The Complete Guide to Finding the Best Fleshlight in 2017

The Complete Guide to Finding the Best Fleshlight in 2017

    If you have ever investigated sex toys online then there is a pretty good chance you will have heard of a Fleshlight. Perhaps you decided to buy one. You started by searching online, found the official Fleshlight site, and discovered that there are many models available. You might have searched for reviews and found that there are as many different preferences as there are models.

    When I was buying my first Fleshlight I did the same. And it’s overwhelming. There are so many different designs, and so many conflicting opinions about them, that I felt lost. It took me a long time to finally choose - wasted time when I could have been enjoying my new adult toy!


    The simple fact is that buying a Fleshlight is not as straightforward as it seems. There are sleeves for all sizes, shapes and tastes: textured and non-textured; anal, oral and vaginal; realistic, fantasy and even alien.

    The choice is mind-boggling, and very personal; it is simply not possible to recommend one Fleshlight to every man as every one of us is different.

    This guide is here to help you make sense of it all, whether you are buying your first, second or tenth Fleshlight. You will find real Fleshlight reviews, personal recommendations and a selection of sleeves for all preferences. Read on to find out more about the basics of Fleshlight selection, or skip ahead to see my specific recommendations in the second half of this article.

    Introduction to Fleshlights

    What is a Fleshlight?

    Fleshlight Original 300x300 px

    A Fleshlight is a masturbation sleeve. That is, a hollow tube shaped device, lined with soft skin-like material, made to feel as much like a vagina (or ass, or mouth) as possible. Fleshlights are not the only male masturbator on the market but they are definitely the best known.

    The name is a reference the outer case of the standard design, which is meant to resemble a flashlight, and the fleshy SuperSkin material inside. The idea was to create the best sex toy that can be stored discreetly, due to its resemblance to a common household object. Interactive Life Forms, the company behind Fleshlights, developed this idea further with its Sex in a Can (SIAC) series - made to look like cans of beer for discreet storage in your man cave (though the names on the side are a giveaway: I’m not sure that ‘Sukit Draft’ or ‘Succu Dry’ would fool very many people!)

    Fleshlight Sex In A Can: Vampire Succu Dry - orifice

    Apart from the classic Fleshlights and the SIAC designs, there are ‘Fleshlight Girls’ sleeves, inspired by popular porn stars; ‘Freaks’ fantasy themed sleeves; the smaller ‘Go’, ‘Flight’ and ‘Quickshot’ designs; and the transparent ‘Ice’ collection.

    You might also find references online to Fleshlight sleeves that have been discontinued, or have changed their name. If you are in any doubt, you can head over to the official website at to see the full range of current Fleshlight designs.

    If you're unsure how to use a Fleshlight, check out this article on How to Use a Fleshlight.

    Not All Male Masturbators are Fleshlight

    There are many male masturbators on the market and you might find them referred to as Fleshlights; the popularity of the brand means that the name has become a generic term for male sex sleeves. However, not all masturbation sleeves are Fleshlights, and many other sleeves are inferior imitations.

    There is a reason for Fleshlight’s popularity: they are one of the best brands on the market and they are constantly developing new sleeves and textures. That is not to say that they are the only choice – far from it. However, they are the most popular and well known, and there is such a variety to choose from that there really is no reason to look any further.

    For the purpose of this guide, we will be looking only at Fleshlights - and find out why I think they are the best male sex toys around.

    Fleshlight Parts

    Fleshlight Parts

    The actual Fleshlight is made of several parts which combine to make handling it as practical as possible. When you order a Fleshlight you will find that is comes in four parts: case, sleeve, cap and end-cap.

    The standard Fleshlight case is almost 10” (25 cm) long and up to 3.7” (9.5 cm) wide. It seems large, and you might be surprised when you first handle it, but there are some very clear advantages to the size of the case. The dimensions mean that the soft flesh like material of the sleeve has room to ‘move’ and allows it to flex to accommodate even the largest penis.

    The sleeve is the most important part of your Fleshlight. This is a soft, flexible tube of Fleshlight’s patented Superskin material which fits inside the hard outer case. The walls of the inner tunnel are textured, depending on the design. The sleeve can be removed from the case for thorough cleaning and can be exchanged with other sleeves if required.

