Fleshlight Review: Eva Lovia Spice – Varied Anal Fleshlight

Brunette porn star Eva Lovia has worked with Fleshlight to create two exclusive sleeves: the vaginal ‘Sugar’ and the anal ‘Spice’. Here I review the Spice: an interesting looking sleeve with multiple chambers and textures.

About Eva Lovia

Fleshlight Eva Lovia Spice Anal Sleeve

Eva Lovia has been filming adult movies since 2013, after stints working for a Hooters restaurant and as a bikini model. Her girl-next-door good looks and trademark freckles have helped her become a sought after adult movie star. She continues to make movies in 2017 and has used her success to speak out in favor of women’s sexual empowerment.

You can see more of Eva’s videos and photographs at her official website fallinlovia.com.

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Eva Lovia Spice Fleshlight Review

Sleeve and Texture

Fleshlight Eva Lovia Spice

The first thing I noticed about the Spice Fleshlight sleeve is the varied width. The channel consists of wide chambers and very narrow constrictions. It looks pretty intense and I initially felt a little unsure about whether I would like it.

The initial section has ribbed walls which narrow dramatically from the relatively wide entrance to a very snug 0.4” (10mm). This section meets the first small chamber 2.2” (55mm) from the entrance.

The first chamber is little more than a break from the intense texture of the first as it widens considerably. But in less than 0.4” (10mm) it narrows again, to a small section lined with angled ‘toothy’ bumps.

The next chamber is the largest as the sleeve widens again to close to 1” (254mm). The walls of this section are lined with wide bumps which dip slightly in the center. These bumps get larger as you progress into the sleeve.

The final section begins 6.5” (165mm) from the entrance of the Spice sleeve, so might be out of reach for most guys. It narrows once again to 0.4” (10m), and is lined with long, horizontal ribs, which twist slightly around the sleeve.

How the Spice sleeve feels

The entrance to the Spice Fleshlight canal is fairly wide, but the walls of the first section soon narrow and the ribbed walls create a quite distinctive vibrating sensation as the tip of the penis slides over them. I enjoyed the sensation and the feeling of tightness as I pushed further in, before popping through into the first chamber.

The smaller wide chamber provides a small amount of relief for the sensitive head of the penis but this is short lived. The next texture has small angles bumps that ‘pull’ at your skin. It’s quite an unusual sensation, but not unpleasant.

Fleshlight Eva Lovia Spice Texture

Fleshlight Eva Lovia Spice Texture

The third noticeable section is the large ‘main’ chamber. The wide bumps on the sides of this one are a lot less intense than the previous textures, but their size makes them quite noticeable as they slide around your penis.

I was intrigued by the final section, with the long ribs, but was only able to reach the beginning of it.

The Spice is definitely different and there are a lot of stimulating textures. I liked the ribbed sections, and the varied width of the passage added some interest, but I was not blown away by it overall. It is definitely not as intense as I expected it to be.


The multiple chambers and tight constrictions mean that this sleeve is not easy to clean. You will need lots of clean water to ensure that no lube residue remains inside. I recommend trapping some water inside by covering the ends with your fingers and shaking it around to clean the ‘corners’.

Drying time will also need to be extended: find a warm and dry place and leave it out for four or five hours (at least). Check that the sleeve is thoroughly dry inside before returning it to the case.







How I rate Fleshlights explained

The Spice sleeve was enjoyable but not as intense as I expected and I’m not convinced by the combination of textures. I might recommend it to larger guys, who can get the full benefit of the final sensation. On the other hand, if you have a thicker penis and don’t like strong constrictions then you might want to give this one a miss.

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