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Fleshlight Katsuni Lotus Garden Review

Fleshlight Review: Katsuni Lotus Garden – Intense Lotus Node Fiesta

    The Lotus Garden is a Fleshlight texture exclusive to French/Asian beauty Katsuni, and is partnered with her enticing pussy orifice.

    I’m a big fan of the Lotus Node which appears in several Fleshlight sleeves, including the original Lotus, so I was expecting to enjoy the Katsuni Lotus Garden before I even saw it. Read on to see what I thought.

    Introducing Katsuni

    Fleshlight Katsuni Lotus Garden

    With over 400 adult films to her name, porn star Katsuni has to be one of the most accomplished actresses in the adult industry.

    She began her career in France but soon moved to the USA to film adult movies and work as an exotic dancer. Her success led to acclaim in the industry and the opportunity to film a French language documentary about her life in porn. She has also directed three adult movies.

    Katsuni collected over 30 well-deserved adult industry awards for her movies before retiring in 2013 to work on other projects. Three years of martial arts training, taken to secure roles in action movies, can only make this talented lady sexier than ever.

    If you would like some visual stimulation to accompany your Fleshlight play then check out Katsuni’s official website at

    Katsuni Lotus Garden Fleshlight Review

    Sleeve and Texture

    Fleshlight Katsuni Lotus Garden

    As part of the Fleshlight Girls series of sleeves, the Lotus Garden is entered through a perfect replica of Katsuni’s own pussy lips, with her signature displayed alongside.

    The design of the sleeve is a fairly simple one: a series of repeating Lotus Nodes spaced at a distance at 0.8” (20mm) apart, all along the length of the sleeve. The width of the canal between the nodes is 0.5” (12 mm), creating a snug feeling around the penis

    How the Lotus Garden feels

    The snug channel is enhanced by the thick walls and limited ‘open space’ inside the sleeve; the soft Fleshlight material is as forgiving as usual, but the Lotus Garden sleeve is tight throughout and provides a nice, snug pressure all along the penis.

    Having experienced the Lotus node in other sleeves I expected the same ‘pop’ of penetration that I usually feel with this texture. But the Lotus Garden is different. The nodes are not a single tight point in the sleeve; they are more like small chambers which extend around you as you pass through them. The opening edge of each chamber is quite noticeable as it opens around the head of the penis, before closing snugly around the shaft when you move on to the next one.

    Fleshlight Katsuni Lotus Garden texture

    Fleshlight Katsuni Lotus Garden Texture

    The Lotus Garden is not at all what I expected. It feels like a soft massage but becomes very intense, very quickly. The separate Lotus Nodes become more noticeable as time goes on and are very stimulating.


    The Lotus Garden is not easy to clean. Each of the Lotus nodes provides a perfect place for residue to accumulate and you will need plenty of clean running water to get it all out. I recommend inserting a finger, as far as possible from each end, to help remove any lube that remains.

    This sleeve also needs lots of drying time before storing it. A small amount of isopropyl alcohol is recommended for thoroughly cleaning and drying this sleeve.







    How I rate Fleshlights explained

    I recommend this sleeve to first timers and experienced Fleshlight users alike; it really is one of the best I have tried. You will need plenty of lube and lots of patience when it comes to cleaning but it is definitely worth it!

    It’s difficult to compare this sleeve to any other but if you are a fan of the Lotus Node then you might like to try one of the following.

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