    The Fleshlight case has an adjustable end cap which can be tightened or loosened to increase or decrease the suction effect. This will be a matter of personal preference; it is easy to maneuver and change the suction while using the sleeve. The cap is used to seal the sleeve and keep it clean and dry for storage. Always make sure that you have cleaned and dried the sleeve thoroughly before sealing it, to avoid mold and bacteria growth.

    Fleshlight Material: SuperSkin

    Fleshlight Vortex

    Fleshlight inner sleeves are made with a soft, yielding material known as SuperSkin. When warmed and lubed for use it feels surprisingly real, probably as close to the real thing as you can get with a masturbation device. The material needs a basic amount of care and cleaning to keep it in good shape but it is quite simple to look after and well worth the effort.

    Most of the Fleshlight sleeves are either pink, or as close as possible to a natural skin tone. Some of the Fleshlight Girls series mimic the skin tone of the girl they are based on and the Ice designs are made from transparent SuperSkin. There are also the blue, green and grey sleeves of the colorful, fantasy themed Freaks series.

    Fleshlight Orifices

    Most standard design Fleshlights have an opening that resembles one of three possible orifices: a pussy, mouth or butt. There is also a ‘cheeks’ design that includes a small mounded replica of an ass. These standard orifices come with a few popular ‘classic’ textures.

    Fleshlight Orifices

    There are also a series of non-standard Fleshlight sleeves, known as the ‘Fleshlight Girls’. Many of these feature unique textures and are entered through orifices molded directly from the anatomy of real porn stars. The entrances to these sleeves are a lot more realistic to look at and add an element of visual appeal. Each of the Fleshlight Girls sleeves is identified by the signature that appears next to the orifice.

    For those who prefer something a little more unusual, one of the fantasy sleeves might appeal. Orifices range from a robotic looking cyborg vagina, to an alien pussy with a weird double clitoris and a vampire mouth, complete with fangs.

    Fleshlight Textures

    Some Fleshlight textures

    More than a hundred unique textures have been created for Fleshlight. Some have been discontinued, but new sleeves are regularly introduced so there is always a huge variety to choose from. They range from the very realistic to the super intense and even sci-fi.

    Popular textures sometimes feature in more than one sleeve, in combination with other sensations. The Lotus Node, named for the lotus flower calyx it resembles, appears in the Heavenly, the Primal and the Zombie canals, as well as the original Lotus and Lotus Garden sleeves. Likewise, the spiralling zigzag ridges of the Vortex are also found in the Bump ‘n’ Grind and the Alien sleeves. Once you have tried a few Fleshlights you will start to notice your favorite textures and look out for similar sleeves to explore.

    Fleshlight Designs and Types


    As the name suggests, these are the classic Fleshlight designs that have been developed over time. They come with standard butt, pussy and mouth orifices. The smooth walled Originals are marketed as good first time Fleshlights but I do not recommend them; there are so many more interesting textured designs that these are bland in comparison.

    Fleshlight Girls

    Fleshlight Kendra Sunderland 250x250 Ad

    Fleshlight Girls are the biggest collection of Fleshlights. They are modeled on porn stars and each sleeve comes with an opening that is an exact replica of the girl’s orifice; pussy, butt or mouth. Most girls have at least one sleeve with a texture that is unique to them (some have two) so there is plenty of choice.


    There are two Fleshlight Go designs: the Surge and the Torque. At 8.5” (22 cm) long and a maximum of 3” (7.5 cm) wide, they are also smaller than the standard Fleshlights. This makes them more portable and easier to handle, even one handed, while still being suitable for average sized penises.


    The Fleshlight Flight is a series of compact sleeves that are ideal for travel, or discreet storage. They are sleeker, slimmer versions of the standard sleeve (less than 8” / 20cm, long and just 3.1” / 8cm, wide) and are best suited to average and smaller sized penises. There are currently three flight textures available: the Pilot, the Instructor, and the Aviator

    Fleshlight Flight

    Sex in a Can

    Modeled on beer cans, the Sex in a Can (or SIAC) sleeves are designed to be hidden in plain sight. Like the Flight sleeves, they are smaller than the standard sleeves; the inner canal is just under 7” (18cm) long so are best suited to average or smaller penises. There are currently four in this series: Sukit Draft, Lady Lager, Vampire Succu Dry and O'Doyle’s Stout.


    The Quickshot Fleshlights are not a complete sleeve, more of a wide ring which is open at both ends. This gives them the advantage of being much more compact that a standard sleeve (just 3.5” / 9cm long) and a lot easier to keep clean. The Quickshots are also cheaper than other Fleshlights.


