Fleshlight Review: Jessica Drake Heavenly – Combination Fleshlight

The Jessica Drake Heavenly Fleshlight is from the Fleshlight Girls series, one of three sleeves dedicated to the stunning porn star. Not only is it modelled on a goddess, it is also known for being one of the tightest Fleshlights and a kind of best of the textures as it combines bits of several popular Fleshlight sleeves.

Jessica Drake Heavenly
Great Fleshlight for a small penis and recommended only if you ​prefer a very, very tight fit.

Introducing Jessica Drake

Fleshlight Jessica Drake Heavenly

Southern Belle Jessica Drake entered the adult movie industry in 1999. Since then, she has starred in many adult movies in a range of different roles.

She has picked up awards for a wide ranging and diverse collection of roles including Best Tease Performance (2001, for Shayla's Web), Best Oral Sex Scene (2005, for The Collector), Best All-Girl Scene (2007, for FUCK), Best Double Penetration Sex Scene (2009, for Fallen) and Best Group Sex Scene (2010, for 2040), amongst others. It seems that there is not a lot that she has not done in the sex industry.

Her other achievements include extensive charity work and speaking out for sex education and safety. It seems that not only is she smoking hot, and an all-round nice person, but she also works hard to make sure that others can enjoy sex as much as she does.

Her more recent work on ‘Jessica Drake’s Guide to Wicked Sex’ is based on her industry experience and the sort of sexual knowhow that makes her a perfect fantasy partner.

Fleshlight Mini Lotus
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Heavenly Fleshlight Review

Sleeve and Texture

Fleshlight Jessica Drake Heavenly

At first glance, the Heavenly looks complicated. There are bumps and waves and chambers and a tight little tunnel, making it one of the more complex sleeve designs available.

As one of the Fleshlight Girls models, the Heavenly opens with an exact replica of Jessica Drake’s labia, so entering it is as close to sex with the lady herself as you can get. Inside the entrance is a small round chamber encircled with bumps and followed by a very tight little tunnel which narrows to just 0.28” (or 7mm) wide. Next is a larger tunnel which proceeds in a wave pattern and ends with a constricting lotus node which marks the entrance to the wider chamber.

The last section consists of two more textures which stimulate the end on your cock when you are all the way in. Average sized guys will reach the lotus node and where the ribbed section begins. The last two inches is surrounded by raised bumps, a final sensation to stimulate the tip of a longer penis.

How Does the Heavenly Sleeve Feel?

There is plenty to enjoy about this Fleshlight. The small bumps in the first chamber provide a little stimulation for the head as you enter but they are not very obvious at first. The tunnel is the first real sensory experience of the Heavenly as it grasps the penis tightly and moves along to the base, never letting up. This firm grip is one of the best things about this sleeve and delivers a constant pressure along the penis as you move it in and out.

The second section provides some relief from the pressure on the head of your cock; it stimulates more gently with the lighter pressure of the wave edges.

Fleshlight Jessica Drake Heavenly Texture

Fleshlight Jessica Drake Heavenly Texture

As you reach the center of the sleeve you come to the lotus node which feels like a slight barrier and creates an amazingly arousing feeling of penetration as you pop through, allowing the ridges and ribbed walls of the final chamber to stimulate the head of the penis to a knee trembling orgasm.

The sleeve has a lot of going on. I prefer to take it slowly to better experience the different textures. It’s definitely a very tight experience... A little too tight for my liking. But the lotus node feels really, really good when you get there.

The sleeve isn’t as intense as I expected as its first halve isn’t heavily textured.

Another observation I made, is that you need to be fully hard to enter the sleeve. It’s so tight that even a slight softening will prevent you from entering.


The Jessica Drake Heavenly isn’t the easiest Fleshlight to clean. Tightness makes cleaning a bit more difficult and the lotus node and ribs provide corners and small spaces for residue to build up. Other sections of the canal are reasonably smooth and quick to clean.

Run a lot of water through it from both ends to clear everything. Thorough drying might take longer than with simpler designs, so ensure you allow adequate time.






How I rate Fleshlights explained


Overall, the Jessica Drake Heavenly is one of the more exciting Fleshlight experiences. The range of textures and sensation as you progress through the sleeve stimulate in so many different ways that it is like nothing else you’ve ever tried (or if you have a good Fleshlight collection it’s more like a little bit of this and that).

If you’re looking for a tight but not super-intense sleeve, you should consider the Heavenly. It’s perhaps not the best choice for a first Fleshlight or for a bigger cock but if you want a tight Fleshlight the Heavenly is one of the best options.

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