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How to find the best Fleshlight for you

Step-by-Step Guide to Finding the Best Fleshlight for You

When I decided to buy my first Fleshlight and make a review of it, I went to for information. And they do have information. Lots of it. I spent two hours clicking and reading, and still I didn’t know which one would be the best Fleshlight for me.

On their website, I found 58 different Fleshlight sleeve textures (= patterns and shapes on the inside of the masturbation sleeve). They also have a few smaller travel models, Fleshlight Girls versions that get their shapes from real porn stars, and then there are also weird Fleshlight Freaks models.

So, clearly there is a lot to figure out if you want to make an educated buying decision. If you just want to get your Fleshlight masturbator fast, consider one of the highly-rated models below that I've decided to try myself.

Fleshlight Alexis Texas Tornado

A low intensity sleeve.​

Tornado is available as a Build Your Own Fleshlight with all orifice options, or as Alexis Texas's butt model.

Fleshlight Kayden Kross Bookworm

A medium intensity sleeve.​

Bookworm is available only as Kayden Kross' vagina model.

Fleshlight Jenna Haze Obsession

A high intensity sleeve.​

Obsession is available as a Build Your Own Fleshlight with all orifice options, or as Jenna Haze's vagina model.

Read my review of Kayden Kross Bookworm here:


Fleshlight Models and Options

There are a few things to consider when choosing a Fleshlight model. There are options for different orifices, sizes, colors, cases and, of course, the most important, texture.

Fleshlight Orifices

The orifice, or the entry point to the sleeve, makes a subtle difference to how a sleeve feels, and, naturally, how it looks from the outside.

Orifice options for Fleshlight GO

Orifice options for Fleshlight GO

For the majority of Fleshlight models, there are three orifice types available: vagina, mouth, and butt. The butt cheeks are also an option for Fleshlight Build Your Own models.

In addition, GO Torque ICE, Flight Pilot, Flight Instructor, and Fleshlight Crystal ICE have discreet, non-anatomical, orifices.

For Fleshlight Girls, the orifices are custom molded to match with each girl’s intimate parts.

Fleshlight Size

When it comes to the size of a Fleshlight masturbator, there are two things to consider; size of the case and size of the sleeve (= inside size).

Size of Fleshlight Cases
Fleshlight size - Regular vs Flight

Fleshlight size - Regular vs Flight

For the size of a Fleshlight case, there are two main categories; the smaller travel cases and the regular case. In addition, there are Fleshlight Sex In A Can (SIAC) models, which are also small. I won’t cover SIAC in this article as they are not sold anymore through the Fleshlight website. You can still buy them from

The Fleshlight GO, Flight, and Blade come in smaller cases than other Fleshlights. The regular Fleshlight case is close to 10” (25 cm) in length, GO is 7” (17.8 cm), Flight is 8” (20.3 cm), and Blade is 8.6” (21.8 cm) long.

The diameter of the regular Fleshlight case is 4” (10.2 cm) in the thicker end and 2.5” (6.3 cm) in the smaller end. The travel cases have similar or slightly smaller diameters.

Fleshlight banner 01 - 312x90
Size of Fleshlight Sleeves

The length of a regular Fleshlight sleeve is 9” (22.9 cm). The size of the smaller models reflects the sizes of their cases, i.e. they are somewhat smaller than the regular sleeves. As the average size of an erect penis is around 5” (13 cm), all models should be suitable for most men. If you’re bigger than average, pay attention, though.

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The most important factor for how a Fleshlight masturbator feels is the width and shape of the inside canal of the sleeve. Choosing the right Fleshlight texture can be overwhelming as there are so many available.

Fleshlight Textures

With close to 60 different Fleshlight textures available, it is pretty much guaranteed that you can find one(s) that is good for you. But how to find the best Fleshlight is the challenge.

Some Fleshlight textures

Each Fleshlight sleeve has a unique canal. Some are wider than others, often the width of the canal varies, textures alternate, and in general, each has a unique feel and intensity. Therefore, giving general guidance for suitability of different models is very hard. See the Guide below for detailed directions.