    Fleshlight Freaks Alien

    For the most adventurous fantasy lovers, there are the Fleshlight Freaks. These are a collection of surreal sleeves with a fantasy, sci-fi, or horror related twist. If you’ve ever fantasized about a sexy alien or female cyborg then these are the sleeves to check out.


    The Ice collection has a twist to the normal SuperSkin material; the Ice Fleshlights are enclosed in a transparent sleeve so you get the added advantage of watching the action as you slide into it. These are great for use with a partner as you can both see every detail of what is happening.

    Other Designs

    In addition to the categories listed above, there are a few other specialist designs and accessories that add something extra to the Fleshlight experience. There is the Turbo, made to replicate the feeling of oral sex; the Vibro, with battery inserts to add spine tingling vibrations; and the interactive Launch, with video and virtual reality functions.

    Fleshjack - Fleshlight for Gay Men​

    ​Fleshjack is the Fleshlight for gay men. Like Fleshlight, Fleshjack has a range of different products. Product designs and textures are often shared between Fleshjack and Fleshlight.

    Like Fleshlight Girls, the masturbation sleeves in Fleshjack Boys line have unique orifices that are modeled on male porn stars' butts. The dildos in the Fleshjack Boys series are also exact replicas of the real ones. Go to Fleshjack store.

    Learn more about Fleshjacks in my Guide to Fleshjacks.

    How to Choose Your Fleshlight

    With such a variety of models to choose from it is difficult to decide where to begin. Luckily, nearly all Fleshlights have something to offer and most are enjoyable to use.

    You will need to start by thinking about a few basic things. Is your penis large, small or average? Do you enjoy fast intense masturbation or long, slow sessions? Do you enjoy the visual stimulation of a well-designed Fleshlight or does the appearance not matter to you? Do you have a fantasy to fulfil? Do you prefer a mouth, butt or pussy orifice?

    What is average size of a penis?

    • A fully developed man, on average can boast an erect penis that ranges in length from 5.5-6.3" (14-16 cm).
    • Average girth, or circumference, of ​an erect penis is 4.7-5.1" (12-13 cm).

    To learn more and for instructions how to measure your penis, see these instructions.

    Everyone has their own personal preferences and there really is no one size fits all answer to Fleshlight selection. The best way to choose is to check out the recommendations below, read a few Fleshlight reviews and then just take the plunge.

    The only two Fleshlights that I would not recommend are the Original and Super Tight sleeves. Many first time users select these as they appear to be a good general starting point. However, both sleeves leave a lot to be desired when compared to the more textured sleeve varieties. They are not realistic and, once you are familiar with the lifelike SuperSkin material, they are fairly boring to use.

    ​When you're ready to buy your first Fleshlight, check out the How to Buy a Fleshlight guide for answers to common questions.

    Best Intense Fleshlight Sleeves

    Intensity, when it comes to Fleshlight sleeves, usually means one of two things. It could refer to the stimulation of the penis or the power of the eventual orgasm. The inserts that are generally regarded as the most intense generally include both: a very stimulating build up and a fast and powerful climax.

    To a first time Fleshlight user, many sleeves might look intense at first. The multiple bumps, ridges and ribs look almost intimidating before you realize just how soft and flexible the SuperSkin material is. What really makes a Fleshlight intense is a combination of stimulating effects; usually creating various pressure points along the penis and leading to mind blowing orgasm.

    There are many online discussions (see Reddit /r/fleshlight and Fleshlight Forum) about which Fleshlight to choose for the most intense sensations and the same few models usually crop up. Long-stemmed bumps or ‘fangs’, dense ribbed sections, and tight constrictions or Lotus nodes are some of the most intense Fleshlight textures available so look out for these when you are choosing one. Here are three of my recommendations.

    Jenna Haze Obsession
    Fleshlight Jenna Haze Obsesssion

    Fleshlight Girl Jenna Haze has two unique sleeves. The Obsession is her pussy sleeve and generally regarded as one of the most intense Fleshlights on the market. The texture of the sleeve consists of dense ribs and long-stemmed bumps which combine to stimulate you to an amazing orgasm.

    Stoya Destroya
    Fleshlight Stoya Destroya

    The Destroya sleeve, named for porn star Stoya, is another perennial favorite among Fleshlight fans. The texture includes multiple chambers of bumps, ‘fangs’ and ribbed sections in a complex and overwhelming combination.

