Fleshlight Flight Instructor Review: A Smaller Fleshlight

Fleshlight Flight Instructor Review

Fleshlight Flight male masturbators are the good looking ones in the large Fleshlight family. They are substantially smaller and lighter and have a more refined design than most other Fleshlights.

Also, the Flight doesn't announce its function loudly as it has a discreet, non-descriptive design for both the case and sleeve.

So, the Flight looks great, but how's the substance? Does Fleshlight Flight Instructor feel as good as its fully grown cousins? Read on to find out where it lacks and shines.

What is Fleshlight Flight?

Flight Instructor and Flight Pilot

Fleshlight has two different Flight models; Instructor and Pilot. They share the same size and external design. The Instructor has a white case and the Pilot is black.

Where the models differ is the sleeve texture; the Instructor's bumpy sleeve is similar to Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit, whereas the Pilot's more varied texture can be compared to Destroya.

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This review is about Fleshlight Flight Instructor. I've also reviewed the more intense Flight Pilot and transparent Flight Aviator. You can find the Pilot review here and the Aviator review here.

There are also Fleshjack Flight Pilot and Instructor models. For all the uses and purposes they are the same as the Fleshlight models.

Fleshlight Mini Lotus
The most realistic Fleshlight

Size of Fleshlight Flight

Fleshlight Flight Instructor Next to a Full-Sized Fleshlight

The case of Fleshlight Flight is just under 8" (20 cm) long. At its widest point, it is 3.1" (8 cm).

This makes the Flight full 2" (5 cm) shorter and 0.6" (1.5 cm) narrower than a fully grown Fleshlight.

The difference in size is quite dramatic. When the regular Fleshlight feels huge, the Flight's size is just about right.

Fleshlight advertises the Flight sleeve as 6" (15 cm) long, but its full length, including the orifice, is 7" (17.5 cm) which makes it suitable for most men.

Earlier this year, I measured several Fleshlights, including the Flight Instructor, to find out their real dimensions. For more information, check out the Fleshlight sizes article.

The Flight also weighs a third less than a full-sized Fleshlight, 400g vs. 600g, making it easier and less tiring to use.

Design and Materials of Fleshlight Flight Instructor

If the regular Fleshlight resembles a super-sized flashlight, the Flight takes a decidedly more refined approach in its design. The stylish case is made of hard plastic and has rows of dimples, or tiny recesses, that improve the grip. The slanted end cap and smoothly rounding curves lend an impression more akin to luxury products than sex toys.

The sleeve has a discreet, non-anatomical orifice that is said to be inspired by a jet engine turbine.

The sleeve material is SuperSkin, like on all Fleshlight products. It seems the SuperSkin formula is tweaked for the Flight Instructor as it feels a tiny bit softer. It also has a unique opaque color.

Fleshlight Flight Instructor - Orifice

Fleshlight Flight
Instructor Orifice

Unlike some reviewers, I didn't notice any stickiness in the sleeve material. If anything, it is less sticky than other Fleshlights.

The sleeve is quite snug and, for the first two-thirds, has rows of simple bumps similar to Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit. The last third of the sleeve is wide and non-textured.

The canal is the tightest of my five Fleshlights, but it doesn't feel too tight. See here for more information about how I've measured dimensions of several Fleshlights.

If you wish to find more about the best small-size Fleshlights, see the Fleshlight Guide. For first time Fleshlight buyers, the How to Buy a Fleshlight and How to Use a Fleshlight posts are great reads.

Fleshlight Flight Instructor Sleeve Texture

Fleshlight Flight Instructor Sleeve Texture

What Does Fleshlight Flight Instructor Feel Like?

One of the first things I noticed when I started using the Flight was how lightweight it was. Usually, I use my Fleshlights hands-free but with the Flight, I unconsciously began using it with my hands. Moving it, stroking back and forth, is much more comfortable than with the full-sized Fleshlights. 

As mentioned above, the Flight Instructor's canal is quite narrow. That doesn't mean, though, that it would be uncomfortably tight. I'm 7" long with 5" girth and the sleeve tightness felt very good. But, if you're longer or thicker, the Flight Instructor isn't probably for you.

The sleeve definitely feels quite tight. It's not too tight but I need to push a little harder to enter. When inside, the bumps massage the shaft and glans quite intensely. For me, the smooth last third provides a nice relief as it is less intense. Some may think that the bottom third lacks stimulation.

Overall, the intensity of the sleeve falls in the middle. It is not as intense as the GO Surge, but more intense than, for example, the Kayden Kross Bookworm. I think the intensity is boosted by the tightness of the canal, otherwise, the simple texture could be a little boring.

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Interestingly, the Flight sleeve material warms up quite a bit faster than the other Fleshlights. The similarly sized GO Surge was still cold inside when the Flight Instructor was warm throughout. I warm up my Fleshlights by wrapping them in a microwaveable heating pad.

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Washing and Drying Fleshlight Flight Instructor

To clean the Flight Instructor, I follow my regular process; 1) run a lot of warm water through the sleeve to rinse off the fluids, 2) brush all surfaces I can reach with my hand and fingers, 3) dry the sleeve with a lint-free towel, 4) hang to dry above a baseboard heater where the rising warm air dries the sleeve faster.

As with heating up, I found out that the Flight Instructor is a pretty quick to dry. It takes only about a half of the time to dry in comparison to other Fleshlights.

For more information about cleaning and care, check my guide to Fleshlight care.

How Does Fleshlight Flight Instructor Compare to Other Fleshlights?

I think the Flight Instructor is a pretty good Fleshlight. It is not as intense or exciting as the GO Surge - which is my favorite Fleshlight - but it offers a similar, or better, experience to the much larger Fleshlight Bookworm.

Fleshlight GO and Flight are very similar in size. They are both much smaller than the regular Fleshlights.

Fleshlight Quickshot is the only smaller masturbator that Fleshlight offers, but, for me, the Flight Instructor is a better option than the Quickshot; The Flight Instructor gives you the full Fleshlight experience whereas the Quickshot, while improving your masturbation quite a bit, falls short of a proper Fleshlight.

The new Fleshlight Fleshskins Grip Blue Ice that Fleshlight introduced in 2018, is another good smaller and cheaper Fleshlight option. Read the Fleshskins Grip Blue Ice review here.

Fleshlight has several masturbation sleeves which use bumps extensively. If you like bumps, read also reviews for Stamina Training Unit, Riley Steel Nipple Alley, Freaks Alien, Nina Hartley Cougar, and Speed Bump.

Other Resources

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Conclusion: Fleshlight Flight Instructor Review

out of 10

Fleshlight Flight Instructor is the best looking, compact Fleshlight. Using it feels great but it falls a little short of being my favorite Fleshlight. GO Surge holds the crown due to its more interesting texture.

The Flight Instructor isn't a suitable option for extra-large men but regular sized men and, especially, anyone below the average size should consider the Flight Instructor as one of the best options available; it's tight, sleek, and cheaper than full-sized Fleshlights.


  • A fully-fledged Fleshlight in a smaller, great looking case
  • Tight sleeve
  • Cheaper than regular Fleshlights
  • Fast warming and drying SuperSkin material


  • Max. penetration depth is 7" (17.5 cm)
  • Not the most exciting sleeve texture

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