Fleshlight Review: Teagan Presley Trigger – Stimulating, Medium-Intense Masturbator

One of two sleeves dedicated to Texan beauty Teagan Presley, the Trigger is part of the Fleshlight Girls series of sleeves and made with a real molding of the porn star’s pussy lips. I have already tested Teagan Presley’s anal Bulletproof texture so I was looking forward to checking out her vaginal sleeve.

Introducing Teagan Presley

Fleshlight Teagan Presley

Blonde bombshell Teagan Presley has always shown a feisty independent streak. She started stripping in defiance of her then-boyfriend and soon after made the decision to move into porn. Teagan sought out an agent and landed her first adult role at the age of eighteen, before going on to star in well over a hundred adult movies.

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Her retirement from the adult industry in 2013 was a blow to her many fans, but happily it was not permanent. In 2017 Teagan announced her return to porn with a role in Dirty Masseur - Head Over Heels.  

The Fleshlight Trigger sleeve is named with a nod to the tattooed Texan’s passion for guns. The texture looked intriguing and I couldn’t wait to get stuck in.

Teagan Presley Trigger Fleshlight Review

Sleeve and Texture

Fleshlight Teagan Presley Trigger

The texture of the Trigger is like no other Fleshlight I have seen. The entire nine inches is lined with protruding elongated bumps, large and small, which look a little like breasts (minus the nipples). The larger individual bumps are set in spiraling rings and point away from the entrance of the sleeve. Running alongside them, in a parallel spiral, are a set of much smaller bumps which point slightly towards the entrance.

There are no constrictions or changes in the channel of the Trigger sleeve, only a gradual narrowing as you penetrate the second half, but the long protruding bumps make it feel tighter than it is. The repetitive pattern along the whole length means that it is suitable for guys of all sizes.

How the Teagan Presley Trigger Feels

I felt the large bumps as soon as I slid into the Trigger. Because of their shape, they move around the penis head as it slides past them and press on the sides of the shaft as you push further in. It feels a little like small massaging fingers, moving around and pressing from all sides. The feeling of one of the finger-like bumps pressing on the sensitive spot below the head of the penis is especially stimulating when you get the position right.  

The smaller points are not as immediately obvious but they do become more noticeable, creating little points of sensation and stimulation. Once you get past the halfway point of the sleeve the increasing tightness adds to the overall sensations.

Fleshlight Teagan Presley texture

Fleshlight Teagan Presley Trigger Texture

Perhaps my favorite part of the Trigger texture was the tugging sensation created by the angled bumps when I withdrew slightly. It feels like the sleeve is actively holding on to you as you try to pull away. It was not overly intense at first but I found it build up quickly to an explosive orgasm. I’d be surprised if anyone could last very long in this sleeve.


The texture of the Trigger means that careful cleaning is essential; there are a lot of tricky corners for residue and lube to get caught in. Running plenty of fresh clean water through from both ends will help to remove everything. Drying time is average; I always double check to make sure the sleeve is completely dry before putting it away.  

Fleshlight Teagan Presley Trigger Review Summary






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Overall, I’d say the Trigger is a gentle sleeve with a surprisingly stimulating effect. Personally, I loved the ‘tugging’ sensation caused by pulling against the angled bumps. I’d recommend the Trigger as a good medium-intense sleeve that will suits guys of most sizes.

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