Guide to Fleshjacks: What Are Gay Fleshlights?

Fleshlight is one of the best known names in the sex toy industry today, and their patented masturbation sleeves are among the best male sex toys on the market. Slightly less well known is their ‘gay Fleshlight’: the Fleshjack. Aimed at men that love men, the sleeves are similar in design to the more well-known anal Fleshlights, without the option of a vaginal orifice.

Fleshlight Mini Lotus
The most realistic Fleshlight

What is Fleshjack?

Quite simply, the Fleshjack is a masturbation sleeve which is intended to increase your enjoyment of solo-play by acting as an artificial orifice lined with stimulating textures to grip, massage and tantalize your penis. The inner texture is made from a soft, pliable material called SuperSkin, which feels remarkably like real flesh.

Each Fleshjack and Fleshlight model has a unique, individual texture and there are over a hundred available across the two brands. Whether you prefer long, slow edging or short and intense masturbation, there will be a sleeve to suit your mood.

Quick overview: What Are Gay Fleshlights?
Popular Fleshjack Boys
Brent Corrigan
  • The texture was inspired by the palm trees of California. The name was inspired by the utter joy you’ll feel inside of it.
Popular Fleshjack Boys
Brent Everett
  • The texture was inspired by Brent’s double armband tattoo; the name was inspired by the pure lust Brent brings out in all of the boys.
Popular Fleshjack Boys
Trenton Ducati
  • Just like Trenton, his sleeve is built to take as much punishment as you can dish out. His exclusive texture is tighter than almost anything you’ve ever experienced.
Stamina Development
  • Designed to over-stimulate the penis, for guys who want to improve their sexual stamina.
Oral Sex
  • If you are craving the feeling of deep throating in a sleeve then this is the one to choose.
Most Compact
  • Lined with thick ribs and bumps, the steely silver sleeve will amplify your pleasure with constant surprises at every thrust.
Best Travel
Go Surge
  • Lovely combination of ribs and tantalizing bumps which bring on a quick, intense orgasm.
Very Tight
Jack's Cherry Pop
  • Features an exclusive Mini-Bottom orifice and Mini-Speedbump texture.
For Larger Guys
  • Quite intense and very pleasurable tickling feeling.

Fleshjack vs. Fleshlight: What’s the Difference?

Fleshjack vs Fleshlight

They are found on their own website at and, like Fleshlights, offer a variety of sleeves and textures to suit all different tastes. However, the Fleshjack sleeves are clearly marketed to a very different audience than the standard Fleshlights. If you close your eyes they’ll feel exactly the same, but one glance at will show you that Fleshjacks are sex toys for gay men.

To be honest, there is very little difference in form and function between the two. Both Fleshlights and Fleshjacks come with a hard outer case which holds a soft sleeve of patented SuperSkin material. Some of the textures are identical across both ranges, with just the names and choice of orifices changed to suit the different markets.

While many guys stick either Fleshlights or Fleshjacks, I would encourage adventurous fans that enjoy anal masturbation sleeves to take a look at both ranges. There are some interesting exclusives in both Fleshlight Girls and Fleshjack Boys which are definitely worth trying!

Fleshjack Basics

Fleshjacks are less well known that Fleshlights, but are very similar in most practical ways: shape, materials and function. Here I will cover the basics; for a more detailed description you can refer to my full Fleshlight guide.

Fleshjack Parts and Materials

Fleshlight Parts

The standard Fleshjack is made up of four basic parts: a hard outer case, a soft inner sleeve, an adjustable end cap, and a removable cap to protect the inner sleeve and orifice when not in use.

The standard cases come in silver, black or blue, though some specific designs have other choices available. The Ice range has clear cases and sleeves and the Fleshjack ‘Sex in a Can’ range mimic brightly colored drinks cans.

