a glove. The condom is softer and allows deeper penetration.

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Homemade Fleshlight #1 and #2: The Towel Masturbators

Towel masturbators are made with just three everyday items: a small towel, a latex glove, and a rubber band. These towel, or sock, masturbators are also called fifis. The term fifi comes from prison slang; inmates use towels, latex gloves, and Vaseline to make hands-free masturbation devices.

You will need:

  • 1 small towel
  • 1 latex glove
  • 1 rubber band

How to Make a ‘Fifi’ - Version 1: Folded Towel Masturbator

This is perhaps the simplest of all masturbators; it takes minutes to make.  

Directions to Make a Folded Towel Masturbator

  1. Fold the towel a couple of times into a long, narrow shape.
  2. Place a latex glove on one of the narrow ends. The cuff should be hanging over the end.
  3. Fold the towel in half over the glove.
  4. Take the end of the glove cuff and stretch it to fit over the towel ends.
  5. Secure with a rubber band.
  6. You should now have a tight, rubber covered hole. Lube up and enjoy!
Homemade Folded Towel Fleshlight - Step 0
Homemade Folded Towel Fleshlight - Step 1
Homemade Folded Towel Fleshlight - Step 2
Fleshlight banner 01 - 312x90
Homemade Folded Towel Fleshlight - Step 3
Homemade Folded Towel Fleshlight - Step 4
Homemade Folded Towel Fleshlight - Step 5
Fleshlight Quickshot Launch Review - featured image

An interactive, robotic Fleshlight sounds amazing, but how good is it in practice?

The new Quickshot Launch is a great improvement over the original Launch. Read the Fleshlight Quickshot Launch review.

Fleshlight Mini Lotus
The most realistic Fleshlight

How to Make a ‘Fifi’ - Version 2: Rolled Towel Masturbator

In this version the towel is rolled instead of folded. You can use the same items, with the addition of a toothpaste tube or similar to maintain the size of the canal.

Directions to Make a Rolled Towel Masturbator

  1. Fold the towel in half, lengthwise. Put the toothpaste tube inside the glove and place it on the towel near one end. The cuff of the glove should be overhanging the long folded edge of the towel.
  2. Start rolling the towel around the glove and tube.
  3. After a roll or two, start folding the edge of the cuff back around the towel to hold it in place.
  4. Continue rolling until you reach the end.
  5. Pull out the toothpaste tube and secure the roll with one or two rubber bands.
  6. Lube up and enjoy!
Homemade Rolled Towel Fleshlight - Step 0
Homemade Rolled Towel Fleshlight - Step 1
Homemade Rolled Towel Fleshlight - Step 2
Fleshlight banner 01 - 312x90
Homemade Rolled Towel Fleshlight - Step 3
Homemade Rolled Towel Fleshlight - Step 4
Homemade pocket pussy: Rolled towel - step 5


Fleshlight Mini Lotus

​Mini Lotus

Homemade Pocket Pussy Tips and Tweaks

Despite following the instructions, I had to use some trial and error to get the towel masturbators right. My first attempts were both way too tight.

The toothpaste tube I used to create the channel in the rolled towel version was too thin so the whole canal was far too narrow. When making your own, try to find something which is suitable for your size. Your erect penis is probably bigger than you think!

The folded towel version is slightly more forgiving but be careful not to make the entrance too small. The tightness is defined by the size of the towel: if the folded towel is thick, the glove cuff will squeeze it too tight and the opening will be too small.

TIP: If you have trouble with the glove staying in place then you could secure it with a piece of string tied around the fingers and pulled through the rolled or folded towel.

How Good Is the Towel Fleshlight?

vs. Fleshlight

Both towel masturbators felt pretty good, considering how basic they are. Once I got the tightness right, the folded masturbator felt great to push into. The narrow opening widens out quickly but you can easily control the tightness further along with your hands.

The rolled towel version, with its uniform canal width, was more to my liking. However, it was a lot more difficult to get this one right; it has to be the right width all along as there is very little ‘give’ in the sides to let you push through tight sections.

