Fleshlight Quickshots Comparison Review: Quickshot Riley Reid, Vantage, and Pulse

Fleshlight is one of the biggest names in the adult toy industry. They are best known for their Fleshlight ‘artificial vaginas’: masturbation sleeves with realistic orifices which come in a range of different sizes and designs. 

This article will focus on Fleshlight Quickshots, with an overview and a summary of the different models and accessories available.

Introducing Fleshlight Quickshots

Most Fleshlight fans will be familiar with their bestselling ‘standard’ sleeves, with their mouth, butt, or pussy shaped orifices and vast variety of textures. 

Find out how to choose the best small Fleshlight for you.

These full-sized Fleshlights have plenty of ‘flesh’ to accommodate even the biggest penis. Unfortunately, this makes them a little bulky: they are not always easy to handle and can be difficult to store discreetly. 

The solution to this problem comes in the smaller Fleshlight designs: the Go, the Flight, the Fleshskins Grip, and the Quickshot.

As an enthusiastic Fleshlight fan, I’ve been “testing” a selection of Quickshots, which are Fleshlight’s most compact ‘travel masturbators’, to find out how they compare to the hefty originals. 

Fleshlight Mini Lotus
The most realistic Fleshlight

To date, I have tried the Quickshot Boost (no longer available), the transparent Vantage, the gentle Pulse, and the newest Fleshlight Girls model: Riley Reid’s Compact Utopia. 

Other current Quickshot models include the Quickshot STU (a smaller version of the ultra-stimulating Fleshlight ‘Stamina Training Unit’), The Fleshlight Boys’ Brent Corrigan Compact Bliss, and the otherworldly ‘Alien’ (limited availability). 

Fleshlight sizes compared: Regular Fleshlight vs. Go vs. Quickshot

Fleshlight Quickshot next to GO and full-size models.

What Exactly are Fleshlight Quickshot Sex Toys?

The design of the Fleshlight Quickshot is quite different from the standard immersive sleeves. They do not contain a full-length canal; they are formed more like a wide, donut-shaped ring which encircles the penis but remains open at both ends.

The hard outer case has removable caps at both ends. On most Quickshots, you can remove the caps to see two identical, nondescript orifices. Either one of the entries can be used; they feel pretty much the same. 

The newer Quickshot Riley Reid design has two different entries: one end features a butt orifice and the other has a pussy. Like the full-sized model, these are perfect replicas of the porn star’s own orifices.    

The Quickshot pocket pussies are much smaller than regular Fleshlights. At 4.3” (including the case - the actual sleeve length is 3.5”, or 89mm) they are less than half the length of the full-sized sleeves.

They are also narrower: the width of the outer case is just 2.6-2.9" (6.5-7.3 cm), compared to the 2.4-3.7" (6-9.5 cm) of a regular case. 

This makes them a great alternative sex toy for smaller guys or those who need something a little more compact for travel or easy storage.

The material is the usual soft, supple SuperSkin that makes Fleshlights feel so amazing. 

The Quickshot STU comes in the standard Fleshlight skin color; the other models are made with the same clear transparent ‘skin’ as the Ice models.

The Quickshots are also available in the Fleshjack product line. The Fleshjack Quickshot Vantage, STU and Pulse are identical to the Fleshlights models and one double ended (mouth and butt) Boys model has recently been added.

Fleshlite Quickshot Textures: Boost vs. Vantage

How to use the Fleshlight Quickshot?

Using a Quickshot is really easy. Just unscrew both end caps, apply water based lubricant, and you're ready to go.

There are a few ways to enhance the experience further.

You can warm the masturbator first, which makes it feel even more realistic. Warming a Quickshot is very easy. Just fill a clean sink with warm tap water and submerge the sleeve for a few minutes. This is definitely recommended and makes the masturbation session quite a bit better.

If the Quickshot feels too tight (they are quite narrow after all), remove the case and use the sleeve without it. This way you can adjust the tightness with your hand.

Use no other than water based lubes with a Fleshlight as they may damage your sleeve.

fleshlight quickshot review - photo 1

How do the Quickshots Compare to Regular Fleshlights?

Ever heard the phrase ‘size isn’t everything’? Well, it’s true. 

The Quickshot designs might be compact, but they have several benefits over both the regular sleeves and the other compact designs. Here are a few of the main pros and cons.

Why Quickshots Are Better than Regular Fleshlights

Smaller Size: The Quickshots really are much, much smaller than the regular Fleshlights. First-time users are often surprised by the hefty size of the standard sleeves. Well, if you have ever handled a full-sized Fleshlight, now it’s your turn to be surprised. The Quickshot really is petite, and its diminutive size is one of its best features.

It makes it a lot more comfortable to hold and easier to handle than a full-sized sleeve: ideal if you have small hands or want to play with a partner.

