Kayden Kross Fleshlight Bookworm Review

Kayden Kross 
Fleshlight Bookworm


SENSATION 5.0 / 5.0
EASE OF USE 4.0 / 5.0
VALUE 4.0 / 5.0



Kayden Kross Fleshlight Bookworm is a premium male masturbator that is a little pricey but has potential to improve your masturbation a lot.

The soft SuperSkin material feels great and envelopes your penis in a wonderful way. The bumpy texture is pleasing but not overly intense.

The Bookworm does not feel like the real thing, but it is so much closer than anything I’ve experienced before.

Setting up for the masturbation and cleaning afterwards can take some time.

Overall, I really like Fleshlight Bookworm. It's a great choice for someone looking for their first Fleshlight experience.


  • Feels amazing
  • Premium materials
  • Easy to order
  • Discreet shipping


  • A little pricey
  • Large, not very discreet design
  • Needs a lot of lube
  • Long drying time

My First Fleshlight

kayden kross fleshlight bookworm review

Fleshlight is the biggest and best-known brand in male masturbators. What makes Fleshlight masturbators so popular is the flesh-imitating material they use and the crazy choice of masturbator options. They have over 60 models with a different feel, shape, and size.

I had never had a Fleshlight masturbator before and choosing the first one was daunting as there are so many options available. Read my How to Find the Best Fleshlight Guide for more information about choosing the best Fleshlight for you.

Fleshlight banner 01 - 312x90

First I was quite skeptical about how a Fleshlight would feel. My earlier experiences, many years ago, were less than phenomenal. A cheap no-name masturbator I had bought felt way too intense for me. It’s design and materials were such that it kept pushing me out from the masturbating sleeve. After the novelty value wore off, that toy didn’t see much use.

Fleshlight does its best to accommodate men with different sizes and preferences. I’m slightly larger, both in length and girth, than an average male. Plus, I am uncircumcised. Therefore, I wanted to have a less intense model with a wider masturbator canal.

After quite a bit of research, I decided to try Kayden Kross Bookworm Fleshlight. The Bookworm is a medium intensity sleeve with a slightly wider canal.

how to find the best Fleshlight for you

The Bookworm belongs to the Fleshlight Girls selection, where the masturbation sleeves are molded to match an adult star’s intimate parts. This applies to external parts only. The internal sleeve texture is more or less imaginary.

Please read on to learn more about my adventures in the Fleshlight land.

Fleshlight Mini Lotus
The most realistic Fleshlight

Ordering and Shipping

Fleshlight masturbators are available in many sex shops, the Amazon store, and the official Fleshlight website. I soon realized that the Bookworm isn’t the most common model and its availability wasn’t very good. The official website has a full selection of models available and that was the only place I was able to buy a Fleshlight Bookworm.

Ordering from the official Fleshlight website worked fine. The design of the ordering pages looks quite old and is a little clumsy. But it works. See the How to Buy a Fleshlight post for details.


The prices in the online Fleshlight store are about the same as elsewhere, but the free shipping threshold is quite high.

After ordering, it took a few days for the Fleshlight to arrive. It came in a small, brown cardboard box with a non-descriptive sender name. Also, the purchase transaction is discreet. Your credit card bill shows Interactive Life Forms as the seller.

Fleshlight has frequent discounts, see my weekly update page for the current Fleshlight deals and discounts.

First Impressions

In the box, there was a Fleshlight case, sleeve in separate packaging and two samples of Fleshlight personal lubricant. My first thought was: That thing is BIG!


After removing the packaging materials and placing the sleeve inside the case, I realized the Fleshlight is not only big, it is quite heavy as well.

The material feels like nothing I have touched before. It is very soft, but it still pushes back a bit when you poke it with your finger.

I was also happy to find that the sleeve didn’t smell. It has a very light aroma but nothing unpleasant.

Pleasing, High-Quality Materials

The material used in the Fleshlight sleeve feels really soft and pleasant. It is extremely pliable but still resists a bit when touched. Still, it feels a little weird to touch. The material is like nothing I’ve touched before. It is definitely not realistic, but it feels good.


Fleshlight calls the material SuperSkin. It is supposed to replicate the sensation of penetrative sex. According to their website, the material is patented, unique, and has a long lifetime. Also, it doesn’t contain phthalates.

