Fleshlight Quickshot Launch Review

In 2017, Fleshlight released the Fleshlight Launch: a robotic sex toy which allowed the user to indulge in automated, hands free masturbation at the touch of a button.

It was a revolutionary addition to the company’s ever-growing collection of innovative masturbation aids.

The Launch was welcomed by Fleshlight fans worldwide; it was a game changer and a huge success for the company (you can read my full review here).

However, there were a few minor issues with the design: the size, shape, and layout of the controls sometimes made it difficult to handle. Enter the Fleshlight Quickshot Launch.

What is the Fleshlight Quickshot Launch Sex Toy?

Fleshlight Quickshot Launch Review - 5

Like the original Launch, the Quickshot Launch is basically a sex robot. It is a moving Fleshlight ‘holder’ which allows you to insert your favorite masturbation sleeve and control its movement indirectly. 

Unlike the original Launch, the new device is designed to fit Quickshots rather than full sized Fleshlight sleeves. 

Despite a few minor niggles, I have had a lot of fun with the original Fleshlight Launch so I was really keen to try out the new Quickshot Launch and see how it compares. 

Quickshot Launch
Brings the fantasy even closer, by taking you one step further from the manual action of masturbating.

What are Fleshlight Quickshots?

Long time Fleshlight fans will be aware of the difference between the standard Fleshlights and the Quickshot models. 

Standard sleeves allow full penetration, enclosing the penis completely. They are large and unwieldy but they feel fantastic, and there is a huge variety of textures to choose from. 

The Quickshots are smaller and open ended; they fit around the penis like a ring. There are fewer textures available but, with the introduction of the first Quickshot Girls Quickshot sleeve featuring Riley Reid’s ‘Utopia’ texture, I hope that there will soon be a lot more to choose from. 

For more about the different Quickshot sleeves see my full review and roundup.

Fleshlight Quickshots Comparison review: Quickshot Riley Reid, Vantage, and Pulse

Who Should Buy the Quickshot Launch (and who should not)? 

I imagine that a lot of Fleshlight Fans will be pulling out their credit cards as they read this and early adopters will probably already have it. 

I was certainly eager to get my hands on it from the moment it launched (pun intended) and after using it for a while I’d thoroughly recommend it. 

However, like its predecessor, the Quickshot Launch is not cheap and probably won’t suit everyone. It’s worth considering carefully if it will work for you before placing an order. 

Think twice if you’re buying the device…

…as a quick or lazy masturbation solution

Yes, the Launch is hands-free, but that doesn’t mean it’s an easy solution for ‘lazy masturbation’. Neither is it practical to just grab and use it whenever you have a spare 15 minutes. Set-up, maintenance and cleaning all take a little of the spontaneity away and you have to remember to keep it charged between uses. 

Kissa Sins Insatiable
  • Delivers mind-blowing orgasms every time.
Mini Lotus
  • Very realistic feeling sleeve and a very popular choice; ideal for a first time Fleshlight user.
Mia Malkova Boss Level
  • A fantastic all-round good Fleshlight with a firm grip and constant stimulation.

…with your first Fleshlight

The Launch is quite intense and could easily prove overwhelming for a beginner. Until you’ve tried a few Fleshlights it will be difficult to judge whether you’ll enjoy the fast speeds of the hands free device so if you’ve never used a Fleshlight, I’d recommend trying at least one Quickshot sleeve first. 

…and you love variety in your sleeves

The number of Fleshlight Quickshots available to buy is currently quite limited. With the release of the Launch, I hope that we will see more options become available but for now I’d suggest checking out the current Quickshot textures and finding one you like before purchase.

…when you live with roommates

There is some noise involved when using a robotic masturbator and many people prefer to wait until they’re home alone. If you live in a crowded house with poor soundproofing then you might find that opportunities to enjoy your Launch are few and far between. 

Fleshlight Quickshot Launch Review

Appearance and Design

Fleshlight Quickshot Launch Review - 4

One of the first things I noticed about the Quickshot was the rather open design.

Two wide side bars are joined at the top by another curved bar which supports the phone holder (this can be tilted to adjust the angle of the screen).

The holder for the Quickshot sleeve sits in between them. 

This new masturbator definitely looks much more functional than the sleek but rather impractical Fleshlight Launch.

Large handles protrude from each side, making it easy to get a firm grip and maintain full control of your position.

Buttons on the tops and sides are positioned for easy thumb control. 

It’s worth noting here that there seems to have been a small upgrade in the Quickshot Launch design since it was first released. The plastic slot which holds the sleeve has been reduced and reshaped, making a neater outline and removing an awkward ‘second layer’ of plastic which trapped lube and made cleaning difficult.

The Fleshlight website currently shows both designs so it’s not clear which you’d get. 

Fleshlight Mini Lotus
The most realistic Fleshlight

Size and Shape

Fleshlight Quickshot Launch Review - 3

The Quickshot Launch is not a discreet toy; it is large (14” long with the phone holder attached), black, and chunky. 

I do like how light it feels, even with the Quickshot added. Unfortunately this also means that it does not feel especially sturdy – I was happy enough using it but would be very careful not to drop it. Luckily, the large handles make this unlikely, even for someone as accident prone as me!    


The power button is located on the right hand side of the machine; you need to press and hold for 3 seconds to turn it on. Once the power is on it can be used to start/pause the action at any time.  