The glove does limit the penetration depth in both masturbators; you cannot push all the way in like you can with a full sized Fleshlight.

They are also a lot less intense than most Fleshlights as they don’t have any specially created textures to enhance the pleasure. Find out what are the most intense Fleshlights.

If anything, the texture of the towel (which could be felt through the glove) was a little too rough. This might not be a bad thing – it depends on your preferences – but is it a very different sensation to the smooth feel of Fleshlight’s Superskin.

Fleshlight banner 01 - 312x90

Homemade Fleshlight #3: The Sock Masturbator

A sock masturbator is even easier to make than a towel masturbator. You are likely to have all the kit to make this at home already and it is a lot easier to adjust the tightness.

How to Make a Sock Pocket Pussy

You will need:

  • 3 pairs of sports socks
  • 1 latex glove
  • 2 rubber bands

Directions to Make a Sock Masturbator

  1. Stack two pairs of socks and lay them side by side. Fold each pair of socks back from the toes and lay them with the fold underneath.
  2. Lay the glove on top of one pair with the cuff sticking out 1-2 inches. Put the second pair on top so that the glove is sandwiched between them.
  3. Wrap the cuff of the glove over the ends of the socks.
  4. Take the third pair of socks and wrap them around the middle of the sock-glove sandwich. These can also be used to adjust the tightness.
  5. Secure the ends with rubber bands. You masturbator is ready to use. Lube up and enjoy!
Homemade Sock Fleshlight - Step 0
Homemade Sock Fleshlight - Step 1
Homemade Sock Fleshlight - Step 2
Fleshlight banner 01 - 312x90
Homemade Sock Fleshlight - Step 3
Homemade Sock Fleshlight - Step 4
Homemade Sock Fleshlight - Step 5


Homemade Pussy Tips and Tweaks

Like the improvised towel masturbators, sock masturbators became popular in prisons where inmates needed to get creative with the items they had to hand.

They can be made with any socks of the right thickness - I used ankle high sports socks as I didn’t have regular ones. However, regular sports socks are probably best, especially when you need to wrap the socks around the end of the masturbator.

You can move or remove the rubber bands to adjust the tightness in different sections of the sleeve. I took off the one closest to the opening to make it less tight.

How Good Is the Sock Fleshlight?

vs. Fleshlight

I was surprised at how well the sock masturbator worked. It is quite smooth – smoother than the towel masturbators above – and I liked the extra softness too. The sensation is not dissimilar to that of the Quickshot (a short, open-ended Fleshlight) but the lack of textures makes it less intense.

I found it easy to control the tightness with my hands. The only real drawback of this one is the relatively short penetration depth of the latex glove.

Homemade Fleshlight #4: The Toilet Paper Roll Masturbator

This is the easiest masturbator on this list. There are just two parts to it and adjusting the tightness is simple.

How to Make a Toilet Paper Roll Pocket Pussy

What you need:

  • 1 toilet paper roll
  • 1 latex glove

Directions to Make Toilet Paper Roll Masturbator

  1. Remove the tube from the toilet paper roll by pulling and wiggling it out.
  2. Push the glove through the roll and pull the cuff up and around the edges.
  3. Lube up and enjoy!
Homemade Toilet Paper Roll Fleshlight - Step 0
Homemade Toilet Paper Roll Fleshlight - Step 1
Homemade Toilet Paper Roll Fleshlight - Step 2

That’s it! Really, really simple to make and ideal when you’re in a hurry.


Homemade Vagina Tips and Tweaks

Adjusting the size of the channel is simple; if you need a looser fit you can remove more of the toilet paper from the middle before inserting the glove.

How Good Is the Toilet Paper Roll Fleshlight?

vs. Fleshlight

The inner channel of the toilet paper masturbator felt nice and soft – similar to the sock masturbator above. The type of toilet paper you use will affect this feeling: the softer the better.

At first I found it a little too tight but this was easily corrected by removing more paper.

