Fleshlight Review: Brandi Love Shameless – Fabulously Versatile Anal Fleshlight

Fleshlight Brandi Love Shameless Review - Fleshlight Girl

A latecomer to porn, Brandi Love was over 30 when she began starring in adult movies on her own website. 

A background in business and an interest in self-employment led her to the idea, and her first adult company was formed in 2004, in partnership with her husband of 10 years. 

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In 2008, Brandi made the move to professional porn, where her sleek and sporty body and sexy self-confidence led to almost instant success. Her considerable life experience set her apart from her peers and she soon established a niche for herself as a curvy MILF with an eager and loyal fan base. 

Today, Brandi can be found online at her website brandilove.com. She’s worked with Fleshlight on two sleeves: the realistic pussy ‘Heartthrob’ (read Brandi Love Heartthrob review) and the anal ‘Shameless’, reviewed here.

Brandi Love Shameless
The Shameless is made with a selection of stimulating and unusual textures which combine to bring on a seriously satisfying orgasm.

Brandi Love Shameless Fleshlight Review

Sleeve and Texture

Fleshlight Brandi Love Shameless Review - Sleeve

As an anal sleeve in the Fleshlight Girls series, the Shameless opens with an accurate model of Brandi Love’s own ass, with her signature displayed alongside. 

Inside, the texture is split into three main parts which all look quite intense. 

The first chamber inside the entrance is the shortest of the three, at just 2.4” (61 mm) long. After the initial tight orifice, the canal opens out slightly into an area lined with wide bumps which run lengthwise along the sleeve, each joined to the next with four cross-ribs. Three small nubs line up on top of each of the larger bumps.

A deep groove cut into the channel wall separates the first and second sections; following this, the texture changes to something completely new. It looks like two grids have been set one on top of the other, slightly offset to create a layered pattern. Each ‘grid’ is formed of wide ribs which zigzag down the sleeve and join up to create hexagonal ‘honeycomb’ shapes.          

The second section ends 5.3” (135mm) from the entrance with a tight constriction before the third and final texture. Here, five rows of large, smooth bumps encircle the sleeve, offset against one another so that the pressure comes from all sides. The bumps are joined by wide ribs, which run diagonally between them.


Mia Malkova Boss Level
  • A fantastic all-round good Fleshlight with a firm grip and constant stimulation.
Kissa Sins Sinner
  • Realistic and stimulating, this Fleshlight is a real treat for anal lovers.
Brandi Love Shameless
  • Shameless is made with a selection of stimulating and unusual textures which combine to bring on a seriously satisfying orgasm.

How the Brandi Love Shameless Fleshlight Feels

Some Fleshlights need a ‘break in’ period; they start to feel different after a few uses. I don’t know whether this is because I need time to get used to the new sensations, or because the sleeve itself needs to ‘loosen up’. Either way, the Shameless is definitely one which improves with time. 

The entrance is tight and the small nubs in the first section are immediately intense. There is a great initial feeling of penetration and having to push against resistance – always a good way to start an anal sleeve!

Fleshlight Brandi Love Shameless Review - Texture

Fleshlight Brandi Love Shameless Texture

The rest of the sleeve is wider but no less stimulating. I really like the honeycomb grid structure in the centre section; the depth of the texture means that it is possible to feel all the edges rubbing against the sides of the penis.

However, it is decidedly less intense than the beginning and end and I found that I could last a little longer when I lingered here. 

The third section is stronger - the large bumps ramp up the intensity again as they press in from all sides.

If you can’t reach very far into this chamber I’d recommend rotating the sleeve slightly to experiment with the bumps in different positions around the head of your penis.

Whatever you do, don’t expect to last long in this sleeve; I found myself finishing very quickly (and particularly explosively) each time I used it!

The only real drawback of the Shameless is the amount of lube needed – it settles into the deep ‘pockets’ in the texture so you will probably need more than usual. However, don’t let this put you off – this sleeve is more than worth the effort.


The deep spaces between the grid-like textures in the second and third sections need careful cleaning to remove all traces of lube and residue. Rinse the whole sleeve thoroughly with plenty of clean running water and finish with some isopropyl alcohol for best results. 

I had to allow extra time for drying this one.

Fleshlight Brandi Love Shameless Review Summary






How I rate Fleshlights explained

Brandi Love Shameless is an impressive sleeve. High intensity, without being overwhelming (I was comfortable enough to continue stroking through orgasm) - it offers a good variety of sensations and a decent width.

I’d recommend this one to anyone; it would also make an especially good choice for larger guys who have found other intense anal sleeves too tight.

Brandi Love Shameless
The Shameless is made with a selection of stimulating and unusual textures which combine to bring on a seriously satisfying orgasm.

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