Other Fleshlight Options

For Fleshlight Girls models, it is not just orifices that are custom molded. They also have realistic flesh tone colors for each star. Most Girl models have a unique texture that you cannot get with any other model.

Fleshlight ICE is an option where the sleeve and case are transparent, and you can see yourself while masturbating. You can choose this option with Fleshlight GO Torque ICE and Fleshlight ICE Crystal

Vibrating Fleshlight Vibro

Vibrating Fleshlight Vibro

Most of the cases are rigid, but the Fleshlight Blade is an exception. Blade’s case is squeezable, allowing you to apply more pressure by squeezing tighter.

If you want to add some vibration to your masturbation sleeve, then Fleshlight Vibro can be an option. The Vibro comes with three vibrating bullets that fit into a special sleeve.

​If you're more into men, Fleshlight also has a Fleshjack line of products that are based on male anatomy.

Fleshlight also sells sleeves and cases separately. All the regular Fleshlight sleeves fit in the same case, so you don’t need to buy a new case every time and can save a bit of money.

Guide to Buying the Best Fleshlight

There are many ways to go when choosing a Fleshlight. Below is a list of some recommendations collected from the Fleshlight website, Fleshlight Forums, and online reviews.

I also put together a visual Fleshlight buyer's guide to choosing the right model for you. You can find the guide at the end of the article.

Which Fleshlight is Closest to Real Sex?

This is something people’s opinions differ wildly on. The following are a few recommendations.

  • Sleeve closest to vaginal sex: Wonder Wave, Lotus, Tera Patrick Tease
  • Sleeve closest to anal sex: Super Tight, Forbidden
  • Sleeve closest to oral sex: Swallow, Original
Fleshlight Wonder Wave / Forbidden / Original

Fleshlight Wonder Wave / Forbidden / Original

Most / Least Tight Fleshlight

Again, this is something people have different opinions on. According to the Fleshlight website, the following sleeves are ranked from most tight to least tight:

  • Super Tight
  • Wonder Wave, Speed Bump, Super Ribbed
  • Stamina Training Unit (STU)
  • Original
Fleshlight Super Tight / Speed Bump / Stamina Training Unit

Fleshlight Super Tight / Speed Bump / Stamina Training Unit

Follow Your Fantasy

If you have a favorite porn star, choose from the unique textures in the Fleshlight Girls catalog.

You can also completely customize your sleeve with Fleshlight Build Your Own (BYO) option, where you can choose the case color, orifice, and texture to your liking. Note, though, that BYO doesn’t include all the Girls textures.

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I Am Large / Small

According to Fleshlight:

  • Larger than average men often choose Original or Speed Bump.
  • Smaller than average men often choose Super Tight or Sex In A Can.
Fleshlight Original / Speed Bump / Super Tight

Fleshlight Original / Speed Bump / Super Tight

For First Time Buyers

The Original Fleshlight sleeve is the most common purchase for new Fleshlight customers. Still, what I learned from the forums and reviews is that the Original may not be the best first choice. It is the lowest intensity sleeve, which may not be enough for many. If you want to have a less intensive sleeve, a good alternative to the Original would be the Teagan Presley Bulletproof.

Good intense options for first-time buyers are Destroya, Stamina Training Unit (STU), or Jenna Jameson Legend.

If you’re looking for a great middle of the road option, consider Wonder Wave, Mini-Lotus, or Tera Patrick Twisted.

Further Reading

I would recommend checking out the following reviews and sites for further insights when deciding between different Fleshlight textures and models. (There are lots of sites with Fleshlight reviews, but many of them are pushing a sale a bit too hard. I’ve only included links to well-behaving sites.)

Visual Guide to Finding the Best Fleshlight for You

Still not sure? Use the Fleshlight guide below to narrow down your options.

step by step guide to finding the best fleshlight for you

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