Fleshlight Review: Speed Bump – Bumpy, Simple Fleshlight

The Speed Bump is one of the Classic style pink Fleshlight sleeves. It is available from Fleshlight.com (as Build Your Own Fleshlight and sleeve only options) and can be customized with a choice of case and one of four basic orifices: mouth, pussy, butt and cheeks.

Some of the other classic sleeves in this collection are quite lackluster, but some, like the Mini Lotus, STU and Destroya, are some of the best Fleshlight has to offer. With this in mind I was keen to try out the Speed Bump and see to which category it belongs to.

Fleshlight Speed Bump Sleeve Review

Sleeve and Texture

Fleshlight Speed Bump

Like the other classic sleeves, the Speed Bump has a simple texture. The inner channel is around 0.6” (15mm) wide and lined with rounded bumps. These start just inside the entrance and extend all the way to the end of the sleeve. They are arranged in slightly offset rows which surround the whole length of your penis.

Fleshlight Mini Lotus
The most realistic Fleshlight

The Speed Bump is quite similar in design to the ever popular STU, or Stamina Training Unit, and the less known Nipple Alley, but there are some definite differences.

The Speed Bump is narrower than Nipple Alley and its bumps are less densely packed that the STU. Most importantly, despite their similar appearances, there is a quite distinctive difference in feeling between the three sleeves.

How the Fleshlight Speed Bump Feels

One of my favorite things about sleeves which consist of just one texture is the intense feeling created by constant stimulation. It surrounds the penis and doesn’t let up at all. This can be overwhelming in some sleeves, but is very satisfying in others. The Speed Bump is one of the latter.

As soon as you start to enter the sleeve your penis is surrounded by tiny points of stimulation, created as each tiny bump rubs against you. As you push further in these little points of feeling surround the whole length of the shaft from all sides.

Fleshlight Speed Bump Texture

Fleshlight Speed Bump Texture

I found the Speed Bump enjoyable, without being too intense. It is tight enough for an average guy to feel, but not uncomfortably tight. I would recommend it as a good first Fleshlight sleeve if you don’t know where to start.


While the Fleshlight Speed Bump does have a lot of texture, the bumps are wide enough to make cleaning easy. Run clean water through the sleeve to remove residue and leave it out in a warm spot until it is thoroughly dry inside. .







How I rate Fleshlights explained

Choosing between the three ‘bumpy’ sleeves will very much depend on personal preference. Personally, I enjoyed the Speed Bump much more than the super intense STU. It managed to be intense enough to be enjoyable, without overstimulating as my sensitive penis neared orgasm.

However, large guys might want to try Nipple Alley, while those who prefer more obvious and intense stimulation might prefer the STU.

Like the Speed Bump? Why not try one of the following similar sleeves?

Nipple Alley: Like the Speed Bump, Nipple Alley is lined with rounded bumps. However, each bump is topped with a tiny ‘nipple’ which adds to the sensation and makes it more interesting. The relatively wide canal makes it ideal for larger guys.

Fleshlight has several masturbation sleeves which use bumps extensively. If you like bumps, read also reviews for Stamina Training Unit, Freaks Alien, Nina Hartley Cougar, and Flight Instructor.

Super Ribbed: If you loved the simplicity of the Speed Bump then you might also enjoy the Super Ribbed. It has a simple ribbed pattern that feels very intense to use.

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