The inner sleeve is made from Fleshlight’s patented SuperSkin material. It is soft and pliable to mimic real flesh and feels surprisingly realistic, especially when warmed before use. The inner sleeve can be removed for cleaning.

There are caps at both ends of the outer case. The larger cap is simply there to protect the SuperSkin from dust and damage, and is removed before use. The smaller end cap is used to adjust the suction while you are using it; screwing it shut can make the sleeve feel tighter and more intense.

Fleshjack Orifices

The Fleshjack comes with a choice of three standard orifices: mouth, butt and ass cheeks.

Fleshjack orifices

There is also a range based on the bodies of popular adult movie stars: the Fleshjack Boys. These sleeves are entered through anal orifices, modelled on the bodies of real gay porn stars.

Fleshjack Textures

Some Fleshlight textures

Some Fleshlight textures

Each Fleshjack sleeve is lined with one or more textures which stimulated the penis during masturbation. The textures are usually made up of a combinations of bumps, ridges and other shapes which combine with constrictions and curves to create hundreds of different sensations.

Some of the most popular Fleshlight designs also feature in Fleshjack sleeves under different names. For example, the classic anal sleeve, Fleshjack Squeeze, is identical to the Fleshlight Forbidden; the ultra-stimulating Stamina Training Unit (STU) is rebranded as the Fleshjack Endurance; and the oral Swallow is still the Swallow.

There is also a whole new selection of textures created exclusively for the Fleshjack Boys, and this is where all Fleshlight fans, gay and straight, might want to look for something a bit different.

Fleshjack Designs and Types

Fleshjack Classic Jack & Build Your Own Fleshjack

Fleshjack Build Your Own

Apart from the names, the Classic Jack sleeves are identical to the Classic Fleshlights. You can choose from mouth, butt or ass cheeks orifices and each comes with a smooth inner canal. Unless you are brand new to Fleshjacks, you will probably find the lack of texture bland and boring. There are so many more interesting choices available; don’t spend your money on these.

In addition to the Classics, many other well-known standard textures are available across both ranges. The Destroya, Super Ribbed, Wonder Wave and Vortex and several other popular sleeves are all available as Build Your Own Fleshjack models with a choice of standard orifices and black, blue or silver cases. I have reviewed these popular textures elsewhere on Merry Frolics – see my Fleshlight reviews section for details.

Fleshjack Sex in a Can

Fleshjack Sex in a Can: Jack's Cherry Pop

Like the Fleshlight Sex in a Can series, Fleshjack SIACs are smaller, tighter versions of popular sleeve designs, disguised as drink cans. There are currently three ‘cans’: Jack’s Banana Cream Soda, with mouth orifice and Mini Swallow texture (see review); Jack’s Cherry Pop, with butt orifice and Mini Squeeze texture (see review); and Jack’s Gape Soda, with butt orifice and Mini Speed Bump texture.

The smaller size of the ‘can’ cases mean that the sleeve feels a lot tighter and the sensations more intense that the larger versions. This makes the SIAC textures ideal for those with smaller than average penises or those who prefer a tight fit. I would not recommend them for larger guys.

Free sex toys for men? Homemade Fleshlight: How to Make a Pocket Pussy.

Fleshjack Boys

The Fleshjack Boys, like the Fleshlight Girls, are a series of sleeves modeled from the real life orifices of popular porn stars. Each of the Boys has given their name to a sleeve which is modeled on an exact molding of their butt.

Most come with a choice of the classic anal Squeeze sleeve and an exclusive texture designed just for them. There are currently sixteen Fleshjack Boys; check out some popular ones below or head over to to see the whole range.

Popular Fleshjack Boys: Brent Corrigan

Fleshjack Boys: Brent Corrigan

Brent Corrigan made most of his adult movies between 2006 and 2016. His boyish looks earned him popularity as a porn actor and his impressive 8.75” penis made him an ideal candidate for a Fleshjack dildo. Brent Corrigan’s signature sleeve is the Bliss, with the same intense, stimulating texture as the Fleshlight Obsession sleeve.