    Fleshlight Primal Ariel

    The Primal sleeve is a little wider than the previous two, with long bumps to stimulate and two tight Lotus nodes to add a lovely feeling of penetration.

    Be aware that super intense sleeves do not suit everyone. They are great for circumcised guys who prefer a little extra stimulation but can be a little overwhelming, to the point of being almost painful, if you have a particularly sensitive penis. If you are new to Fleshlights then I would recommend a gentler first sleeve; you can always upgrade to a more intense texture later.

    However, if you are determined to try the most stimulating sleeves on the market then check out the Stamina Training section below for more high-intensity textures.

    Best Realistic Fleshlights

    The realistic feel of Fleshlight’s SuperSkin material makes their masturbation sleeves some of the best available. Of course, there is no way to make a Fleshlight truly realistic, but the feel of the insert interior can come quite close sometimes. These are usually gentle sleeves with textures which mimic the feeling of a real vagina or butt; see my top three of each below.

    Most Realistic Vagina Fleshlights

    Fleshlight Lotus

    The Lotus does not look realistic but it is one of the most lifelike feeling Fleshlight designs ever made. It is a combination of small, smooth sided chambers which create a very realistic flesh feeling, and a special feature known as the Lotus Node. This is a convex/concave constriction which creates a wonderful tight feeling as you penetrate it. The rest of the sleeve creates a feeling of pressure and release as you push through it.

    Fleshlight Vortex

    The Vortex is one of the standard Fleshlight textures, available with butt, mouth and pussy orifices. The texture is made with zigzag ridges which spiral around the penis, narrowing and widening gradually as you push through. Despite the ridges, which become more obvious as you near orgasm, the overall effect is quite realistic and gentle.

    Wonder Wave
    Fleshlight Wonder Wave

    The Wonder Wave is a gentle sleeve with wide spaced ridges that provide a good stimulation without being overpowering. The feeling as you move through it is a gentle squeeze and release which builds up nicely; it’s the ideal vaginal Fleshlight for long, slow sessions.

    Most Realistic Butt Fleshlights

    FLeshlight Forbidden

    This classic anal Fleshlight sleeve is the standard choice for the Fleshlight Girls butt orifices. The texture consists of a tight, gently ribbed entrance and a swirling series or waves that imitate the tight penetration and gentle massaging feeling of a real anal sex.

    Alexis Texas Tornado
    Fleshlight Alexis Texas Tornado

    The Tornado is a little wider that the Forbidden, though the entrance is still satisfyingly tight. The texture is a series of wide, spiraling ridges with small hollows in a long chamber which gently narrows and widens along its length. It is not a very intense Fleshlight, but does feel quite realistic.

    Teagan Presley Bulletproof
    Fleshlight Teagan Presley Bulletproof

    The Bulletproof (previously known as Love Humps) has five large bumps that press inwards from all sides of the canal. They have the effect of softly enclosing the penis and massaging, or ‘milking’, you as you push through.

    If visual appeal matters to you and you prefer a realistic orifice then I recommend selecting one of the Fleshlight Girls designs, which are modelled on molds of the girls’ actual orifices.

    Best Tight Fleshlights

    The inner dimensions of different Fleshlight sleeves vary, sometimes significantly, which means that some feel a lot tighter than others. The detail of the texture can also have an effect on the feel of the sleeve.

    Don’t make the mistake of deciding that tighter is better - like the high intensity sleeves, the very tight designs will not be suitable for everyone. But guys with smaller or thinner than average penises might find some of the wider sleeves do not stimulate them enough and that the tighter models suit them best.

    Sex in a Can: O'Doyle's Stout
    Fleshlight Sex in a Can O'Doyle's Stout

    The small outer cases of the SIAC Fleshlights mean that the inner sleeve has less flexibility, making them feel even tighter than usual. O’Doyle’s Stout is a mini version of the Forbidden anal sleeve, which is already a tight Fleshlight. With a channel width of 0.4” (1 cm) to 0.6” (1.5 cm), this small anal sleeve feels impossibly snug.

    Katsuni Lotus Garden
    Katsuni Lotus Garden

    At 0.5” (12 mm) inside, the Lotus Garden is a relatively snug sleeve. This feeling is enhanced by the limited open space in the insert, leaving very little room for the soft SuperSkin to move and expand around you.

