Fleshlight Review: Angela White Indulge – A Lush Fleshlight

Only the biggest stars in porn have more than one Fleshlight sleeve modelled after them and Angela White is, without question, worthy of this honor. Here we will take a look at the Angela White Indulge sleeve: a tunnel of waves and nodes that is entered through a realistic impression of Angela White’s own pussy lips.

Fleshlight Angela White Indulge

Busty, beautiful brunette Angela White became the first Australian Fleshlight Girl when she teamed up with Fleshlight in 2014: 10 years after her first porn movie.

Fleshlight Mini Lotus
The most realistic Fleshlight

Angela White is perhaps best known for the 135 adult movies she has filmed, where her bright blue eyes, 32GG bust and varied sexual skills have earned her a loyal fan base. An experienced performer with a well-deserved collection of industry awards, Angela was an obvious choice for Fleshlight Girls.

However, there is far more to Angela White than her career in porn; she has a BA in gender studies and has run for political office in Australia, with the aim of defending and increasing the rights of sex workers, and reducing the regulations that surround X-rated movies.

Australia’s favorite porn star is clearly a lady to be reckoned with. Read on to find out if her signature Fleshlight sleeve is equally exciting.

Angela White Indulge Sleeve Review

Sleeve and Texture

Fleshlight Angela White Indulge

The Indulge sleeve does not have clearly defined chambers, but a series of ‘waves’, widening and narrowing along the length of the sleeve. The whole sleeve becomes narrower towards the end, so it feels tighter and tighter as you progress through it.

The actual texture comes from bumps of various sizes which protrude into the canal at intervals. Each ‘set’ of bumps is set around all sides of the canal so the stimulation comes from all directions at once.

There are three sets of large bumps which encircle the canal and divide the three main sections. These are spaced at intervals: around 2” (50mm), 4” (110mm) and 7” (170mm) into the sleeve. Between each set of large bumps, the tunnel narrows and widens in an hourglass shape, which is lined with rows of smaller bumps and wide soft ‘ribs’ which run lengthwise along the canal.

How the Indulge sleeve feels

The combination of waves and bumps left me expecting something special and I was not disappointed. There is a nice resistance when pushing through the sets of larger bumps at the beginning and between the chambers of the sleeve, but the overall sensation is one of increasing tightness from the narrowing walls and long ribs, with added stimulation from the smaller bumps along the sides.

The bumps are gentle, but the stimulation is constant as you push through the sleeve and the gradual, overall tightening is amazing. There is a narrow point at the center of one of the ‘hourglass’ chambers at about 5.5” (135mm) into the sleeve which felt snug and tight around the tip of my penis and my glans when I was nearly all the way in, hitting just the right spot to send me over the edge.

Fleshlight Angela White Indulge Texture

Fleshlight Angela White Indulge Texture

The orgasm with the Indulge was pretty amazing. Nothing about the sleeve is particularly intense on its own: it’s not too tight and the bumps are gentle. But the overall stimulation is fantastic as all the tiny nubs stimulate different points all around your length. Indulge is a definite winner, one of my favorite sleeves so far.

Due to the gradual tightening of the sleeve and alignment of the bigger bumps, the sleeve can be either intense or mild. As the first half of the sleeve is wider the sensations are mild and intensify the deeper you penetrate. Similarly, you can adjust the stimulation of the larges bumps by rotating the sleeve.


The multiple bumps and narrowing sleeve make cleaning slightly difficult. Plenty of water is recommended to rinse it through and drying time will be longer than is usual for a Fleshlight because of the large surface area and the snugness of the sleeve. If possible, leave the sleeve out near a radiator or in a warm spot and allow several hours to dry it thoroughly.







How I rate Fleshlights explained

I was blown away by this one. I love how I can adjust the intensity of the sleeve. Short, shallow thrusts allow me to last longer and deep, fast thrusts create intense sensations.

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