Initially, as the material is so soft and pliable, I was worried that it might tear easily. That doesn’t seem the case and I’m no longer worried when I put the sleeve in the case or take it out. Still, I would keep it away from sharp objects.

Use Only Water-Based Lube

Remember to use only water-based lubricants with your Fleshlight toys. Oil or silicone-based lubes may deteriorate the material.

The case is off-white in color and made of plastic. It feels sturdy and high quality. The end caps are easy to take off and put back.

How to make your own Fleshlight: 7 Easy Ways to Make a Homemade Fleshlight Pocket Pussy.

The Regular Fleshlight is Big

fleshlight is big

When you handle the Fleshlight, you’ll immediately realize that it is BIG. It is also heavy and handling it can be a little clumsy. It is definitely not like a flashlight. I can see where the inspiration comes from but as a disguise, it’s pretty poor.

The case measures 2.5” - 4” (6 - 10 cm) wide and 10” (25 cm) long, which makes it almost as big as a wine bottle.

In practice, though, the big size didn’t bother me too much. It sets some limitations but, on the other hand, the heft and size make it more substantial and less flimsy to play with.

Smaller Fleshlights

If you would like to have a more discreet or smaller masturbator, there are Fleshlight Go, Flight, and Blade to choose from. Check out the size options in the Fleshlight Guide.

Learn more about the new small Fleshlight Quickshot:

fleshlight quickshot review round-up

How to Use a Fleshlight

The basics of using a Fleshlight masturbator are pretty simple. You have a Fleshlight, some personal lubricant, and you’re in the mood for some (solo) sex. Then you simply apply a lot of lube inside the masturbation sleeve, on its entrance and on your penis, and start humping.

Since writing this review, I've written more through instructions for using a Fleshlight and how to dry and clean a Fleshlight.

Well, that’s the core of it. But there is quite a bit more to consider when using a Fleshlight. What I learned with my first Fleshlight was that using it actually can take quite a bit of time. It is not like a 5-minute quick masturbation.


  • First, you might prefer to warm up your sleeve. This is will be based on your preferences, but I like the pussy warm and cozy. I use heat pads (the same that I use to relieve back pain). A heat pad warms up the sleeve in a few minutes. Another option is to immerse the sleeve in warm water. Fleshlight even sells electric sleeve warmers.
  • Next, I lube up the sleeve. I apply plenty of personal lubricant inside and on the lips of the masturbator. I do this first as I don’t like to start fumbling with the lube bottle when I feel like entering the masturbator.

    I’ve noticed that different lubricants can feel very different when masturbating. The no-name lube I prefer for regular sexual intercourse doesn’t work very well with the Fleshlight. It’s ok, but not as good as, for example, Astroglide, which is more slippery and somewhat runnier. In my opinion, Astroglide isn’t as good for regular sex, but for masturbation, with or without a sleeve, it is superior.

    The sleeve also requires a lot of lubrication. And I mean a lot. You better buy a big bottle to go with your new Fleshlight.
kayden kross fleshlight models
  • Next I set up the location. I learned that I don’t enjoy using the Fleshlight while sitting. Moving the big sex toy feels just too clumsy and cumbersome. I prefer to set up the pillows in a way that I can hold the sleeve in place and thrust in and out with my pelvis.
  • Phew! Finally, I’m ready to enjoy my private time the Fleshlight.
  • But it is not over yet! After a, hopefully, wonderful flight (as the Fleshlight aficionados call it), there is some cleaning to do. The Fleshlight’s design is wonderful in the way that it minimizes the mess. If you keep the end cap closed, all the fluids stay inside and are easy to clean.

    Still, there is likely some mess involved. As you’re using a lot of lube, some of it will surely drip while you’re busy. Also, if you open the end cap a bit to reduce the suction effect, some of the lube can escape from that end as well. I prefer having a small tower under the Fleshlight to keep the mess to a minimum. As the lube is water based, it washes easily in the laundry.

    Then you also need to clean yourself. Again, the water-based lube washes easily. The fresh and relaxed feeling is just a quick shower away.
  • While you’re in the shower, you should also wash the masturbator. Run a lot of warm water through the sleeve and rub the case.

    Fleshlight also sells a special cleaner for the masturbators. I haven’t tried that yet.

    Don’t get lazy with the cleaning! Nothing is more disgusting than a smelly, sticky masturbating sleeve. Yuck!
Hands-free masturbation is more fun!