Popular Fleshjack Boys: Brent Everett

Fleshjack Boys: Brent Everett

Canadian Brent Everett has starred in over 40 adult movies and featured regularly as a model for Playguy magazine. His exclusive sleeve, the Fleshjack Ecstasy, is lined with a series of ribs, set in pairs along the length of the canal to mimic his distinctive double armband tattoo.

Popular Fleshjack Boys: Trenton Ducati

Fleshjack Boys: Trenton Ducati

Tattooed bad boy Trenton Ducati teamed up with Fleshjack to create the super tight Titanium sleeve which, according to the official website is “built to take as much punishment as you can dish out”.

Other Fleshjack Sleeves also features the Quickshot, Ice, Turbo, Flight and Go ranges. These textures have been covered in more detail in my In-depth Guide to Best Fleshlights.

Fleshjack Dildos: Boys and Freaks

Fleshjack Boys Dildos

Fleshjack cannot offer you sleeves with vagina orifice but they more than make up for that with a range of Fleshjack dildos; the Fleshjack Boys each have a realistic dildo that has been molded from their own penis.

There is also a quirky range of sci-fi, fantasy and horror themed dildos that complement the Fleshjack Freaks sleeves. These are Frankenstein, Drac, Alien Cyborg and Zombie anal sex toys. See all Fleshjack Freaks Dildos here.

Buying a Fleshjack

Fleshjacks can be bought from the official site at, or through reputable sex toy retailers like LoveHoney. Some designs are also available on Amazon and other sites, but there is the danger of fakes and imitations so make sure you check which retailer is offering them. ILF, LLC - Official Store is the official retailer on Amazon. ILF or Interactive Lifeforms is the parent company for Fleshjacks and Fleshlights.

For always up to date list of Fleshjack deals and discounts, check my sex toys deals page.

For more information about safe Fleshjack shopping see my Guide to Buying a Fleshlight.

Using Fleshjack Masturbation Sleeves

Fleshjack Boys

The Fleshjack is quite simple to use, though a little extra care and preparation can add a lot more pleasure to the experience. I recommend warming the inner sleeve before use so that is more closely mimics the feel of real skin. This is most effectively achieved by popping the sleeve into a sink filled with warm water for ten minutes before using it. Pop the warmed sleeve back into the outer case, add (water based) lube as required and you’re ready to go.

If this if your first time using a Fleshlight or Fleshjack then you’ll probably get carried away quite quickly but I definitely recommend taking some time to experiment with depth and pace once the initial novelty has worn off – some textures feel quite different running over the sensitive penis head than they do once they move along the shaft. The end cap can be adjusted during use to add or release suction and the whole sleeve can be rotated to vary the stimulation as you thrust.

See my How to Use a Fleshlight Guide for more tips on using a Fleshjack.

Fleshjack accessories, like the sleeve warmer and shower mount, can enhance your masturbation sessions. For more information about Fleshjack accessories check my reviews page.

How to Clean Fleshjack Sleeves

Fleshjacks are high quality sex toys, but they will need a certain amount of care to keep them in good condition. Luckily, cleaning them is fairly simple and does not need any special equipment. The inner sleeve should be removed from the case and rinsed thoroughly with running water after every use.

Heavily textured designs will need more attention to clear any lube that has become trapped; it might be helpful to insert a finger or block the ends of the sleeve and swish some water around inside.

The sleeve will need to be left out in a warm dry spot for several hours before being returned to the case once it is thoroughly dry.

To learn more about caring for your Fleshlight/Fleshjack sleeve in my detailed guide.

*** Which is the Best Fleshjack? ***

I would love to give you a simple answer, but, unfortunately, this question is impossible to answer. The best Fleshjack for you will depend on your size, sensitivity and preferences; there really is no one-size-fits-all solution.