A quick scan of the manual told me that the left hand buttons control ‘stroke position’ and ‘stroke length’, and the right controls ‘stroke speed’ and the ‘power/pause’ switch.

Sleeve Compatibility

Fleshlight Quickshot Riley Reid

At the time of writing there are only a few Quickshot sleeve textures available: the STU (Stamina Training Unit), the Vantage, the Pulse, Riley Reid’s Utopia, and the Brent Corrigan ‘gay’ Quickshot sleeve with mouth and butt orifices.

Find out which is my favorite Quickshot.

A limited edition Alien Quickshot has been offered in the past and might be made available again. 


The device can be charged using the power cable which comes with it and can also be used while plugged in. It is recommended to charge fully before using it for the first time so make sure you allow several hours for this. 

The documents which come with the Launch also warn against ever letting the battery discharge completely as this could cause damage. I’d recommend recharging it fully after every use to avoid this problem.  


It’s almost inevitable that you will get lube on the machine while using it and, depending on the ‘enthusiasm’ of your orgasm, you might find the ending gets rather messy too. 

Luckily, a quick wipe over with antibacterial wipes is enough to get the surface (I would advise against getting it too wet). 

The Quickshot sleeve unscrews easily and can be removed from its case and cleaned as normal.   

Quickshot Launch in Use

Fleshlight Quickshot Launch Review - 2

My first impression of the Quickshot Launch was that it was going to be much, much easier to use than the original Launch. I was right. 

I started with my old favorite: the Quickshot Vantage. It slotted into place easily enough and I added a generous amount of lube. 

The large handles provided a great grip, despite some lube on my hands, and the button controls were easy to reach and very intuitive; by the end of my first session I was confidently using them to switch between speeds and strokes with ease. 

A quick note about the controls: there are four stroke speeds (controlled by the right thumb) and four stroke lengths (controlled by the left thumb). You can use these in any combination you like and I spent some (ok, a lot!) of time trying them out. 

The stroke length does affect the speed; the full 250 strokes per seconds only available on the shortest stroke.  This setting is seriously intense; proceed with caution when you first try it! 

The final button is set on the left side and controls the position of the Quickshot. Using this in combination with short strokes gives you the choice of focused action on the base, shaft or tip of your penis. 

I found myself changing this regularly to feel the different sensations moving up and down my shaft; concentrating on the tip made me blow my load earlier than planned a few times! 

Phone Mount

I can see why this feature would appeal; it’s useful and handy to have access to a hands free video when you don’t have a TV or larger screen handy. I tried it out a few times and found that it worked pretty well; it’s really good if you enjoy POV videos as it’s perfectly located to help the fantasy that someone else is really down there!

A word of caution here: the open ended design of the Quickshot means that things can get pretty messy at the end and depending on your enthusiasm you might find that the phone is positioned ‘in the line of fire’!     

Overall, I personally prefer using a big screen for porn where possible so I don’t think I’ll get a lot of use out of the phone mount. 

Fleshlight Quickshot Launch Review - 7

How does The Quickshot Launch compare to the Fleshlight Launch? 

The original Fleshlight Launch is currently not available to buy but if you’ve owned one in the past you’ll probably be wondering how it compares. 

In many ways, the Quickshot Launch is an upgrade – it solves several of the issues that users had with the original Launch. 

Handling: The Quickshot Launch definitely wins here: the handles make it a lot easier to hold, especially with slippery covered hands, and the button controls are a lot simpler to use than the touch controls of the earlier device. 

It’s also a lot lighter than the original, making it a lot easier to use.

Sleeves: Unfortunately, this limited number of sleeves means that the newer machine is inferior if you like to change it up a lot. 

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However, many Fleshlight users find themselves favoring just one or two sleeves so if you enjoy one or more Quickshot then this might not be a problem.  

Features: The Launch had a few quirky features which were great for their novelty value (the ability to ‘interact’ with a porn video is pretty cool). 

I’d have liked to see more of this but I think the simplicity of the newer model is worth the loss of the more complicated features.

User experience: For me, the main difference between the two machines is how they feel on the penis. 

Of course, this is due to the design of the Fleshlight sleeves that fit into them. 

The full, immersive experience of the older Launch cannot be replicated by the open design of the Quickshots; the latter feels closer to a blow job than ‘real sex’. 

Find out how to choose the best Fleshlight sleeve.

Fleshlight Quickshot Launch Review Conclusion


Overall, I was very impressed with the new Launch and I can see that I will get a lot of use out of it! 

I have enjoyed using a lot of different sleeves with the full sized Launch so I was apprehensive about being limited to a small selection of textures but the different settings mean that there is actually a lot more variety to the experience than I expected there to be.

I can’t imagine me tiring of this one any time soon and I’d encourage anyone who’s seriously considering it to take the plunge and buy it!  

A note about the original Fleshlight Launch

Unfortunately, as of 2020, the original Launch has been discontinued. 

However, the Quickshot Launch is an excellent alternative and proof that Fleshlight are continuing to innovate in this area. I, for one, am happy with my new Quickshot Launch and more than excited to see what comes next. Watch this space…  

Quickshot Connect

If you love the new Launch but miss the immersive experience of the full length Fleshlights then you should try the Quickshot Connect

It’s a simple accessory that can be used to connect two sleeves, forming one longer sleeve with a very varied texture. 

It’s not perfect - there is a noticeable gap where the sleeves meet in the middle – but it’s a pretty decent option if you like to mix it up!  

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