    Sex in a Can: Sukit Draft
    Fleshlight Sex in a Can Sukit Draft

    Another snug fit, the Sukit Draft is an oral Fleshlight – a smaller version of the popular Swallow texture. Like the other Sex in a Can sleeves, it is an ideal choice if you have a small penis.

    Best Fleshlights for Larger Guys

    The SuperSkin sleeve material is very flexible and there is a lot of room in the standard Fleshlight cases; they are designed to suit most guys. However, if your penis is larger than average you will want to avoid the tightest sleeves and bigger guys might even find that some average sized sleeves feel a little snug. For you, here are three of the widest sleeves available.

    Wonder Wave
    Fleshlight Wonder Wave

    At 0.6 (1.8 cm) at its widest point, the Wonder Wave is a roomy Fleshlight. The pattern is simple: fourteen evenly spaced ribs that form small constrictions at intervals along the sleeve. It doesn’t sound like much, but the ribs are surprisingly stimulating – you feel each one very distinctly as you pass through them.

    Tera Patrick Twisted
    Fleshlight Tera Patrick Twisted

    The Tera Patrick Twisted is a loose anal sleeve; perfect for thicker penises. It is 0.8” (2 cm) at its widest point, narrows gradually to 0.5” (12mm), and is lined with a single spiralling rib which adds texture.

    Fleshlight Bi-Hive

    At 0.8” (2 cm) wide, the Bi-Hive is one of the more generous sized sleeves available, making it ideal for larger guys who find other sleeves too narrow. The texture itself is a lovely combination of bumps and ridges that create plenty of stimulation.

    For Beginners – How to Buy Your First Fleshlight

    Some beginners select the most basic looking Fleshlight available: the smooth sided Pink Lady Original sleeve. I do not recommend this sleeve – it is one of the blandest and most boring sleeves available. Others get carried away and decide on one of the most exciting looking designs, but I would not recommend this either. Not all textures are as exciting as they look and some of the more complex models can be overwhelmingly intense.

    If your penis is exceptionally thick, or thinner than average, then check out the recommendations above. Otherwise, read on to discover three highly recommended introductory Fleshlights and make sure your first Fleshlight experience is a great one.

    Stoya Destroya
    Fleshlight Stoya Destroya

    The Destroya is widely recommended and a great choice if you are confident that you want an intense sleeve. It is regarded by many Fleshlight fans as one of the best sleeves that Fleshlight has ever produced. I found it too intense but if you want to start with an extra-intense Fleshlight, choose the Destroya.

    Mini Lotus
    Fleshlight Mini Lotus

    The Mini Lotus is, as the name suggests, is an alternative version of the Lotus sleeve. Despite its similar appearance it is a different experience altogether. The Lotus node appears significantly closer to the entrance, making the later chambers much more accessible to smaller and average sized penises. It is a very realistic feeling sleeve and a very popular choice; ideal for a first time Fleshlight user.

    Joanna Angel Misfit
    Fleshlight Joanna Angel MIsfit

    The Misfit is varied enough to be interesting and subtle enough to be enjoyable without being overpowering. The ribbed and waved textures combine beautifully for a great experience. If you are fascinated by the multiple textures available and want to dive in with a complex sleeve then this is definitely the one I’d recommend.

    For Traveling – Best Discreet Fleshlights

    Fleshlight sleeves are big. Not so big that they are difficult to handle, but big enough that they make a noticeable addition to luggage; they are not travel friendly. Luckily, Fleshlight has developed several types of smaller Fleshlight. Not only do these fit better in the hand, they also pack neatly into an overnight bag or slip discreetly into a bedside drawer.

    Quickshot Vantage / Boost
    Fleshlight Quickshot Boost male masturbator

    These are short, open ended Fleshlights that look like a section of a full size sleeve. The main advantages of the Quickshot models are their small size and ease of cleaning, making them perfect for packing in a travel bag. There are two designs of Quickshot: the transparent Vantage and the grey Boost. They lack the feeling of complete immersion that you get from a full sized sleeve and they are definitely not as good. I’d recommend them if you need something compact, but not as a replacement for a standard model.

    Go Surge
    Fleshlight GO Surge

    The Go Surge is maybe the best travel-sized Fleshlight delivering the full Fleshlight experience in a smaller package. The texture is a lovely combination of ribs and tantalizing bumps which bring on a quick, intense orgasm.

