Fleshlight Accessories Reviewed: Sleeve Warmer, Shower Mount and More

Your favorite Fleshlight can make masturbation a pretty amazing experience. So it might surprise you to know it can get even better. In addition to their huge selection of textured sleeves, Fleshlight also make a range of accessories, all designed to add a little something extra to your masturbation experience.

In this article I will take a look at a few of the most popular accessories and discover how they can enhance your Fleshlight fun.

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Where to buy Fleshlight Accessories

You will find the full range of official Fleshlight accessories on Fleshlight.com, including the Sleeve Warmer, Launch Pad iPad holder, the Shower and Liberator Mounts, and the interactive Launch (read Fleshlight Launch and Quickshot Launch reviews) and VStroker (which I will be reviewing in-depth in a separate article).

Fleshlight Sleeve Warmer

Fleshlight Sleeve Warmer

To get the best from your Fleshlight, you will want to warm it before use. At room temperature, it feels cold to enter – not at all realistic. But a warmed Fleshlight is another thing entirely.

Luckily, the makers of the sleeves recognized the need for this and produced a Fleshlight Sleeve Warmer, which promises to heat your sleeve up to a ‘sensual temperature’ before use.

Like many other users, I had always warmed my sleeves in a sink full of warm water, which left them enticingly warm and soft all through. However, this takes 10-15 minutes and is not the most practical solution for those who share a bathroom. The Sleeve Warmer, a simple rod which is inserted into the sleeve and plugged in to your power source, seemed like the perfect solution and I was eager to try one.

Fleshlight Sleeve Warmer Review

If you need an alternative to the tried and tested hot water solution then the Sleeve Warmer does the job. It warms the sleeve, from the inside, neatly and discretely. Despite what it said on the website, I found that it does take a little while to heat the sleeve thoroughly and evenly (10-15 minutes at least) so is not really any quicker than warm water. If you remove your sleeve too soon then you might find colder patches inside when you slide in.

On the plus side, it’s easy to clean – just wipe with a damp cloth – and can be plugged into a USB or wall socket so is handy to use in the bedroom or elsewhere if the bathroom is not convenient. Overall, it does what it claims it can do, though perhaps not as well as I would have liked. Whether it is a better solution that a sink filled with hot water is debatable.

Note: Fleshlight recommends not use lubricant with the sleeve warmer but I found I had to use a tiny bit of lube to help the warming rod slide into the sleeve.


Meh... The sleeve warmer can be handy but it's not really needed.

Fleshlight Mounts

The first time I saw a Fleshlight sleeve I was surprised at the size of it. If you’ve ever handled a standard Fleshlight you will know that they’re surprisingly bulky and can become tiring to maneuver by hand, especially if you like to take it slow.

This is where Fleshlight mounts come in; they’re designed to hold the Fleshlight in place while you use it and free up your hands for other activities.

There are three basic mounts available from Fleshlight; the shower mount and two Liberator models.

Fleshlight Shower Mount Review

Fleshlight Shower Mount Review

The shower mount has a suction cap to fix it firmly to a bath or shower wall. It holds any standard Fleshlight and can be adapted to fit the Flight and Go cases with an extra adaptor part. 

The mount fixes pretty well to my tiled shower wall and feels firm enough to thrust into without worrying that it will move around (learn what other materials work with Fleshlight Shower Mount). It’s simple to use and small enough to store neatly in a bathroom cabinet or similar. I also found that using my Fleshlight in the shower makes warming and cleaning the sleeve easier and reduces mess; you can take care of the whole thing before leaving the bathroom.

The ability to use my favorite Fleshlight sleeve in the shower has opened up a whole other dimension to solo play – I love this attachment and would thoroughly recommend it.


The shower mount is an excellent add-on to the solo play in the shower.

Fleshlight Liberator Mounts

If sex in the shower is not your thing then you might prefer one of the two Liberator mounts, which can be used for hands-free Fleshlight fun in the bedroom.

There are two designs of Liberator available for the Fleshlight: the missionary ‘On a Mission’ model and the doggy style ‘Top Dog’ design. Both mounts come with a wipe clean removable cover.

There is a well-placed hole where your Fleshlight is inserted. This is quite tight and you might need to ‘screw’ it in, but it holds the sleeve quite firmly in place while you are using it. Both also come with some visual suggestions for use in the form of pictures on the inner packaging.

Liberator: On A Mission Fleshlight Mount Review

Fleshlight Mount: Libetor - On a Mission

This is the missionary style mount. It measures approximately 27”x9”x10” and is made from thick foam, providing a sturdy base for hands free Fleshlight use. However, you will need somewhere to store it as it’s quite big.

I like this mount a lot – it’s easy and comfortable to use and makes Fleshlight masturbation feel a lot more like real sex. I also found it easier to control the thrusts and last longer with On a Mission and I love the hands-free nature of the mount.


The Liberator On A Mission mount adds quite a bit to masturbation but it's quite expensive and bulky.

Liberator: Top Dog Fleshlight Mount

As the name implies, Top Dog is made for using your Fleshlight masturbator in a doggystyle position. Like the missionary mount, it is not small.

I haven’t tested the Top Dog myself but what I’ve read it is less sturdy than the On A Mission mount. It needs to be placed on a firm surface for best results – use the floor rather than the bed and don’t forget to put a pillow under your knees! Depending on your body shape, you might also find that you have to adapt this slightly by raising it, or yourself up so that your penis lines up properly with the hole.

Do it yourself Fleshlight Mounts

If you are on a tight budget then you can make your own version of a hands-free mount with a few pillows and a belt to secure them, but it is difficult to get the angle right and they will never be as steady as the Liberator, which is made for the job.

Fleshlight Launchpad

Fleshlight LaunchPad

I love the concept of this. In short, it’s a holder for both your favorite Fleshlight and your iPad. No more fumbling around with your sleeve in one hand, iPad in another and your penis in another - this combines the lot. Your iPad fits into the top, facing upwards at an angle to your body, and your sleeve is gripped firmly below it. You can hang on to the handles on one or both sides to control the angle and thrust.

But in reality the Launch Pad isn’t that great. You cannot really stroke with your hands as the iPad moves with the screen. The only option is to use your hips to thrust in and out but this gets tiring after a while. Also, if I don’t hold the handles really, really firmly, the screen shakes when I move.

The Launch Pad is a novelty toy. It sounds cool but it’s impractical and made my Fleshlight sessions worse.

The Launch Pad might be a nice add-on for couples who have to spend time apart. They can link up on video chat and get sexy. For others, it’s not worth of buying.


The Launchpad is impractical and not recommended.

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