Once again, the depth of penetration is limited by the size of the glove and (in this case) the size of the roll. This is not the end of the world but can be frustrating if you are used to the full penetration of a real Fleshlight sleeve.

While the toilet roll masturbator is enjoyable enough, there is no real texture to speak of. Overall it is quite enjoyable but less interesting and not as intense as a textured Fleshlight.  

how to find the best Fleshlight for you

Homemade Fleshlight #5: The Sponge Masturbator 

The sponge masturbator is likely to require a shopping trip as you probably won’t have all the items you need to hand.

How to Make a Sponge Pringles DIY Fleshlight

What you need:

  • 1 Pringles/Lays can
  • 2-4 kitchen/wash sponges (small enough to fit inside a Pringles/Lays can)
  • 1 latex glove

Directions to Make a Pringles or Lays Masturbator

  1. If you are using a long can then start by pushing one set of sponges into the end of it. Bend them so they fit around the sides of the can.
  2. Sandwich a glove between the last two sponges.
  3. Push the ‘sandwich’ into the can, bending the sponges so that they fit around the edges.
  4. Wrap the glove cuffs around the opening of the can to hold the whole thing in place.
  5. Lube up and enjoy!
Homemade Sponge Fleshlight - Step 0
Homemade Sponge Fleshlight - Step 1
Homemade Sponge Fleshlight - Step 2
Fleshlight banner 01 - 312x90
Homemade Sponge Fleshlight - Step 3
Homemade Sponge Fleshlight - Step 4

DIY Fleshlight Tips and Tweaks

A tall cup is a possible alternative to the Pringles can. If you do use a larger can then an extra set of sponges can be useful: set them at the bottom of the can to stop the others from sliding out of position.

You can also make a version of this masturbator with a narrower can and a XL condom.

Sponges should be nicely soft and flexible – if they are too hard then they will feel inflexible and unpleasant.

How Good Is the Sponge Fleshlight?

vs. Fleshlight

The idea of using a Pringles can with its leftover coating of grease and salt did not appeal to me at all so I tried a Lays can (which I washed thoroughly before using).

My verdict is that the sponge masturbator is just ok.  The sponges I had bought were too hard and didn’t envelop my penis as well as I would have liked but I think the experience might have been better with softer sponges. 

Like the other homemade masturbators, this one doesn’t really compare to a real Fleshlight as there is no texture to speak of.  

Homemade Pocket Pussy #6: Party Balloon Masturbator

The balloon masturbator is one of the most unusual designs on this list; it is easy to make but will require a shopping trip unless you have party supplies on hand.

How to Make a Party Balloon Pocket Pussy

You will need:

  • 1 wide cup or container (the one I used was 5” wide)
  • 4 small balloons
  • Duct Tape
  • 1 latex glove

Directions to Make a Party Balloon Masturbator

  1. Blow a little air into a balloon and tie the end. Do not inflate it too much; all four balloons should be able to fit comfortably inside the container without making the ‘hole’ in the middle too tight.
  2. Repeat for the other three balloons and place them in the container to check the width. If the hole between them feels too tight replace a balloon with one that has less air in it.
  3. Secure each of the balloons to the edge of the container with duct tape over the knots.
  4. Push the fingers of the latex glove through the center of the balloons and (very carefully) pull the cuff over the edges and around the opening.
  5. Lube up and enjoy!
Homemade Party Balloon Pocket Pussy: Step 0
Homemade Party Balloon Pocket Pussy: Step 1
Fleshlight banner 01 - 312x90
Homemade Party Balloon Pocket Pussy: Step 3
Homemade Party Balloon Pocket Pussy: Step 4

DIY Pocket Pussy Tips and Tweaks

I found that I needed to replace one of my first balloons as I had over-inflated it.

I also tore the first three latex gloves I tried to use so I would recommend having spares of both items on hand.

Fitting the glove over the container edges is quite a difficult step – I finally figured out that loosening the glove by stretching it first helps to secure a good fit.   