The Quickshot’s compact body also means it is easy to store. This is especially useful if you share accommodation and need to keep your sex toys discreetly hidden.

It also packs away neatly into a suitcase or travel bag.

Fleshlight sizes: Full-size Fleshlight Next to Go Surge and Quickshot

Fleshlights side by side: Regular size, Go, and Quickshot

Easier Cleaning: One of my least favorite things about Fleshlights is keeping them clean. Yes, they are a lot of fun to use, but washing them out can be fiddly and time-consuming. Not so with the Quickshot - their open-ended design makes cleaning really simple.

How to clean a Fleshlight Quickshot: All areas are within easy reach, and you can just run water through or insert a finger from both ends to wash out all the nooks and crannies. You can even turn it inside out for cleaning and drying. See the Fleshlight cleaning guide for more cleaning and drying tips.

Open Ended: The open end of the Quickshot makes it more versatile than a standard Fleshlight. It is ideal for couples play and can add a little extra spice to oral sex.

The Girls (and Boys) models have also taken advantage of the double-ended design to offer the user a choice of orifices. The half-and-half texture inside means that the end you enter also changes the whole feel of the sleeve.  

Cheaper price: You can buy a Quickshot for half of the price of a regular Fleshlight.

Why Quickshots Are Worse than Regular Fleshlights

Of course, there are some disadvantages to Quickshot Fleshlights:

  • they lack the full immersive experience of the artificial vaginal and anal designs
  • the open-ended design can make them messy to use, especially with runny lube
  • the smaller size of the surrounding case can make them a little too tight for thicker guys
  • the huge variety of the full-sized sleeves is also lacking; there are currently just a few Quickshot textures to choose from.

Quickshot Reviews

The Vantage was one of the first Quickshot Fleshlights I tried, along with the original ‘Boost’ (no longer available). Recently, I have also used both the Pulse and Riley Reid Quickshots. 

Read on to find out how I liked the Quickshots and what are differences between Quickshot models.

Fleshlight Quickshot Vantage Review

Fleshlight Quickshot Vantage Masturbation Sleeve

The sleeve of the Vantage is similar to the ‘Ice’ Fleshlights; it is made with a transparent SuperSkin sleeve and a clear outer case. This enables you to see every movement of your penis while you are using it and adds an exciting visual element to masturbation. 

The texture of the Vantage is a series of spiraled raised areas with ridges set along them.

If you fancy transparent Fleshlights, read the reviews of: Fleshlight Ice Crystal, Flight Aviator, Go Torque, and Fleshskin Grip Blue Ice.

How the Vantage Feels

Overall, the Vantage impressed me. The texture was obvious enough that I could feel the stimulation immediately, especially along the shaft. The intensity was nice, but not overwhelming, and led to a very satisfying climax.

The open-ended design meant that I could keep the over-sensitive tip of my penis well away from any excess stimulation after orgasm.

The small case of the Quickshot felt surprisingly tight to me, especially when compared to other Fleshlights.

Many guys enjoy the tighter feel so this will not be an issue for everyone. I relieved it on the second use by removing the inner sleeve from the case, which allowed me a lot more freedom to control the tightness with my hand.

Be careful when removing the inner sleeve from the case; the material has a lot of give but it is not super-strong and could tear if handled roughly.

Quickshot Vantage Review Rating



Tightness - with case

Tightness - without case



How I rate Fleshlights explained

Fleshlight Quickshot Pulse Review

Fleshlight Quickshot Pulse

The Pulse is a very simple sleeve; the texture inside consists of three wide, rounded ridges which run around the sleeve, with small gaps creating ‘dips’ between them.

Like the Vantage, it is made with a transparent SuperSkin which I thought felt quite sticky to the touch. I have found that it’s likely to pick up fluff and dust if you don’t take care of it so make sure it’s always cleaned properly and stored in the case between uses. 

How the Pulse feels 

The ‘deep’ texture meant that the Pulse felt quite snug, but it was smooth enough that I didn’t find it uncomfortable. The texture is smooth but the feel as the bumps ran over my penis was really nice and very satisfying. 

Despite the uncomplicated texture, this sleeve is great for a quickie; it doesn’t need a lot of lube and cleaning it is really easy. I expected a slow session when I first saw it but I was surprised how fast I orgasmed once I started moving!

I also tried the Pulse without the case; this made it less intense and the ‘pressure and release’ feeling of the wide bumps was far less obvious. 

However, the dense texture makes it quite tight with the sleeve so larger guys might want to give this one a miss.   

Quickshot Pulse Review Rating



Tightness - with case

Tightness - without case



How I rate Fleshlights explained

Riley Reid Compact Utopia Quickshot Review

Fleshlight Quickshot Riley Reid

Like the standard Fleshlight Girls sleeve, this Quickshot has been modelled on the orifices of a real porn star. It has made the best of its open-ended design by incorporating Riley Reid’s Butt and Pussy molds: one at each end of the sleeve. 