For beginner's that are looking forward to their first Fleshjack experience, I recommend one of the sleeves featured below. I've chosen a good and proven model for different types of desires/situations. The options listed cover realistic, tight, and loose Fleshjacks. As well as oral sex and more compact models.

For more experienced and adventurous Fleshjack - and Fleshlight - fans, browsing both Fleshlight and Fleshjack ranges will give you the advantage of more choice, as some textures are exclusive to one or the other. See all Fleshlight and Fleshjack reviews and articles on my main Fleshlight page.

Squeeze - Realistic Anal Fleshjack

FLeshlight Forbidden

The Squeeze is the standard anal Fleshjack sleeve and is available with the butt orifice of every Fleshjack Boy. It has a tight ribbed entrance leading into a smooth passage with gentle waves that swirl around the penis. The Squeeze is one of the most realistic anal sex masturbators available.

The Fleshjack Squeeze is the same sleeve as Fleshlight Forbidden.

Endurance - Stamina Development Fleshjack

Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit - STU

The Endurance Fleshjack is a simple sleeve designed to over-stimulate the penis, for guys who want to improve their sexual stamina. The texture consists of small, densely packed bumps and the overall sensation created is very, very intense.

The Fleshjack Endurance is the same sleeve as Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit.

Swallow - Oral Sex Fleshjack

Fleshlight Swallow

The Swallow is the standard oral sleeve and simulates oral sex as closely as any masturbation sleeve can. It is not the most exciting or intense texture available but if you are craving the feeling of deep throating in a sleeve then this is the one to choose.

The Fleshjack Swallow is the same sleeve as Fleshlight Swallow.

Bliss - Very Intense Fleshjack

Fleshjack Brent Corrigan Bliss

The Bliss is Brent Corrigan's signature sleeve and generally regarded as one of the most intense Fleshjacks on the market. The texture of the sleeve consists of dense ribs and long-stemmed bumps which combine to stimulate you to an amazing orgasm.

The Fleshjack Bliss is the same sleeve as Fleshlight Obsession.

Quickshot - Most Compact Fleshjack

Fleshlight Quickshot Boost male masturbator

These are short, open ended Fleshjacks that look like a section of a full size sleeve. The main advantages of the Quickshot models are their small size and ease of cleaning, making them perfect for packing in a travel bag. There are two designs of Quickshot: the transparent Vantage and the grey Boost. They lack the feeling of complete immersion that you get from a full sized sleeve and that way they are definitely not as good. I’d recommend them if you need something compact, but not as a replacement for a standard model.

Go Surge - Best Travel Fleshjack

Fleshjack Go Surge

The Go Surge is maybe the best travel-sized Fleshjack delivering the full Fleshjack experience in a smaller package. The texture is a lovely combination of ribs and tantalizing bumps which bring on a quick, intense orgasm.

The Fleshjack Go Surge is the same sleeve as Fleshlight Go Surge.

Jack's Cherry Pop - Very Tight Fleshjack

Fleshjack Jack's Cherry Pop - Sex In A Can Sleeve

The small outer cases of the SIAC Fleshjacks mean that the inner sleeve has less flexibility, making them feel even tighter than usual. Jack's Cherry Pop is a mini version of the Squeeze sleeve, which is already a tight Fleshjack. With a channel width of 0.4” (1 cm) to 0.6” (1.5 cm), this small anal sleeve feels impossibly snug.

The Fleshjack Jack's Cherry Pop is the same sleeve as Fleshlight O'Doyle's Stout.

Bi-Hive - Fleshjack for Larger Guys

Fleshjack Bi-Hive

At 0.8” (2 cm) wide, the Bi-Hive is one of the more generous sized sleeves available, making it ideal for larger guys who find other sleeves too narrow. The texture itself is a lovely combination of bumps and ridges that create plenty of stimulation.

The Fleshjack Bi-Hive is the same sleeve as Fleshlight Bi-Hive.

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