Fleshlight Review: Freaks Bigfoot – Masturbator with a Super-Sized Labia

I’ve reviewed several Fleshlight Freak sleeves, including the gruesome Frankenstein, the weird Alien and the undead Zombie, so I was not new to the odd fantasy themed sleeves. The Bigfoot Lady stood out to me as one of the weirder ideas for a Fleshlight. I mean, have you ever fantasized about sex with Bigfoot? I know I haven’t! But it is actually one of the more visually appealing of the collection - if you don’t mind the extra big labia which surround the vaginal orifice.

Fleshlight Freaks Bigfoot masturbator
Freaks Bigfoot
It is gentle but stimulating and led very nicely to a great orgasm.

Fleshlight Freaks Bigfoot Review

Sleeve and Texture

Fleshlight Freaks Bigfoot sleeve

I was surprised to find that the Bigfoot comes in a classic flesh tone, unlike the bright colors of many of the other Freaks sleeves. The most noticeable thing about it is the large and wrinkled pussy lips which mark the entrance to the ‘Lady’ vaginal orifice. Seriously, the labia are hugely exaggerated - a definite bonus if you like them that way.

Inside, the sleeve is lined with large bumps, spaced out and linked with ridges which spiral all around the canal. The texture is the same all along the length so it’s suitable for longer and shorter penis lengths. It’s quite a wide sleeve but the large bumps take up a lot of space so it feels snug enough, though perhaps it’s not the best choice for guys with a particularly narrow girth.

Fleshlight Mini Lotus
The most realistic Fleshlight

I like the natural coloring of this one but if you are looking for something a little more ‘fantasy’ then it’s worth noting that the Fleshlight Yeti sleeve is almost identical to the Bigfoot except for its color: the Yeti sleeve comes in a cool blue-white color which looks great with its standard black case.   

How the Fleshlight Bigfoot Feels

The huge pussy lips did not immediately appeal to me but there is no doubt that they feel really nice. I actually found that I enjoyed playing around the entrance and spent some time stroking with the head of my penis before entering the sleeve proper.

Fleshlight Freaks Bigfoot Texture

Fleshlight  Freaks Bigfoot Texture

Once inside, I could feel the large bumps immediately; their size makes them obvious and I felt them rubbing and pulling against the head of my penis as I slid in. I found myself comparing the bumps in this sleeve to the densely packed bumps in the STU (Stamina Training Unit), which I found too intense to enjoy fully. The Bigfoot, with its larger and more widely spaced bumps, is a lot more manageable. They are also a lot more noticeable as individual bumps, each one creating sensation as you push through them, but the overall effect is more like a massage than the super-intense tingling created by the STU.

The spiraling texture is also very obvious – like other spiral textures it makes the sleeve feel as if it’s actively pulling you inside. Twisting the sleeve once you are inside creates a very unusual sensation and it soon sent me over the edge.


The relatively uncomplicated design of the Bigfoot Fleshlight combined with the width of the sleeve mean that it is not difficult to clean. You will need to make sure that any lube residue is removed from around the bumps but clean running water should be enough to clear it out. Drying time is average: leave the sleeve in a warm dry spot for several hours and check that it is dry inside before returning it to its case.

Fleshlight Bigfoot Review Summary






How I rate Fleshlights explained

Despite my initial doubts over the Bigfoot theme, I was really taken with this sleeve. It is gentle but stimulating and led very nicely to a great orgasm.   

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