Fleshlight Review: Joanna Angel Misfit – Intense but Not Overpowering

Fleshlight Joanna Angel

Joanna Angel is one of the few Fleshlight Girls to have two unique Fleshlight sleeves created for her fans to enjoy: the stimulating Punk texture (reviewed here) with a lifelike replica of her butt orifice and the vaginal Misfit sleeve, reviewed below.

Joanna’s eye catching tattoos and colorful hair contribute to making her as unique as her namesake sleeves, and her smoldering dark eyes and many talents have earned her a large fan base. She has become one of the best known actors in the alternative porn scene, which features stars who embrace unusual and edgy styles.

The Joanna Angel Misfit is quite heavily textured and features some heavy ribbing and different combinations of bumps. At first glance, it promised to be just as intense as Joanna’s other namesake sleeve. I was looking forward to trying it out.

Joanna Angel Misfit Fleshlight Review

Sleeve and Texture

Fleshlight Joanna Angel MIsfit

As one of the Fleshlight Girls series of sleeves, the textured channel of the Misfit is entered through a perfectly molded replica of Joanna Angel’s pussy lips. The channel is then divided into four distinct sections, each with a different texture.

The first part is quite tight, just 0.4” (10 mm) wide, and lined with four gentle cross-ribs. Next is a wider chamber with three rings of staggered bumps, two with soft rounded tips and a third set with slightly rectangular heads.

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The third main chamber of the sleeve is ribbed and begins to narrow before reaching the final section. The ribs here are a lot more pronounced than the ones at the entrance of the sleeve and will be a lot more noticeable as you pass through them.

The final texture of waves and bumps begins at 5” (125mm) from the entrance and continues for the rest of the length of the sleeve.

How the Fleshlight Misfit feels

The first sensation as I entered it was one of tightness. I was expecting to feel the first ribs but the effect was quite subtle, just a little stimulation on the tip of the penis as it moved through the entrance. The second section widens out but the pressure from the tiny bumps replaces the ribs and is more noticeable, creating tiny points of stimulation around the sensitive head.

The texture of the larger ribs was a lot more effective and I could feel each one as I pushed through them. The narrowing of the canal from this point intensified the effect and created extra pressure and stimulation from each rib.

Fleshlight Joanna Angel Misfit texture

Fleshlight Joanna Angel Misfit Texture

The waves in the final chamber created a lovely feeling of pressure and release as they moved along each side of the penis alternately. They are a little less intense than the ribs but the tiny bumps that sit between them add to the stimulation as they trigger tiny stimulation points all around the penis.

I have found that some sleeves with a lot of texture are a little too stimulating, almost to the point of being painful to an overly sensitive penis directly after orgasm. The Joanna Angel Misfit is certainly stimulating, but I never found it uncomfortable; the gentle bumps and waves of the final section were just enough to send me over the edge after a lovely, long build up.


The multiple textures of the Misfit mean that it will need careful cleaning with lots of running water, and perhaps a finger inserted to clear any excess residue from around the bumps in the second chamber. Leave out in a warm, dry spot for several hours to make sure the whole sleeve is dry before packing it away.







How I rate Fleshlights explained

The sleeve is quite stimulating but not overpowering. I found that it worked quite well for slow edging and would recommend it to Fleshlight fans that enjoy a variety of textures.

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