Fleshlight Review: Flight Pilot – Intense Travel Fleshlight

Fleshlight Flight is a series of compact ‘travel’ masturbators, designed to deliver all the fun of a full sized Fleshlight in a smaller and less obvious package. There are currently three sleeves in this series: the Pilot, the Instructor, and the Aviator.

The Fleshlight Flight Pilot comes in a smart back case with a length of around 7.5” (190mm) (8” / 200mm with the cap fitted). It is also slimmer than the regular Fleshlight: a smaller, sleeker alternative to the regular Fleshlights, and more discreet than the Sex in a Can series. It seems to be the best of both worlds for those who want a compact and portable masturbator.

Fleshlight Flight Pilot Review

Sleeve and Texture

Fleshlight Flight Pilot

The length of the Pilot insert is just 6.9” (17.5 cm). This is ideal for most average penises, but bigger guys might prefer to stick with the regular sleeves for full penetration. Thicker guys should also be aware that the Pilot is slimmer than usual and might feel a little tight, though the soft Superskin inside will flex to accommodate most penises.

The main benefit of the smaller design is ease of handling. The case is smaller and lighter in the hand, so if you find the size of the regular designs too cumbersome then this is an ideal alternative. It is also an ideal travel companion as it will fit neatly into your luggage and is plain enough that it will not attract attention.

Fleshlight Mini Lotus
The most realistic Fleshlight

The inner sleeve is clear and features a swirl-like opening followed by the same four textures as the intense Stoya Destroya sleeve, in miniature. A small entry passage, lined with small bumps, is followed by a round chamber with inward facing long-stemmed bumps or ‘fangs’. Next is a tight constriction and a second, longer chamber where more long bumps protrude into the canal at a 45 degree angle, facing the front of the sleeve.

This second chamber ends with a circle of bumps and is followed by the final section and texture of the sleeve: a densely ribbed passage. This differs from the Destroya only in that is does not narrow towards the end.

The smaller dimensions of the Pilot mean that all of the textures are more accessible; the final ribbed section starts less than 5” from the entry.

How the Flight Pilot Feels

I found the larger Destroya very, very intense so was expecting this sleeve to feel even more so.

The entrance is not too tight and the circular swirl is easy to slip into. The first textured chamber comes up very quickly, and the bumps and fangs are just as stimulating as I expected. They create tiny points of pressure all around the sensitive tip of the penis. The second set of long-stemmed bumps swirl gently around your length as you push through them and it’s almost a relief to reach the comparatively gentle ribbed section at the end of the sleeve.

Fleshlight Flight Pilot Texture

Fleshlight Flight Pilot Texture

If you have tried the super intense Destroya then you will have a good idea what to expect in the Pilot, though the experience is not exactly the same. The shorter length means that the textures are closer to the entrance and the narrower girth makes them feel even more intense. There is also less ‘give’ in the surrounding material, which makes the experience a little less realistic than the larger model.

The Pilot is definitely not made for long masturbation sessions: the intense stimulation leads to a very quick orgasm and the heavily textured sleeve quickly becomes almost uncomfortable to the over-sensitive penis.


The multi-textured sleeve needs careful cleaning to make sure that any residue is removed from the corners between the bumps. Run plenty of water through the sleeve and rinse several times. Its short length means that it is easier to insert a finger to help with the cleaning. Drying time is average in a warm dry spot; remember to make sure it is thoroughly dry before returning it to storage.







How I rate Fleshlights explained

The Flight Pilot is ideal for smaller guys who like intense stimulation or those who prefer a more generic orifice (the swirl-shaped entry on the Pilot is not designed to resemble a real orifice in any way). It’s also a good choice to slip into a suitcase or travel bag, as are the other two ‘Flight’ Fleshlights recommended below.

Love the Flight Pilot’s sleek exterior?

Why not take a look at the other two Fleshlights in the Flight series?

The Flight Instructor comes in a sleek white case and features a stimulating bump texture followed by smooth walls towards the end of the sleeve. It is less intense that the Pilot and ideal for longer masturbation sessions.

Flight Aviator: The inner sleeve of the Aviator is made up of a series of ringed ‘notches’ with defined edges which are very stimulating. With is clear casing and transparent sleeve, it is less discreet than the other two Flight Fleshlights.

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