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Fleshlight Review: Wonder Wave – Mild Fleshlight

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Compared with many of the newer, multi-textured Fleshlight sleeves the Wonder Wave (available as sleeve-only and Build Your Own Fleshlight models) is strikingly simple, made with a repeating ribbed texture that runs along the whole length of the sleeve. Despite its straightforward design and simple appearance, the Wonder Wave is a popular sleeve choice among Fleshlight fans. I was eager to find out why.

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​Fleshlight Wonder Wave Review

Sleeve and Texture

Fleshlight Wonder Wave

The Wonder Wave Fleshlight sleeve is one of the most straightforward Fleshlight sleeves I have encountered. There are no separate chambers, varying widths or complex texture changes: just one long channel with regularly spaced ribs at 0.6” (18 mm) intervals along the length.

The width of the sleeve is 0.6 (18 mm) at its widest and there are a total of fourteen ribs, forming small constrictions that narrow the sleeve to 0.5” (15 mm) as you push through them.

How the Wonder Wave Feels

I wasn’t sure what to expect from this sleeve after trying some of the more complex Fleshlight designs; it looks too simple and I found it difficult to believe that the widely spaced ribs would be very exciting.

However, the Wonder Wave has a lot to offer. The continuous feeling of constrictions, one after the other, is surprisingly stimulating as they run along the entire length of your shaft once have penetrated the sleeve fully. It feels like a gentle squeezing that moves along your penis.

One of my favorite things about the Wonder Wave if that the texture never gets too intense. Long slow strokes will build up the suction and intensity slightly but the ribbed texture is gentle enough to keep stroking right through orgasm without becoming over-sensitive. The ribs felt especially good around my sensitive penis head, especially as I got nearer to orgasm.

Fleshlight Wonder Wave Texture

Fleshlight Wonder Wave Texture

The repeating pattern means that the Wonder Wave is suitable for any penis length. It is not particularly tight, but the ribs make up for this as you feel a squeezing in when you pass through them. They are clearly ‘there’ and you can feel them move along your penis, especially over the head.


The wide spaced ribs mean that this sleeve is quite easy to clean. There is nowhere for residue to build up so running fresh, clean water through it from both ends will be enough to get it squeaky clean. A few hours in a warm, dry spot will suffice to dry it out; always make sure that it is properly dry before storing it.







​How I rate Fleshlights explained

Overall I would describe the feeling of the Wonder Wave as snug and massaging, rather than tight and constricting. It is stimulating enough to be very pleasurable without ever becoming extremely intense. I would recommend this as a sleeve for long, slow edging sessions and for men who prefer to finish inside their Fleshlight.

If you’re on the small side, then Fleshlight Wonder Wave cannot be recommended as the canal is so wide.

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  • Tera Patrick Twisted: A ribbed sleeve with a difference: in the Twisted, the ribbing spirals along the sleeve, drawing you in to a gradually narrowing end. If you enjoy ribbing but want to try something different then the Twisted is the perfect place to start.
  • Super Ribbed: If the Wonder Wave is a gentle pleasure, then at the other end of the scale is the Super Ribbed sleeve. The ribs are closely spaced for maximum intensity so order this one if you are looking for something stronger.
  • Yet there are more great ribbed sleeves: Joanna Angel Misfit and Punk, and Tera Patrick Twisted.
  • Kendra Sunderland Angel has a wide canal but its texture, while not intense, has more variety than the Wonder Wave. And who wouldn't like the Library Girl?
  • Bibi Jones Bi-Hive is another ​rather spacious Fleshlight sleeve. Its texture is much more intense than in Wonder Wave.

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