Fleshlight Review: Madison Ivy Wonderland – Tight, Curving Anal Fleshlight

Fleshlight Madison Ivy Wonderland Review - Fleshlight Girl

Petite porn-star Madison Ivy has never been afraid of getting hands-on; before becoming a porn actress she worked at a fast food chain and as a mechanic in a bowling alley. Her big break into porn came in 2008 when she met a contact while dancing at a strip club.  

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Despite an enforced break following a car accident in 2015, Madison Ivy has continued her work in the adult industry and has built up a solid base of fans who love to love all 4’11” of her gorgeous body! Today she has nearly 200 movie credits and a handful of award nominations

She has worked with Fleshlight on two unique sleeves: the tight pussy sleeve ‘Beyond’ and the anal ‘Wonderland’ (reviewed here).

Madison Ivy Wonderland
A simple design with a subtle texture, the Wonderland Fleshlight sleeve takes time to appreciate. However, it’s well worth the effort of getting to know; it rewards careful exploration with amazing sensations and mind-blowing orgasms.

Madison Ivy Wonderland Fleshlight Review

Sleeve and Texture

Fleshlight Madison Ivy Wonderland Review - Sleeve

The Wonderland sleeve has just two basic textures but the unusual way they are arranged immediately caught my eye. 

Five large oval mounds rise from the sides of the sleeve, offset against each other along and around the walls so that the direction of pressure changes as you move through them.  Each mound is topped with many small, tightly packed bumps which add texture.

The rest of the channel is lined with cross ribs. These are reasonably thick and fill the spaces around and between the mounds.  

The basic width of the channel is around 1” (25mm), but the size and placement of the structures inside constrict it to less than half of this at several points. It is suitable for most guys and most penis sizes; the repeating pattern means that no part is ‘out of reach’ at the end of the sleeve.


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How the Madison Ivy Anal Fleshlight Feels

The entrance of this one is nothing special. It was about as tight as I’d expect an anal sleeve to be but there’s plenty of stretch and it didn’t offer too much resistance going in. 

Inside the sleeve felt quite snug but perhaps not as firm as I’d anticipated. However, the changing pressure which came from the large bumps was immediately obvious as I moved past them. 

The smaller textures were interesting. At first, I could feel little more than a gentle vibration as I pushed past the ribs and the small bumps around the sides were barely noticeable.

Fleshlight Madison Ivy Wonderland Review - Texture

Fleshlight Madison Ivy Wonderland Texture

However, I found that the texture got more obvious as I got more sensitive and I began to notice the small sensations caused by the tiny bumps. They’re quite subtle, but very stimulating.    

I also enjoyed exploring the effect of the staggered bumps on different parts of the penis. Twisting the sleeve as I was using it meant that the firm pressure of the large mounds hit different areas and this felt amazing when I found just the right sweet spot! 

Lube was a bit tricky in the Wonderland. I found that I needed a little more than usual to enjoy it fully. However, using too much can start to drown out the more subtle sensations. 

I also found that adjusting the end cap made a big difference so I’d definitely recommend taking some time to experiment.


Lots of texture usually means lots of cleaning. However, rinsing the Wonderland was quite hassle-free. As it does not have any deep ridges or tight nooks and crannies for residue to build up, running water does the job quite well. 

I would advise running your finger around the parts you can reach while rinsing to make sure it’s really clean. 

Unfortunately, the width and shape of the sleeve mean that drying will take longer than usual. Check it after several hours in a warm spot; you might find that leaving it out overnight is necessary to get it completely dry.

Fleshlight Madison Ivy Wonderland Review Summary






How I rate Fleshlights explained

The more I used the Wonderland, the more I liked it. It is a subtle sleeve which needs some getting used to but it’s definitely worth the effort. I’d recommend it. 

Madison Ivy Wonderland
A simple design with a subtle texture, the Wonderland Fleshlight sleeve takes time to appreciate. However, it’s well worth the effort of getting to know; it rewards careful exploration with amazing sensations and mind-blowing orgasms.

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