Fleshlight Flights: The Most Discreet Fleshlights

I will admit to being apprehensive the first time I ordered a Fleshlight. I thought that ‘everyone’ would know what I had ordered, and I spent some time trying to decide where I could keep my new toy out of sight once it arrived.

I certainly was not alone in my anxieties: discretion is something that many buyers worry about when shopping for sex toys. From concerns about packaging to details of what will be displayed on their credit card bill, it is common for first time buyers to have worries about privacy.

Fleshlight Mini Lotus
The most realistic Fleshlight

The good news is that reputable shops take pains to make sure their customers are happy with plain, unmarked packaging and nondescript business names for payment purposes.

Fleshlight Flight Models: Pilot, Instructor, Aviator

The bad news is that the articles themselves are not inconspicuous. Standard Fleshlights are big (bigger that many first time users expect them to be), bulky and quite obvious, despite their ‘flashlight’ disguise.

The humorous Sex in a Can (SIAC) masturbation sleeves are smaller but even less subtle (I've compared all the SIACs here). Popping them in a drawer or cupboard is a workable solution at home but if you travel often then you might also want a masturbator which will go unnoticed in luggage and travel bags.  

Enter the Fleshlight Flight. Sleek and sophisticated sleeves in plain colors, they are smaller than the standard Fleshlights and less attention grabbing than the SIAC collection.

The smooth cases of the three Flight models mean that they slip neatly into a suitcase or travel bag and can be easily hidden in a drawer. For this reason, they are sometimes called ‘travel Fleshlights’ and are often referred to as Fleshlight’s most discreet models.          




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Flight Pilot

Flight Instructor

Flight Aviator

Fleshjack Flights are identical to the Fleshlight Flight models.

What Exactly Is Fleshlight Flight?

Fleshlight Flight sleeves are Fleshlight’s smaller better looking cousins. They are just under 7” (175mm) long without the case; with case and caps they measure 7.5” (190mm). This is almost 2” shorter than the standard Fleshlight. The Flight models are also about 1” (25mm) narrower than the standard Fleshlights. (Learn more about sizes of different Fleshlights).

Fleshlight Flight Size vs. Full-Sized Fleshlight

The basic design - soft SuperSkin sleeve with a hard plastic case and end caps – will be familiar to all Fleshlight fans. The textured interior is soft and yielding and the textures themselves range from mild to super-intense.

Fleshlight Flights are not only smaller than regular Fleshlights: they also look smoother. There are three Flight models: the black-cased ‘Pilot’, the white ‘Instructor’ and the transparent ‘Aviator’. The clear case of the Aviator is similar to the Fleshlight Ice models; it is great to look at but not as discreet as the others.

The entrance on all three Flights is discreet, designed to look a bit like a jet engine turbine. It lacks the ‘realism’ of the vaginal and anal orifices sported by other Fleshlight sleeves but fits perfectly into the sleek appearance of the Flight.    

Fleshlight Flight Pros and Cons


Sophisticated Design: The visual appeal of the Flight is undeniable and they blend into the background much better than other Fleshlight sleeves.

Small Size: The reduced size makes these easier to handle than other Fleshlights: a definite bonus if you have small hands or intend to play with a female partner.

Portable: The Flights, as their name suggests, are easy to travel with. They slip neatly and unobtrusively into a suitcase.

Low Price: You can pick up a Fleshlight Flight for near $40.

Fleshlight Flight Products


Narrower Width: The size of these sleeves can feel restrictive and tight, especially if you have a larger than average penis.

Limited Textures: There are currently only three textures in the Flight series. All three are well-rated but Fleshlight connoisseurs might want to explore the whole range.

Who Should Buy a Fleshlight Flight?

There can be no doubt that the Flight models are much more limited in their appeal than the standard sleeves. But I would advise you not to discount them; their good points are definitely worth considering and far outweigh their bad.

If one of the following applies to you then I would encourage you to try a Fleshlight Flight.

You travel frequently: The main benefit of the Flight models is the ease of slipping them into a suitcase; they really are as travel friendly as the name suggests. If you travel a lot and don’t want to miss out while you are away then the Flight is an ideal portable masturbation companion.   

You share a room or flat: Masturbation is not always easy when you share your living space. Fleshlights are bulky and take up a lot of space so, if your living accommodation is crowded or compact then smaller masturbators could be the best solution.

Once a week I comb through two dozen sex toy companies and sex shops to find the best deals on male sex toys.

You find full sized Fleshlights too bulky: Discretion is not the only reason to buy a smaller Fleshlight sleeve. Their size and build also make them a lot nicer to hold than their larger counterparts.  