How Good Is the Party Balloon Pocket Pussy?

vs. Fleshlight

Pushing into the party balloon Fleshlight felt really good; the tight hole has just the right amount of pressure to make it interesting.

Inside, the hole opens out and the sensations are a lot less intense.

Overall, the entry is way better than any of the other DIY pocket pussies. However, the deeper penetration isn’t as interesting compared to the sock or towel masturbators.

Homemade Fleshlight Sex Toy #7: Cornstarch Jelly Masturbator

Homemade cornstarch pocket pussy

My Cornstarch Jelly Pocket Pussy

This recipe did not work out well for me but I decided to include it here anyway. More adventurous readers might want to try it for themselves.

Directions to Make a Cornstarch Masturbator

The instructions I followed are here: I doubled or tripled the times but ended up with a too-solid sleeve so you will need to experiment yourself if you want to try this one!

The cornstarch Fleshlight is a joke. Try the real one instead.

How Good Is the Cornstarch Fleshlight?

vs. Fleshlight

I did manage to make a solid cornstarch shape but it ended up being far too hard to use as a masturbator.

I admit I gave up after this first attempt as the idea never appealed to me anyway. A cold masturbator? No thanks! The experiment only solidified (get it?) my feelings.

My Verdict: Homemade Masturbators VS Fleshlights

Don't stop reading yet! There are 18 more DIY pocket pussy ideas added below!

The outcome of this experiment surprised me: the homemade masturbators I tried (with a few exceptions) were a lot better than I expected them to be.

I must admit I was very skeptical before I began. I have owned many Fleshlights over the years and nothing else I have tried even comes close to them for realism and enjoyment.

Best Homemade Masturbators Side-by-Side

The 5 DIY Fleshlights Side-by-Side

I expected the homemade Fleshlights to be disappointing (and a bit embarrassing). So I was very pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed trying some of these designs.

Everything I needed was either already in my home or a quick (cheap) supermarket trip away.

The process of making each of the masturbators (with the exception of the last) was a lot easier than I expected. Getting the sizing right was fiddly but once you have figured it out it should be easy to repeat.

My favorites were the soft and flexible Sock Masturbator and the easy-to-make Toilet Paper Roll Masturbator.

My conclusion? Homemade male sex toys and masturbators can be decent alternatives to real Fleshlights. They are not the same (not even close) but they are a great way to get a little bit more pleasure from your masturbation sessions.

If you really want to level-up your masturbation nothing beats a Fleshlight. The material is soft and pliable, the textures range from gentle to intense, and the orifices are sometimes very realistic.

If you have ever considered getting one I would strongly encourage you to start shopping. For help deciding which one, see my Complete Guide to Fleshlights or the detailed reviews elsewhere on the site.

See below for more homemade Fleshlights!

Fleshlight banner 01 - 312x90

More Homemade ‘Fake Fleshlight’ Masturbation Sleeves

Since writing my original review of homemade Fleshlight-style masturbators I have continued to research the subject and have stumbled across a lot of new ideas. I did not try all of these (I prefer a genuine Fleshlight) but some of the ones I did try were surprisingly good. 

If the tried and tested masturbators above didn’t work for you, you don’t have the materials to hand, or you’re feeling adventurous and fancy trying something else, here are some more ideas to consider. 

Toy-Based Sex Toys

Plush Toy Masturbator

Okay, this one is a little more unusual. It involves adding an orifice to a simple plush toy, so if the thought of violating one of your childhood favorites offends you then look away now! 

You will need:

  • A plush toy
  • A knife, or scissors
  • A basic masturbation sleeve (optional)

Depending on the stuffing of your chosen plush, you can adapt it by simply cutting a hole in the outer fabric. Of course, this makes it a one-use toy – it will be very difficult to wash thoroughly if the stuffing is leaking out! 

The second option is to adapt the toy by cutting a hole and inserting a masturbator. You could choose from some of the homemade ones described above or use a Fleshlight. Alternatively, line the hole yourself with a latex glove or condom. 