    Flight Pilot
    Fleshlight Flight Pilot

    The sleek black case of the Flight Pilot is considerably smaller than the standard Fleshlights, making it a great choice to slip into luggage or carry discreetly while traveling. The texture itself is a mini version of the popular Destroya.

    Best Fantasy Freaks Fleshlight Sleeves

    A small range of fantasy sleeves have been made available by Fleshlight, with other occasional novelty sleeves released in limited runs. Vampires, cyborgs and zombies are not as popular as naked ladies, but tastes vary. If you’ve ever fancied trying something really different then these might be the sleeves for you.

    Obsession Freaks Frankenstein
    Fleshlight Freaks Frankenstein

    This fantasy horror sleeve is green, with ‘stitched together’ pussy lips and a multi textured inner sleeve. Scary at first glance, the Frankenstein’s combination of Lotus node, a wide, three part flap and various zig zagged ribs is an intense sleeve that definitely packs a punch.

    Sex in a Can - Succu Dry
    Fleshlight Sex in a Can - Succu Dry

    This sleeve is based on the sexiest of all supernatural creatures: the vampire. The fanged mouth looks a little intimidating but the unique inner texture (also called ‘fangs’) are more than worth it. Like all the SIAC sleeves, this one is tight and intense.

    Freaks - Drac
    Fleshight Freaks Drac

    The orifice of the Drac is decidedly strange, resembling a bat shaped pussy opening, but the spiraling texture inside is familiar and welcome. The spiral rib is enhanced with large bumps and, like other spiral Fleshlight designs, feels like it is drawing you into the sleeve and ‘milking’ your penis to orgasm.

    If you prefer your fantasy Fleshlight to be rooted in the real world, it is also worth taking a look at the Fleshlight Girls sleeves to see if your favorite porn star is among them.

    Best Fleshlights for Stamina Development

    Fleshlights are fun. But they can also serve a practical purpose; many guys use them to help increase sexual stamina. The idea of stamina training is to build up your endurance over time; stopping and starting, or ‘edging’, to delay orgasm. For this reason, the best choices for this are extremely intense and stimulating sleeves; if you can last more than a few minutes in some of them then you are doing well!

    While any of the more intense Fleshlights will help, we have selected a few of the best.

    Flight Pilot
    Fleshlight Flight Pilot

    The Flight Pilot is a smaller version of the super-intense Stoya Destroya. It is smaller, tighter and even more intense, making it an ideal choice if you want to challenge your sexual stamina.

    Stamina Training Unit
    Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit - STU

    The Stamina Training Unit (STU) is specifically designed to improve stamina. The texture is densely spaced rounded bumps in a relatively tight sleeve and it is very, very stimulating.

    Super Ribbed
    Fleshlight Super Ribbed

    The Super Ribbed sleeve is another simple design which packs a punch. The sleeve is lined with tight ridges which start stimulating the whole length of your penis as soon as you slide in. There is no change in texture and no respite at all from the intense stimulation. Choose this sleeve with caution if you are particularly sensitive.

    Starting a Fleshlight Collection

    As you can see, there is a lot more to buying a Fleshlight than you might suppose. The good news is that there is no limit to the amount you can own! Many fans find that they build impressive collections of favorite sleeves and sometimes use two or more in the same session. While some guys find a favorite and stick with it, many find that Fleshlights become addictive and look out eagerly for the regular special offers on

    Be aware that some sleeves may start to feel different after a ‘break in’ period so don’t despair if you don’t enjoy your first time as much as you expected to. But not every sleeve will suit every man, so it might be worth trying another if your experience is not all you hoped for. The good news is that often has discounts for purchasing two or more sleeves at once.

    Some of the advantages of owning more than one sleeve are a sensation to suit any mood and a chance to compare different textures and combinations. With this in mind, here are my own Top 10 recommended Fleshlight sleeves.

    My Top Nine Fleshlight Picks

    ​The following are nine of my favorite Fleshlights and their ratings. I prefer less intense and more spacious Fleshlight sleeves, so your preferences may be different.

    Don't ponder your choice too much but have fun instead! Remember, all Fleshlights are great (except the Original and Super Tight)!

    For reviews of all these Fleshlights and many others, go to my main page for Fleshlight reviews and information.

    Katsuni Lotus Garden
    Katsuni Lotus Garden

    Angela White Indulge
    Fleshlight Angela White Indulge

    Alexis Texas Tornado
    Fleshlight Alexis Texas Tornado

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