Fleshlight Review: Bibi Jones Bi-Hive – Intense Sleeve for Larger Guys

Bibi Jones’ Bi-Hive Fleshlight Sleeve is known for its intense combination of bumps, bristles and ridges and is often recommended by users who prefer a very intense Fleshlight experience. Like the other sleeves in the Fleshlight Girls series, it is made with an exact molding of the model’s own pussy lips.

The Bi-Hive is also available as a Build Your Own sleeve in pink, with a choice of Lady (pussy), Butt, Mouth and Cheeks orifices. Finally, Bi-Hive is also available as a sleeve-only product.

Fleshlight Bibi Jones Bi-Hive 1

Bibi Jones worked in the adult industry from 2010 to 2013, a relatively short time compared to many of her peers. During this time she earned herself a loyal fan base and a place in the Fleshlight Girls series with her signature sleeve, the Bi-Hive.

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Bibi’s long blond hair, bright blue eyes and stunning wide smile made her a firm favorite among fans and her popularity led to cover shots and spreads in several top magazines, including Hustler and Penthouse. She has been nominated for several adult industry awards and was awarded the Hottest Sex Scene Fan Award from AVN in 2012.

Bibi Jones Bi-Hive Fleshlight Review

Sleeve and Texture

Fleshlight Bi-Hive

The Bi-Hive is one of the most heavily textured Fleshlight sleeves available. Ribs, bumps and bristles line the entire length of the canal and I can immediately tell that this is going to be a very intense sleeve.

The first texture inside the entrance is four wide smooth bumps which encircle the canal. Next comes a small chamber with rounded walls, lined with small inward facing bumps or bristles that protrude into the canal. The third section is also made of bristles which point in the direction of the entrance at a 45 degree angle.

The canal is then divided by a set of three thick cross ribs which begin at around 4.5” (110 mm) into the sleeve.

The next two sections are similar to the first two; this time there are three sets of large, wide bumps encircling the sleeve followed by a circular chamber with inward facing bristles. The final section of the canal is lined with dense ribs, from around 7.5” (190mm) to the end of the sleeve.

The Bi-Hive sleeve is wider than many, at 0.8” (20 mm) across, and there are no waves or constrictions to push through, so it will be suitable for thicker penises or those who like a lot of texture but don’t enjoy tight constrictions.

How the Bi-Hive Feels

The sleeve is entered through a replica of Bibi Jones’ very prominent pussy lips which are larger than most and a very visual turn-on. I found myself more excited as usual as I prepared to enter the sleeve.

Inside the sleeve there is a lot going on. The soft rounded bumps that line the entrance are very noticeable as you slide through them and they continue to hug the shaft of the penis as you push further inside. The longer, smaller spike shaped bumps in the second and third chambers stimulate the sensitive head of the penis and the angled bumps swirl and move as you push through them. It is a quite intense and very pleasurable tickling feeling. The width of the canal means that there is no feeling to too-tight constriction and there is plenty of space for the bristles to move around.

Fleshlight Bibi Jones Hi-Hive - texture

Fleshlight Bibi Jones Bi-Hive Texture

There are no smooth walled sections but the ribs in the center of the canal do provide some temporary ‘relief’ from the very intense stimulation as they slide smoothly over the sensitive head of your penis and the wide bumps beyond them massage gently. The final circular chamber and dense ribs are further than my reach but should feel similar to the earlier ribbed section.

I loved the variety in stimulation and found that penetration up to around 6” was ideal. I really enjoyed the high intensity of the first few sections but it would have been a little too much for me around the penis head as I neared orgasm. The softer massaging effect of middle chambers was still intense, but perfectly placed to allow me to finish inside the sleeve without over stimulating the highly sensitive penis afterwards.


I thought that this sleeve would be difficult to clean because of the dense textures, but the width meant that it was relatively easy to access all sections and swirl clean water around them to remove any residue. Drying time is also less than some tighter sleeves, though I would still recommend several hours in a warm dry spot before returning the sleeve to its case.







How I rate Fleshlights explained

This is a very stimulating sleeve and, despite its width, the texture is very obvious and becomes more noticeable as you build up towards orgasm. It is not really suitable for long, slow edging sessions but it packs a lot of punch and I would highly recommend it for quick, intense sessions or as an alternative to the STU (Stamina Training Unit) for guys who want to learn to last longer.

This sleeve is not a good choice if your size is less than the average.

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