The First Fleshlight: How Good Is Fleshlight Pink Lady Original?

Fleshlight Original 300x300 px

Fleshlight Original

Fleshlight Pink Lady Original is the male masturbator that started it all. The Original Fleshlight continues to be a popular masturbation sleeve but is it the Fleshlight recommended to buy or are newer models better (see my In-depth Guide to Best Fleshlights)?

I have a handful of Fleshlights and was curious to compare the Original against the later models which have more diverse textures and sizes. As the Original Fleshlight has a completely smooth and flat canal, I also wanted to see if the less intense sleeve would allow me to enjoy longer masturbation sessions.

Read on to find out if the Fleshlight Pink Lady Original can fend off the competition from newer Fleshlight models, or is it still the best Fleshlight out there to buy.

Classic Pink Lady
The male masturbator that started it all.

A Short History of Fleshlights

The story of Fleshlight started in 1995. A fellow called Steve Shubin was told to avoid sex with his wife during her high-risk pregnancy. Being a sexually-active man, Steve felt that there must be something to ease up the sexual frustration.

The journey leading to the first Fleshlight started. Developing a realistic, high-quality, and non-sleazy male masturbator took two years before the production line started in 1997.

Since then, Fleshlight has grown to be the biggest male sex toy company in the world. Their active catalog now has over 60 different Fleshlight masturbators, plus several other sex toys. Fleshlight has become almost synonymous with male masturbators.

Fleshlight Mini Lotus
The most realistic Fleshlight

The Story Behind Fleshlight by RealWorldTestDrives


Kissa Sins Insatiable
  • Delivers mind-blowing orgasms every time.
Mini Lotus
  • Very realistic feeling sleeve and a very popular choice; ideal for a first time Fleshlight user.
Mia Malkova Boss Level
  • A fantastic all-round good Fleshlight with a firm grip and constant stimulation.

What Is Fleshlight Pink Lady Original?

As I've covered the basic Fleshlight information in other articles, I've included only the key facts below. For further information, check Fleshlight Kayden Kross Bookworm review and Step-by-step Guide to Choosing the Best Fleshlight.

Fleshlight Classic Pink Lady Original

Fleshlight Original

Fleshlight Pink Lady Original with Case


The material used in the Fleshlight sleeves feels very soft and pleasant. It is extremely pliable but still has some resistance when touched. It doesn't feel exactly like flesh but the sensation, when penetrated, is very pleasurable.

Fleshlight calls their material SuperSkin. SuperSkin is made of TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer), which a safe sex toy material but due to its porous nature requires thorough cleaning and drying. With good care, Fleshlight sleeves can last many years.


When you handle the Fleshlight, you’ll immediately realize that it is BIG. It is also heavy and handling it can be a little clumsy. It is definitely not like a flashlight. I can see where the inspiration comes from but as a disguise, it’s pretty poor.

The case measures 2.5” - 4” (6 - 10 cm) wide and 10” (25 cm) long, which makes it almost as big as a wine bottle.

The length of the Fleshlight Original sleeve is 9” (23 cm). The inside diameter of the canal is 3/4" (20 mm), which is on the larger side of different Fleshlight models. If you feel this is too large for you, consider one of the tighter Fleshlights.

I measured several Fleshlights as part of my Fleshlight Go Surge Review. Read on to find the specific dimensions for different Fleshlight models.

Hands-free masturbation is more fun!

Fleshlight Shower Mount and On-A-Mission mount add quite a bit to the masturbation. Read more on the Fleshlight mounts review.


You can choose between three different orifice options; Lady, Butt, and Mouth. You will also find the Cheeks option from the Build-Your-Own Fleshlight section on their website.

Fleshlight Orifice Lady


Fleshlight Orifice Butt


Fleshlight Orifice Mouth


Fleshlight Orifice Cheeks


In the Build-Your-Own Fleshlight, you can also select the Super Tight texture which has the same smooth, un-textured canal as the Original but is only 1/2" (13 mm) wide. It's an option if you want a smooth Fleshlight but think the Original is too big.

Fleshlight Banner

How Good Is Fleshlight Pink Lady Original?

I will get straight to the point; I think that Fleshlight Pink Lady Original is the worst Fleshlight I have used. It is boring and provides very limited sensations (compared to the other Fleshlights - I've got five).

It feels nice to be able to sink in all the way to my balls but other than that, I think, even my hand can offer more variety and excitement than the Fleshlight Original.

The Fleshlight SuperSkin material feels great and entering the sleeve is very nice, as always, but what I find inside leaves me cold. I don't think that I'm too small either for the Original. My girth is average, 5" (13 cm).

Fleshlight Pink Lady Original Sleeve

Fleshlight Pink Lady Original Sleeve

This appears to be a common sentiment on Fleshlight Forums and Reddit/r/fleshlight. As opinions about good and bad male masturbators vary greatly, there are people that like Fleshlight Original but, in general, it seems to be one of the least liked Fleshlights.

Some people have commented that they've found a good use for the Original when they masturbate with a more intense Fleshlight sleeve. Alternating between Original and the other sleeve has helped them to prolong their sessions.

So, is the Original Fleshlight still worth of buying? In my opinion, no. There are so many Fleshlights that feel amazing and will increase the pleasure you get from masturbation greatly. Steer away from Pink Lady Original and buy one of the newer and improved versions instead.

Recommended reading: How to Buy a Fleshlight & How to Use a Fleshlight.

Which Fleshlight Should I Buy?

Out of my five Fleshlights, I recommend GO Surge and Kayden Kross Bookworm most. The Surge is a fairly intense texture that comes in the smaller GO case, whereas the Bookworm is a regular-sized, medium intensity sleeve. You can find my Bookworm review here.

As I have learned more about Fleshlight through experience and forums, if I were looking for my first Fleshlight, I would also consider Destroya or Mini Lotus textures. They are the sleeves that are most often recommended in forum discussions.

Destroya is a very intense sleeve based on porn star Stoya's appearance, and Mini Lotus is often mentioned as the most realistic texture. Mini Lotus is available in several models; you can find it as a Build-Your-Own model or in the Fleshlight Girls selection.

You cannot really go wrong with any of the Fleshlights as long as you just don't buy the Pink Lady Original. Pick one listed here or choose one based on your favorite starlet.

Want to try male masturbators for free? See Homemade Fleshlight: How to Make a DIY Pocket Pussy for instructions and reviews.

Conclusion of Fleshlight Pink Lady Original Review

out of 10

The Fleshlight Pink Lady Original is the most boring of all Fleshlight masturbation sleeves I've used. It is not worth buying. Instead, get any of the other Fleshlight models and your masturbation pleasure will increase greatly.


  • Wonderful SuperSkin material
  • Dries quickly


  • A very boring sleeve
  • Sensation and its intensity are way below other Fleshlights

The Fleshlight Original was underwhelming but there are a lot of great Fleshlights. See the my Guide to Fleshlights (updated in 2017).

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