Fleshlight Shower Mount and On-A-Mission mount add quite a bit to the masturbation. Read more on the Fleshlight mounts review.

  • And finally you need to dry the sleeve before you can pack it. This can take several hours and requires the sleeve to be somewhere out in the open so that it can dry.

And there we have it! My process for masturbating with a Fleshlight. Too much work, you say. Well, the Fleshlight is way better than your palm. I think the payoff is pretty good.

Fleshlight banner 01 - 312x90

What else is there in a Fleshlight?

fleshlight bookworm case

The end cap controls the amount of suction you feel when inside the sleeve. When the cap is closed, it feels like there is a vacuum inside the sleeve that sucks you in. First I didn’t know what to think about this sensation. It felt almost unpleasant. Since that, I’ve figured out how to enjoy it.


I like the vacuum feel when I’m all the way in and make only short strokes. When I want to do longer strokes I open the cap a bit. This variation adds to the range of sensations one can enjoy with the Fleshlight.

Some people also say there is a break-in period with Fleshlight sleeves. I’m not exactly sure if it’s the Fleshlight that needs a few runs, or if it’s the user that needs to get familiar with the new sensations. If you didn’t enjoy your first Fleshlight experience, give it a second or third chance before you toss it away.

Finally, there is some noise involved when using a Fleshlight. You’re basically squeezing the lube in a tight space, like a cylinder in an engine, and that can create some slurpy noises.

What Does the Kayden Kross Fleshlight Bookworm Feel Like?

kayden kross fleshlight sleeve

As this is my first experience with any Fleshlight, these comments aren’t necessarily super specific to the Kayden Kross Bookworm, but to the Fleshlights in general.

The softness of the SuperSkin material feels great. It’s super-soft, entering the sleeve is easy, and it doesn’t push you out from the canal. The sensation of the sleeve, completely enveloping your penis, is very pleasant.


I was also happy to find out that the Bookworm isn’t too tight or intense for me. It is a slightly wider model making it really easy for me to enter and enjoy it.

The intensity of the sleeve is suitable for me as well. The sensation is intense but not overly so. I can feel the bumps in the sleeve texture but not very strongly.

How I experience the texture has evolved over the time. The first time, I hardly didn’t feel it at all. At least I wasn’t able to recognize its shapes. As I’m now more used to the new sensations, I can feel the bumps in the texture. The sensation is mild but pleasing.

I think the next Fleshlight I try out will have more prominent shapes in the texture so that I’ll get a better feel for how the texture changes the sensations.

kayden kross bookworm fleshlight sleeve

There was one unexpected discovery I made. With a Fleshlight, I can go all the way in; so deep that I’m inside all the way to my balls. This is something that can be difficult to achieve in regular sex due to physical limitations of two human bodies. Being so deep and having the lips pressing against your root feels amazing.

As I mentioned above, the suction sensation can be great when I’m making short strokes. But I prefer to turn off the suction when making stronger and longer strokes.


The Fleshlight does not feel like the real thing. But it is so much closer to the real thing than anything I’ve experienced before. It’s actually quite amazing how the sleeve feels like. It’s shape, flexibility, the way the sleeve touches your whole shaft and how you can vary the length and angle of your strokes makes a Fleshlight so much more like a real pussy. But not the same.

If you really liked the big bumps, the Freaks Bigfoot and Angela White Indulge reviews are worth checking out.

In the Fleshlight Guide I cover many other Fleshlights that are suitable for beginners.

The Review Summary

The short answer: Kayden Kross Fleshlight Bookworm feels great and greatly enhances the masturbation experience.

A slightly longer answer:
Kayden Kross Fleshlight Bookworm is a premium male masturbator that is a little pricey but has the potential to improve your masturbation a lot.

The soft SuperSkin material feels great and envelopes your penis in a wonderful way. The bumpy texture is pleasing but not overly intense.

The sleeve is the closest thing to a real pussy, but at the same time, it is far away from the real thing. Using the Bookworm is such an upgrade from your palm that it is amazing, but the feel and overall setting while masturbating is so different that I cannot really compare it to sexual intercourse with a real person.

Setting up for the masturbation and cleaning afterward takes somewhat longer than with a hand and tissue only.

Overall, I really like Fleshlight Bookworm. I think it’s a great choice for someone looking for their first Fleshlight experience.

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