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Fleshlight Review: Forbidden – Realistic Anal Fleshlight

Fleshlight Mini Lotus
The most realistic fleshlight

The Forbidden sleeve is Fleshlight’s solution for realistic anal sex. Its popularity means that it is available with a variety of butt orifices, including the realistic butt impressions taken from many of the porn stars and models that have appeared in the Fleshlight Girls series.

The realistic design of the Forbidden has earned its place as the classic anal Fleshlight. Read on to see what I think of it and discover if it lives up to the hype.

Fleshlight Lisa Ann Forbidden

Fleshlight Lisa Ann Forbidden

​NOTE: The Forbidden ​appears to ​been discontinued and currently (Nov. 2018) cannot be found in the Fleshlights US store. Check out the following recommended ​anal Fleshlights instead.


​Riley Reid Euphoria
  • An unusual criss-cross texture, peppered with small nubs, adds interest to the ​texture.
​Tera Patrick Twisted
  • Spiral ridges wind around the head and shaft of the penis as you move slowly in, creating a very intense feeling of stimulation.
​Alexis Texas Tornado
  • Very pleasurable squeezing and releasing sensation as the penis moves in and out.

Forbidden Fleshlight Review

Sleeve and Texture

Fleshlight Forbidden

The tightness of the entrance to the Forbidden Fleshlight sleeve will depend a little on whose orifice you have chosen. With a wide range of Fleshlight girls available, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

Once inside, the first part of the Forbidden sleeve is a tight tunnel which extends for 1.2” (30mm) and simulates the feeling of entering a real, tight butt. This part of the passage is quite narrow, with a diameter of just 0.4” (or 10mm). It is made more interesting with a series of rings which provide a tantalizing ribbed effect. This creates a gentle friction and slight pulling sensation as the head of your cock pushes through it.

The second section is a slightly wider and smoother, with a series of waves running along both sides of the wall. These create a subtle pressure which switches from side to side. The undulating walls continue for the rest of the final 6 inches of the sleeve.

How Does the Forbidden Feel?

It is not difficult to see how the Forbidden sleeve earned its reputation as a seriously realistic anal model: it really is a very lifelike simulation of anal sex.

You need to push through the tight entrance tunnel, which almost feels like it is going to squeeze you out, just like the real thing. But once you get through to the second section it seems to open up and accept you. There is a definite feeling of ‘popping’ through the tight tunnel to the soft smooth inner tunnel.

Fleshlight Lisa Ann Forbidden Texture

Fleshlight Forbidden Texture

Once inside, the alternating waved edges on each side of the tunnel provide a very smooth and realistic feeling, pressing against each side of your penis with increasing and decreasing pressure as you slide through it.

Once you are fully inside and moving you will find that both sides of your cock are stimulated gently with a constantly changing pressure, while the base is gripped tightly by the ribbed entrance tunnel. It’s an amazing sensation, about as close to the real thing as you can get in the absence of a willing partner.

I found the Forbidden a little too tight for my liking. ​It feels great when you reach the wavy part but the first third is very tight. I'm a thicker guy and usually prefer looser sleeves.

Cleaning and Drying

Due to its relatively simply structure, the Forbidden Fleshlight sleeve is quite easy to clean. You could insert a finger to make sure that the ribbed section is thoroughly cleaned but running clean water through it should suffice. It the needs to be air dried as usual, allowing plenty of time to make sure it is thoroughly dry before storing it. Drying take a little longer as the canal is so narrow.







How I rate Fleshlights explained

The Forbidden is very tight but it isn’t very intense. As such it’s probably the most realistic anal intercourse masturbation sleeve that Fleshlight offers. Some may prefer a vaginal Fleshlight but, if you are at all interested in trying an anal Fleshlight then this is the one to go for.

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