Fleshlight Review: Romi Rain Storm – Intense, Diverse Masturbator

Fleshlight Romi Rain Storm

Romi Rain’s sultry brown eyes and multiple tattoos have a huge following among porn fans and have undoubtedly played a part in her fast rise to success in the industry. She admitted to being curious about the adult industry early in her career and she worked as an exotic dancer, cam girl and nude model before moving into hardcore porn. 

In the six short years since she started filming, Romi has racked up over 150 credits as an actress on IMDB, been nominated for an array of industry awards and won 17.  

Today, Romi Rain has her own website at romirain.com. She has worked with Fleshlight to create a sleeve with an orifice modeled on her own pussy lips and bearing her name. The Romi Rain Storm has an interesting looking mix of textures and I couldn’t wait to try it.

Romi Rain Storm
A fantastic pussy sleeve for guys who enjoy strong Fleshlight textures.

Romi Rain Storm Fleshlight Review

Sleeve and Texture

Fleshlight Romi Rain Storm Sleeve

Romi Rain’s Storm Fleshlight is a sleeve of many parts. There are five distinct sections inside, with changing textures throughout.

Directly inside the entrance, there is a deep notch cut out of the channel walls, widening the channel briefly before narrowing again into a ring of large, flattened bumps. Another groove follows. The second segment of the sleeve is lined with small rounded bumps on gradually narrowing walls; this section is about 1.75” (40mm) long and it ends 3.75” (95mm) into the sleeve.

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The centerpiece of the Fleshlight comes next. Here, the sides narrow again, the texture is a collection of tiny grooves which crisscross diagonally, creating a ‘check’ effect. The center section widens slightly, before passing into the fourth chamber, where wide ribs line the sides. 

The final chamber follows, 7” (180mm) from the entrance. Here, wide ‘broken’ rings line the passage, separated into wide rectangular sections which wrap around the sleeves.


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How the Romi Rain Storm Fleshlight Feels

Before trying it I thought that the textures in this sleeve looked intense; they definitely are!

The stimulation begins as soon as you pass the entrance, as the grove in the sides is quickly followed by the first set of bumps, and very quickly by the second. The spacing between the bumps diminishes as the walls press in, making this section very intense to push through as everything tightens around you at once.

Fleshlight Romi Rain Storm Texture

Fleshlight Romi Rain Storm Texture

The varied width of the canal and the bumpy texture add up to a very strong start. The middle section offers some relief from the super intense texture but it soon tightens again, gripping the penis as you push on into the ribbed walls of the fourth chamber.

The whole combination is overwhelming and I found myself on the point of orgasm very quickly. The textures feel stronger as you swell in this sleeve and become more sensitive to them; it would definitely be a great choice for stamina training. However, if you find yourself over-sensitive to strong textures after orgasm then you might want to finish outside this sleeve.


The more exciting Fleshlight textures are often the most difficult to clean as their textured surfaces hold onto lube. The Storm is no exception but, luckily, the grooves at the entrance and chunky ‘blocks’ near the end are both within reach of a finger so you can get the worst of it out fairly easily. Clean fresh water, run through from both ends, should take care of the rest. Drying will take several hours in a warm spot.

Fleshlight Romi Rain Storm Review Summary






How I rate Fleshlights explained

Overall, I’d say the Romi Rain Storm is a pretty amazing Fleshlight if you enjoy strong textures and fast orgasms. It’s a little too ‘strong’ for me but the variety of textures meant I enjoyed it more than the STU and other very intense textures.

I would recommend this sleeve to anyone who enjoys the super-intense STU and Super Ribbed Fleshlights but wants a little more variety in their sleeves.

Romi Rain Storm
A fantastic pussy sleeve for guys who enjoy strong Fleshlight textures.

If you enjoyed the Storm, here are a couple of other similar sleeves to try. 

Stamina Training Unit (STU): The dense bumps in the STU are designed to push your endurance to the limit as they over-stimulate to increase sexual stamina. If intense textures are for you then this is the ultimate Fleshlight sleeve to try.

Kissa Sins Insatiable: The Insatiable is well named; after trying it once I became greedy for more and I don’t know if I’ll ever get bored of it. Super intense without being over-stimulating, the varied textures of the Insatiable deliver mind-blowing orgasms every time. 

Stoya Destroya: Another super-stimulating sleeve, the Destroya is filled with long stemmed bumps which grip and swirl, and an abruptly narrowing ribbed section which increases pressure.  

The intense blowjob Fleshlight, Turbo Thrust, is also worth of checking out.

For an overall, regularly updated, list of all the best Fleshlights, see the Guide to Fleshlights.

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