Read Fleshlight Riley Reid Euphoria review.
Read Fleshlight Riley Reid Utopia review.

Inside, the double-ended design has been taken even further, with two distinct textures, each covering half of the sleeve. This gives the user a lot of options for such a small sleeve!  

The texture near the pussy end is a collection of long nubs which point inwards from the walls of a roughly spherical chamber (some fans might recognize this structure from the popular Destroya Sleeve). 

The butt half is more ‘blocky’, with raised ridges around the channel and a very tight orifice at the end!

How the Riley Red Quickshot Feels

Despite the tightness, I didn’t find this sleeve as overwhelming as I expected. I often find it difficult to enjoy the intensity of textures like the ‘fangs’ in the Destroya but the ability to push on though and out of the other end makes a big difference. 

In the interest of fairness, I tried both ends several times and concluded that the Pussy end is my favorite one to start at. The long nubs are a great beginning and pushing my penis head out of the tight ass at the other end felt amazing!

I prefered using the Riley Reid Quickshot without the case, which made it more spacious and allowed slower and more luxurious masturbation sessions.

I wasn’t keen on the transparent SuperSkin; I would have preferred the flesh color of the Girls sleeves so that the realistic orifices were easier to appreciate. Other than that tiny niggle though, I loved this one.  

Quickshot Riley Reid Utopia Review Rating



Tightness - with case

Tightness - without case



How I rate Fleshlights explained

Fleshlight Quickshots Review Summary

There is no doubt that the Quickshots don’t deliver quite the same experience as a regular Fleshlight, but I do not think they are inferior, just different. 

There is plenty to enjoy in the textured SuperSkin without the all-encompassing stimulation of the vaginal sleeves and the benefit of a quick and easy clean-up is not to be under-estimated!

Which Quickshot is the Best?

I think the new Riley Reid Quickshot is a big improvement over the older models. The double orifice and texture is a great concept and adds much more variety to the relatively simple Quickshots.

Hopefully, Fleshlight will continue to add ‘Girls’ Quickshots - the addition of the Quickshot Launch to their range certainly seems to suggest that they are planning more in this product line.

Get the Quickshot - the smallest and cheapest Fleshlight!

Fleshlight Quickshot Accessories

As Fleshlight began to expand their range of Quickshot sleeves, they have also added a few intriguing Quickshot accessories to their collection. 

Quickshot Shower Mount Adaptor

Perfect for hands free shower-play, this one does what the name suggests. You will need a Fleshlight Shower Mount (available to purchase separately); the adaptor on and allows you to connect your favorite Quickshot to the shower wall. Check the shower mount in the Fleshlight store.

Quickshot Launch 

Like the original Fleshlight Launch, this device is essentially a robot masturbator; you just screw in your favorite Quickshot and let the machine do the thrusting for you. This is a pretty amazing device - check out my in-depth Quickshot Launch review for more information.

Quick Connect

The Connect is a simple little device which can be used to connect two Quickshots together. This gives you the option of combining two favorite textures into a single sleeve. It’s also useful to be able to flip it around and switch between orifices and textures without having to put it down. 

The Connect is a nice solution if you love Quickshots but miss the more immersive experience of a full sleeve. 

It’s not quite the same - there is a small but noticeable gap between the two sleeves where they meet – but it’s a good compromise, especially if storage space, convenience or cash factor heavily in your buying decisions.

The Connect can also be used with both the Launch and the Shower Mount. 

See the Quickshot Quick Connect in the Fleshlight store.

Which Fleshlight Sex Toy Should you Buy: Quickshot or Regular?

So, which sleeve type would I recommend? The answer is: it depends (I know – not helpful!) But it really does depend on what you want from a masturbator.

There are pros and cons to both styles of sleeve and it is perhaps unfair to compare them directly. If you are looking for a ‘realistic’ imitation of the feeling of sex, then I would advise you to consider a standard Fleshlight.

You might also want to give the Quickshot a miss if you have a thicker penis as the compact size of the case might feel a little constrictive. See the best Fleshlight options for big men.

However, if you are looking for a sex toy to improve your masturbation experience, share with a partner, or hide from your flat mates or travel companions, the Fleshlight Quickshot is a pretty amazing little device. It also fits much more easily into both a small suitcase and a small budget.

If you’d like to buy a Quickshot, check the How to Buy a Fleshlight guide. After ordering one, reading the How to Use Fleshlight post is a good place to spend a couple of minutes.

If you want to try a male masturbator for free, check How to Make a Homemade Pocket Pussy: 7 Homemade Masturbators article.

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