Your budget is limited: Fleshlights are great, but they are not cheap, especially if you start a collection. Some of the smaller models, including Flights, are more budget friendly. They are a great place to start if funds are limited, or as an addition to a Fleshlight collection which has started to stretch your wallet!

Who is the Fleshlight Flight not for?

Larger guys, especially those with a wide girth, might find the Flight models uncomfortably tight. The sensations are definitely made more intense by the smaller size of the sleeves so if you find tight Fleshlights uncomfortable then I would advise sticking to the standard sleeves.

Fleshlight Flight Reviews

I have reviewed each of the Flight models in depth elsewhere on this site (Pilot, Instructor, and Aviator reviews), and summarized each of the models below. They all have their good points but if your penis measures more than 7” or has an especially wide girth then I’d recommend skipping to the alternatives outlined further below.

Flight Pilot

Fleshlight Flight Pilot

The Flight Pilot has a smart black case and an inner texture very similar to that of the full sized Destroya sleeve): often regarded as one of Fleshlight’s most intense textures. The entrance is easy to slip into and the long ‘fangs’ inside provide a powerful stimulation all around the penis. The sleeve ends with a ribbed section which is comparatively gentle on the sensitive tip of the penis but even so, the Pilot is definitely not a sleeve for slow and gentle masturbation.

I would recommend this sleeve for guys who like fast and intense masturbation. If you’re using it for travel then a quick finish might be just what you are looking for.

Flight Instructor

Fleshlight Flight Instructor Review

The Flight Instructor is not as intense as the Pilot. The texture is made up of medium sized bumps which surround the penis on all sides for the main part of the sleeve. The final section is smooth walled and provides relief from the stimulation of the bumps. It is a nice sleeve with a good amount of sensation and can be used more slowly than the Pilot.

Personally, I found the second, smooth part of the sleeve uninteresting. This one would be good for guys who prefer a gentler sleeve and long, slow masturbation.    

Flight Aviator

Fleshlight Flight Aviator sleeve

The Aviator is one of the Fleshlight Ice models. Its case and sleeve are both transparent so that you can see the whole length of your penis when you are inside it. The texture is a series of ‘sharp’ edged blocks which encircle the canal. The edges rub pleasantly along the penis and create a really interesting sensation – arousing without being too intense.   

The extra visual appeal is what really makes the Ice models stand out for me – I love watching the action as I slide in. However, the clear sleeve definitely is not discreet: this one is a lot less subtle that the other Flight models and would not go unnoticed if someone happened to glance at it.    

Fleshjack Flights

Flight masturbators are also available on Fleshjack.com, a site dedicated to ‘gay’ masturbators. The Fleshjack Flights are identical to the models described above; the only difference is that they are marketed to guys who fancy other guys.  

Other Discreet Fleshlights

Fleshlight regularly bring out new designs so if you decide that the Flight sleeves are not for you then you might consider one of the alternatives below.

Fleshlight Quickshot

Fleshlight Quickshot: Vantage vs. Boost

There are actually two Quickshot Fleshlights: the Boost and the Vantage. They are the most compact masturbators Fleshlight have produced (and the cheapest). At just 4.3" (11 cm), they are half the length of the regular sleeves and significantly shorter than the Flight and Go models: perfect for discreet storage. (Read Quickshot Boost and Vantage reviews here).

However, the Quickshots are too small to deliver the complete immersive experience of the vaginal sleeves – they are designed to fit around the penis like a ring, rather than enclosing it completely. Their open ended design does have the advantage of being suitable for longer penises; it also makes them easy to clean.

Fleshlight Go

The Fleshlight Go lacks the sleek looking outer case of the Flight models but, at 7.9" (20 cm), it is still significantly smaller than the standard sleeves. Its case, with ‘Fleshlight’ written along the side, is not especially discreet. Apart from the design, the Go models are quite comparable to the Fleshlight Flights. There are two ‘Go’ textures: the Surge and the Torque. (Read Go Surge review here).

For all recommended small Fleshlight models, see the Complete Guide to Fleshlights.

Fleshlight GO Surge




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Go Surge

Quickshot Vantage

Quickshot Boost

Conclusion: The Best Discreet Masturbator – Flight Pilot 

The Flight Pilot is everything you need in a discreet masturbator. The black case would go unnoticed in most surroundings and the super-intense texture is based on a longstanding Fleshlight favorite.

You can even fit in a quick masturbation session in a hotel room without attracting attention (if you can keep the noise down!). See my full review here.

If the size is more critical for you than discreet design, then the Go Surge is a great choice. (Read Go Surge review).

Not sure how to buy a Fleshlights? See the How to Buy a Fleshlight guide. While learning about Fleshlights, check also the How to Use a Fleshlight guide.

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