If you have the skills and the inclination, you could seal the hole by sewing a lining into it. This would mean that the plushie is washable and can be reused.  

This method is definitely not for everyone. However, some guys swear by it so if you think it’ll work for you then there’s nothing to lose from giving it a go!


Kissa Sins Insatiable
  • Delivers mind-blowing orgasms every time.
Mini Lotus
  • Very realistic feeling sleeve and a very popular choice; ideal for a first time Fleshlight user.
Mia Malkova Boss Level
  • A fantastic all-round good Fleshlight with a firm grip and constant stimulation.

Nerf Football DIY Pocket Pussy

Like the plush toy, a Nerf football can be sliced open and used as a simple masturbator. Slice off one of the ends with a sharp knife and remove enough foam to leave a channel. Add a glove or condom and you’re good to go. 

Socker Bopper DIY Fleshlight

This is even easier to use than the Nerf ball; once inflated it’s pretty much ready to use. You can adjust the hole slightly by adding or removing air. Line with a condom if required, and use plenty of lube – you definitely don’t want friction burns!

Pool Noodle Homemade Pocket Pussy

What’s not to like? It’s the perfect shape and there’s already a hole! Unfortunately, the hole is unlikely to be large enough without a little work.

You will need:

  • A pool noodle
  • A knife
  • Rubber bands
  • A latex glove or condom

Cut off a length of the pool noodle. Ideally, this should be an inch or two longer than your penis to give you room to move. Slice this section in half lengthwise and remove enough of the center to accommodate you. 

Pop the two halves back together and insert the glove before securing them with rubber bands. Lube up and enjoy!  

Tip: If you’re feeling adventurous, you could try adding some texture but take care not to make it too rough!

Alternative Balloon Masturbator 

One of the main problems I had with the first balloon masturbator I tried was that, past the entrance, there was nothing much to enjoy. This advanced balloon design addresses this with a clever and creative solution!  

You will need:

  • Balloons (the long, twisty type used for making balloon animals)
  • A 2 liter soda bottle, or a plastic jar of a similar size
  • A balloon inflator (optional, but makes the prep. so much easier)
  • A knife

Cut the top off the soda bottle and smooth the edges (add duct tape if needed). 

Inflate a balloon just enough to expand it along the entire length. Do not over-inflate it (this might take a bit of trial and error).  

Push the end of the balloon into the bottom of the soda bottle or jar and gently ‘wind’ the balloon into a spiral shape around the edges of the case. This creates a lightly textured series of ridges with a central channel between them.

Add lube and enjoy!

Tip: If the balloon is too big, release the excess air and tie it off. If it’s too small to reach the opening then add another balloon.  


Mini Lotus
  • Very realistic feeling sleeve and a very popular choice; ideal for a first time Fleshlight user.
​Brandi Love ​Heartthrob
  • Heartthrob is an ideal all-rounder for the guy who just wants one good Fleshlight.
Kendra Sunderland Angel
  • Twisted ribs pull gently and the small bumps and constrictions create subtle changes in feeling.

Quick and Easy Homemade Masturbators

Many of the more imaginative pocket pussies on this list will require a quick visit to the shops and significant preparation time. The results can be interesting but the delay can be frustrating if you’re horny now. 

Here are a few of the simplest ideas I have found; you should be able to put these together in seconds if you have the correct items to hand.   

Hot Water Bottle DIY Fleshlight

This one is very easy to make if you have the materials to hand.

You will need:

  • 2 hot water bottles
  • Duct tape
  • A latex glove

Fill both hot water bottles with warm water. Sandwich your latex glove between them. Duct tape together. Lube up and enjoy!

Tip: Be careful with the water temperature. A warm and welcoming false pussy feels great; a too-hot one can be painful! 

Hump Your Pillows Homemade Sex Toy

Ok, it’s not really a masturbator as such, but using a small gap between pillows or couch cushions is a classic and time-honored way to masturbate hands-free. 

