Fleshlight Review: Mia Malkova Lvl Up – Intense Tentacled Masturbator

Fleshlight Mia Malkova Lvl Up

Like thousands of American teenagers before her, Californian blonde Mia Malkova began her working life in the food service industry, with early jobs in McDonald's and Sizzler. 

However, the actress was destined for greater things: in 2012 she began to seriously pursue a career in porn, and by the end of the year she had been named ‘Twistys Treat of the Month’.

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Since then she has become a porn sensation. She’s racked up over 200 acting credits, been nominated for 10 awards, and won 3. 

Malkova is confident in her choices and has spoken freely about her love of sex and her enjoyment of her chosen path. She was also the focus of the 2018 documentary ‘God, Sex and Truth’.

Like Malkova herself, the Fleshlight masturbator modeled on her pussy was an instant success and quickly became a Fleshlight bestseller. I was keen to give it a whirl. 

Mia Malkova Lvl Up
Level up with this fascinating sci-fi sleeve from porn actress Mia Malkova. Winding tentacles, sharp edged ribs, and bulbous mounds surround you from all sides.

Mia Malkova Lvl Up Fleshlight Review

Sleeve and Texture

Fleshlight Mia Malkova Lvl Up - sleeve

Lvl Up has one of the strangest looking textures I have seen on any Fleshlight. The name of the sleeve might appeal to gamers but inside it is pure sci-fi; it looks like a bizarre combination of textured tentacles and smooth sided blobs with robotic ridges and bumps.

Of course, appearance matters very little inside a Fleshlight sleeve but, if the idea appeals to you, a little fantasy fulfilment only adds to the experience.   

The first section of Mia Malkova’s exclusive sleeve is unquestionably the oddest. Wide ribs spiral gently around the first 3.5” (88 mm) of the channel, tapering gently to tips. These ridges are covered with tiny bumps and topped with several ‘rings’ which create the appearance of fleshy tentacles with suckers along their length. Small ribs run across the gaps between them, creating a complex texture which is like nothing I’ve ever seen before. 

After the tentacles, there is a small ring of flat-topped bumps, followed by several very large, smooth lumps separated by more wide, chunky ribs. 

The third section has two double rings of small, slightly pointed nubs, divided by smooth-sided ribs which create a tight constriction to push though. These ribs are also angled so that they point towards the sleeve entrance. 

The final texture starts nearly 7” (172 mm) into the sleeve, meaning that it will be out of reach of many guys. Five staggered rows of square-topped bumps circle the final inch of the channel.


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How the Mia Malkova Fleshlight Feels

The strange mental image of being wrapped in tentacles disappeared the moment I entered the Lvl Up; the spiraling texture gripped me immediately and the bumps and ribs were instantly stimulating.

Like many spiral textures, the ‘tentacles’ create a sensation of being ‘milked’ and they continued to grip the penis as I pushed further into the sleeve.

The wide bumps in the middle of the sleeve are large enough to feel as they press firmly from all sides and the ribs that surround them are also noticeable, adding stimulating points between the soft surfaces of the mounds.

Fleshlight Mia Malkova Lvl Up - texture

Fleshlight Mia Malkova Lvl Up Texture

The large, slanted ribs which follow create constrictions; it feels really good to push against these and experience the release as you ‘pop’ through each one. 

Lvl Up has one of the best and strongest beginnings of any Fleshlight sleeve I have tried, making it a fantastic choice for smaller guys who feel that they ‘miss out’ on the interesting parts in some other sleeves. 

I didn’t reach the end section but even without it I found this one of the more stimulating and enjoyable textures I have tried, with the end result of a quick and powerful orgasm.


Like many complex Fleshlight sleeves, the Lvl Up is tricky to clean. 

The deep textures create many small spaces where lube and residue can build up and these all need to be cleaned thoroughly. I’d advise running water through from both ends. Use your fingers to trap some inside and swish it around to rinse out all the little gaps. 

The different widths and textures also mean that drying can take longer than usual; several hours in a warm spot (don’t put the sleeve directly onto a hot surface) should suffice but always check that the channel is completely dry before returning it to storage.

Fleshlight Mia Malkova Lvl Up Review Summary






How I rate Fleshlights explained

Despite the complexity of this sleeve, the textures combine nicely and work well together. 

The only negative for me was that I couldn’t keep moving in the sleeve after orgasm; the ‘rough’ texture was a little too much at this point. 

However, the Mia Malkova Lvl Up should suit anyone who enjoys intensity in a sleeve and is looking for something different. 

Mia Malkova Lvl Up
Level up with this fascinating sci-fi sleeve from porn actress Mia Malkova. Winding tentacles, sharp edged ribs, and bulbous mounds surround you from all sides.

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