Fleshlight Fleshskins Grip Blue Ice Review: Great Beginner Fleshlight

Fleshlight Fleshskins Grip Blue Ice - packaging

We are all familiar with the ‘classic’ Fleshlight: a hefty plastic tube surrounding a soft inner sleeve. But recently, I have been experimenting with some other styles of Fleshlight – smaller, tighter and sometime cheaper options. So far they have almost (but never quite) lived up to the reputation of the standard sleeves.

The new Fleshskins Grip Blue Ice design promises to be something different. In fact, it is probably the most different Fleshlight I have seen. I was keen to try it out and see how it compared with the rest.

What is Fleshlight Fleshskins?

Fleshlight Fleshskins Grip Blue Ice - sleeve

The Fleshskins Grip is a masturbator sleeve which allows the user full control of the tightness. The main difference between the Fleshskins and other Fleshlights is that the Grip does not have a rigid outer case to hold its shape and it is not designed to be used with one.

If you are an experienced Fleshlight user, you might have tried using one of the standard sleeves without a case: an interesting experience but one which does not deliver the full effect the Fleshlight was designed for. Without the case most Fleshlight sleeves lose their structure and lack the suction which is meant to accompany their textures.

Fleshlight Mini Lotus
The most realistic Fleshlight

The Fleshskins Grip, however, is actually designed to be held directly in the hand. It has four holes for your fingers to slip through and is a convenient size to wrap your hand around. With a secure grip on the outside, you can control the tightness of the sleeve for every moment of your masturbation session.

The Grip is significantly smaller than a standard Fleshlight sleeve and open at both ends like a Quickshot. But, unlike the Quickshot, it is flexible enough to accommodate all penis sizes so even those of a larger than average girth will be able to use it comfortably. The Fleshskins Grip measures 5.35” (13.6 cm) at its longest point and the inner canal is 4.7” (12 cm) long. The open ends mean that penis length does not matter. At just under $40, the Fleshskins Grip Blue is also one of the cheapest Fleshlights on the market.

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Fleshskins Blue Ice Grip: Sleeve and Texture

Fleshlight Fleshskins Grip Blue Ice - sleeve 3

The Fleshskins Grip masturbator arrives in a neat case which doubles up as a holder for drying the sleeve. After using and cleaning it, you can set it back on the special rod and leave it out to air-dry before sealing the lid to keep it dust free in storage.

The Grip Blue Ice is made with a transparent, ice blue, Fleshlight skin material. It looks a lot like the Ice Crystal, Flight Aviator, Go Torque, and Quickshot Vantage models. One of the great things about clear sleeves is the full visibility they give you; I love that you can see your whole penis as it slides into and through the Fleshlight.

The inner texture is made up of large circular bumps and ribs which alternate through the sleeve. It starts with three rows of large domes, topped with small, nipple-like protrusions (they really do look a lot like breasts). These are followed by three concentric ribs. Three rows of irregular domes come next, then a rib and a row of small bumps. The sleeve ends with one final rib before a tight hole to exit. The shapes inside the canal look and feel a lot bigger than those I am used to in other Fleshlight sleeves, allowing them to be felt more easily in a looser and less structured sleeve.

How the Fleshskins Grip Feels

Once I had applied lube and got my fingers into position I was ready to test out the Grip. My first impression was that it was quite a loose feeling sleeve: the material is soft and floppy and the canal is quite wide. It is not as easy to slide into as the Quickshot or other designs with their rigid outer cases – you might need to use both hands to ease yourself into it.

Fleshlight Fleshskins Grip Blue Ice - texture

Fleshlight Fleshskins Blue Grip Texture

Once inside, I could feel the texture well enough but the shapes of the sleeve and the finger holes meant that I had a really good grip and felt very much in control of the tightness and intensity. This meant that the texture was intense without being overwhelming and using it was a really nice experience, which led to a great orgasm. The sleeve narrows noticeably towards the end and the small ‘exit’ hole felt particularly good as I pushed through it.

The Fleshskins Grip does have a few minor drawbacks. It lacks the feeling of full immersion you can get from a standard Fleshlight sleeve. It is also messy to use; the large shapes require plenty of lube but the open end means that this is not contained in the sleeve.

Fleshskins Grip vs. Fleshlight Quickshot

The size and shape of this sleeve mean that comparison with the Quickshot is almost inevitable. Neither offers the full immersive experience of the artificial vaginas but both offer easier access for cleaning. Overall, I preferred Fleshskins Grip, though there are pros and cons to both.

I found the Quickshot’s tight outer case too restrictive, but it did help to have something firm around the sleeve. The Fleshskins Grip lacks the structure of the Quickshot and the floppiness makes it more cumbersome to handle. However, the longer and looser design makes it more suitable for larger guys.

Fleshskins Grip size vs. Quickshot Size

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Cleaning this sleeve is very easy. The short length means that you can insert a finger to help remove any residue, and running flesh clean water through each end should deal with the rest. The drying rod was also useful to keep the sleeve away from dust or dirt while it dries. It will need several hours in a warm dry spot; try to leave the lid until it is fully dry as, although the lid has air holes, it will slow down the drying process.





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How I rate Fleshlights explained

I thought the textures felt great and I really liked the feeling of control I got with this sleeve. Overall, I would definitely recommend it, even if you just fancy a change from the regular Fleshlight sleeves. I would only advise giving this one a miss if you have a tendency to use a ‘death grip’ when masturbating, and prefer a firm outer sleeve to prevent this.

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