Fleshlight Review: Anikka Albrite Goddess – Soft, Massaging Masturbator

Fleshlight Anikka Albrite Goddess

Anikka Albrite, ranked first on LA Weekly’s 2013 list of ‘10 Porn Stars Who Could Be the Next Jenna Jameson’, has been featured in over 250 adult movies since her debut performance in 2011. During this time she has been nominated for 21 awards and won 9. However, there is much more to Anikka that adult movies; her life before porn includes a double major in biology and business and a job as a lab technician.

The bisexual bombshell is married to porn actor Mick Blue, who has also worked with Fleshlight. She has two signature textures which bear her name: the Lady Fleshlight ‘Goddess’ (reviewed here) and the anal ‘Siren’ sleeve. 

Anikka Albrite Goddess
The soft massaging effect of the smooth sided bumps and ridges inside is surprisingly effective at bringing on a sudden and unexpectedly explosive orgasm

Anikka Albrite Goddess Fleshlight Review

Sleeve and Texture

Fleshlight Anikka Albrite Goddess

The Anikka Albrite Goddess is a Lady (pussy) sleeve from the Fleshlight Girls collection. The orifice is molded directly from Anikka’s own pussy lips and her signature is featured next to the entrance.

I have used a lot of Fleshlights but I thought the texture in the Goddess looked like nothing I have tried before.  Inside the entrance, the sleeve widens out into a large chamber lined with several large bumps followed by six wide raised ribs (three large and three smaller) which run lengthwise along the sleeve. Each of these mounds is topped with three raised, flat-topped bumps which push into the center of the canal.  

Fleshlight Mini Lotus
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After this section, around 5” (125mm) into the sleeve, the channel constricts. Bumps set on raised rings encircle the canal. Each of the rings is positioned slightly differently to the last, so the bumps offset each other and the pressure comes from different sides as you push through them.

The sleeve ends with three wide, raised rings. These occupy the section between 8 and 9 inches from the entrance so will be out of reach for many guys.

How the Anikka Albrite Goddess Feels

This sleeve feels a lot gentler than some; the edges are all rounded and the textures feel soft and smooth. The entrance is tight but the first section feels quite wide compared to some sleeves. However, the large size of the bumps means that you definitely know they are there – I could feel the pressure from them as soon as I slipped the head of my penis in. I found they became more noticeable as I pushed further into the sleeve and everything began to feel a little tighter.

Fleshlight Anikka Albrite Goddess texture

Fleshlight Anikka Albrite GoddessTexture

For average and smaller guys, the constriction in the middle (between 5” and 6” from the entrance) will be all you can reach. It’s enough. For me, the best section of the Goddess was the first few inches; I enjoyed pushing the head of my penis through the tight constriction while the first ridges massaged the shaft.  

The next set of bumps, beyond the constriction, are strongly stimulating as they press against the sensitive tip of the penis. The final rings at the end of the sleeve were out of reach for me.


The Goddess has a lot of texture so you need to make sure it is cleaned carefully, with plenty of fresh water run through from both ends. Rinse it well to make sure that any excess residue is fully removed and make sure it has plenty of time to dry in a warm spot before returning it to the case for storage.

Fleshlight Anikka Albrite Goddess Review Summary






How I rate Fleshlights explained

I’d recommend the Goddess to guys who prefer a massaging effect to the more pointed stimulation some of the most intense sleeve offer, but I’d warn them not to underestimate it! Each of the textures is quite smooth and I didn’t find it too intense to begin with; the effect is like a stimulating massage. But it built up quickly, and I was surprised by how much I was enjoying it by the time I finished (rather explosively).

Anikka Albrite Goddess
The soft massaging effect of the smooth sided bumps and ridges inside is surprisingly effective at bringing on a sudden and unexpectedly explosive orgasm

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