Pillows are easy; you can pile them up and arrange them to make a convenient opening in the right place. A couch cushion ‘orifice’ is less forgiving; you may need to maneuver yourself into position to take full advantage. 

Both are quick, simple, and don’t really require any preparation or thought beforehand. 

Tip:  Unless you fancy washing the cushion covers after use, add a condom, latex glove or similar to contain the mess.  

Velvet Blanket

Nothing else has quite the same texture as a thick, luxurious velvet blanket. If you enjoy trying different things then you could use one in a similar way to the towel masturbators: fold or gently roll to create a penis shaped gap and thrust away. 

Tip: Velvet is tricky to wash so I’d recommend using a condom or glove if possible and try to keep the mess to a minimum with this one! 

If you enjoy this texture you could combine the last two ideas by purchasing a couple of velvet cushion covers.


Best Overall + Intense
Kissa Sins Insatiable
  • Delivers mind-blowing orgasms every time.
Autumn Falls Cream
  • The narrowing and widening passage creates a strong pressure-release sensation to deliver one of the best Fleshlight orgasms ever.
Stoya Destroya
  • Complex, intense and full of surprises.

Feeling Fruity? Food-Based DIY Masturbation Sleeves

I think most people will have seen ‘that scene’ from the American Pie movie. You know the one: it features an awkward teenager with some alone time, a fruit pie, and a rather interesting imagination. It’s a silly scenario, but you watch with a sort of fascinated understanding of the thought process that got him there.   

Of course, he’s not unique. Using food as a masturbation aid is not a new idea, and users of the internet have shared their tried and tested methods of creating quick and simple masturbation sleeves from items in the kitchen. 

Here are a few of the best:   

The Melon Masturbator

Watermelon homemade pocket pussy

A melon can be a simple and effective alternative to a pocket pussy masturbator. 

You will need:

  • A watermelon
  • A knife
  • A spoon

Use a knife to break through the tough outer skin and make a hole in the side of the melon (this needs to be big enough to allow your penis to penetrate but not much bigger). Then scoop out some of the flesh with the spoon – again, be careful not to remove too much. 

The size and shape of a melon means that it is easy to grip in two hands. No lube is needed - there should be enough moisture inside to lubricate the hole – and the flesh has a good texture.   

Tip: Make sure the melon has not come straight out of the fridge; an ice-cold hole is probably a niche interest! Room temperature is best so, if you can, plan to leave it out for several hours before trying it. 

The Cucumber Pocket Pussy

A full sized cucumber is the perfect size and shape for a masturbation sleeve. 

You will need: 

  • A cucumber (not too cold!)
  • A knife 
  • Elastic bands and / or duct tape
  • A spoon (optional)

Begin by chopping off one of the ends then slice the remaining cucumber in half lengthwise. Remove the seeds and enough of the inner flesh to accommodate your penis comfortably.  

Fit the two halves of the cucumber back together and wrap them with elastic bands to hold them together snugly. Wrap the whole thing with duct tape to complete the pocket pussy.

Add lube and a condom (optional) and enjoy.

Tip: If you can, pop the two cucumber halves around your erect penis to test the fit before securing them.  

The Banana Masturbation Sleeve

Banana homemade masturbator

Quick, easy, and probably already in your kitchen: the basic banana masturbator sleeve is a quick option for the horny guy in a hurry. 

You will need: 

  • A banana
  • A knife

Simply cut off the end and squeeze or scoop out most of the flesh.  

Voila – you’ve made the simplest masturbator sleeve I have ever seen! And the best news is that the other end of the banana skin remains in place, forming a closed tube which contains any mess and saves on clean-up time. 

Tip: A ripe or overripe banana will work best for this.


Mia Malkova Boss Level
  • A fantastic all-round good Fleshlight with a firm grip and constant stimulation.
Kissa Sins Sinner
  • Realistic and stimulating, this Fleshlight is a real treat for anal lovers.
Brandi Love Shameless
  • Shameless is made with a selection of stimulating and unusual textures which combine to bring on a seriously satisfying orgasm.

Other Homemade Male Masturbators

Pillow Stuffing

If you have an old pillow then this is a great way to repurpose the stuffing to make a really cheap, simple and effective masturbator.

You will need:

  • Stuffing from an old pillow or cushion
  • Bottle or can
  • A latex glove 
  • Duct tape

Cut the top end off the bottle. Take care with the edges; cut them as straight as possible and use duct tape as required to smooth them over. 

Depending on the type of stuffing you can either cut off a small ‘sheet’ and roll it around the glove before popping it into the bottle, or remove enough loose stuffing to part-fill the bottle before pushing your fingers in to create a hole in the center.   

The edge of the glove can then be pulled out and stretched over the rim of the bottle. 

Tip: Double check the edge for sharp ‘corners’ before inserting your penis!    

Silicone Mold

This pocket pussy needs a lot of preparation and could take weeks to finish so only try this one if you have the patience. 

You will need:

  • A candle 
  • A knife
  • Silicone sealant

Unless you happen to have a round candle of the correct dimensions (around 25% smaller than your penis), you will need to start with a large candle and cut it down to size. 

The easiest way to do this is to measure it against your penis and make marks on the sides. 

Make two straight cuts lengthwise and remove the two edges you marked. Then turn it around and cut off the other two sides, leaving a square-edged candle which is a little smaller in width than your penis. Round off the edges carefully to create a cylindrical shape. 

Now coat the candle in silicone sealant, around 0.5” thick. Leave it to dry (this could take several weeks). 

Once it is fully dry, remove the candle. Congratulations, you have your very own made to measure pocket pussy! 

Or not. This one is tricky and it might take a few tries to get the right size and shape. I’d recommend having a back-up plan to keep you busy until you do!

How To Add Some Texture to Your Homemade Masturbators

Some of the masturbators I tried were ok, but I found the overall experience a little ‘vanilla’, especially when compared to the varied textures of real Fleshlight sleeves.[] Luckily, I have also discovered some cheap and cheerful ways to spice them up without splashing the cash. 

These modifications take a little extra preparation time and do require a bit more shopping but if you are a fan of DIY masturbators then you might find they are worth the extra effort. 

Bubble Wrap

Bubble wrap is a great option for making your pocket pussy slightly more interesting. Next time you get some in a delivery box, save a sheet or two and try out one of the following.  

Basic Bubble Wrap Masturbator

You will need:

  • Bubble wrap
  • Elastic bands
  • A towel (optional)
  • Lube

This one’s simple. Roll a sheet of bubble wrap around your erect penis (add a condom if preferred) and secure with rubber bands around the outside. A small towel wrapped around the whole thing offers a better grip, though it’s not essential. 

Bubble Wrap Towel Masturbator

Bubble wrap also works well as an addition to the rolled towel masturbator; it adds texture while also softening the ‘rough’ feel of the towel through the glove. 

To make the adapted towel sleeve, simply line the towel with bubble wrap before rolling it. Fasten as usual and enjoy with lube!

Bubble Wrap Sponge Pocket Pussy

The sponge/Lays can masturbator can also be improved by wrapping the sponges in bubble wrap before inserting them into the can. 

If you want something even simpler, just wrap two large sponges in bubble wrap, place one on top of the other, and secure them firmly with two or three elastic bands.      

The advantage of the second design is that you can control the pressure as you use it; without the structure of the tube around it you can adjust the tightness with your hand. 

Gummy Sweets for Extra Texture

gummy bears texture for homemade fleshlights

Cheap and versatile, gummy sweets are a great optional extra which can be used to add texture to homemade masturbators. 

Add them before rolling your towel, sandwiching your socks, or sealing your pillow stuffing masturbator.

Make small slices onto the inside of your pool noodle and stuff gummies into them before putting the two halves back together and sealing with elastic.

Use gummy worms to coil around the interior of your masturbator before adding the glove. These create interesting ridges for extra texture.   

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