Fleshlight Review: Jenna Jameson Legend – Queen of Porn Fleshlight

Jenna Jameson is a legend in the porn industry, so her exclusive Fleshlight is aptly named. For this reason alone I was looking forward to trying this sleeves; read on to see if it lived up to its name.

Introducing Jenna Jameson

Fleshlight Jenna Jameson Legend

Jenna Jameson started making adult movies in 1993, though she had entered the adult industry two years earlier as a dancer and nude model. She still works today, although recent appearances have been in mainstream productions.

Despite her fame as a porn actress, Jenna refers to herself as a feminist and entrepreneur. Her business interests have included the websites ClubJenna, a strip club, chat and telephone services, and a video game. Her name has also been associated with a line of handbags, perfumes, action figures and sex toys.

Fleshlight Mini Lotus
The most realistic Fleshlight

Jenna Jameson is one of the few porn stars to have become a household name, largely due to her experience and talent as an actress and businesswoman. It is difficult to avoid having similarly high expectations of her exclusive Fleshlight sleeve, which was created in 2014.

Jenna Jameson Legend Fleshlight Review

The Jenna Jameson Legend Fleshlight is a vaginal sleeve with a combination of different textures found behind the perfect replica of Jenna’s famous pussy lips. Like the other sleeves in the Fleshlight Girls series it displays a copy of her signature next to the entrance.

Sleeve and Texture

Fleshlight Jenna Jameson Legend

Legend has a lot of textures and can be roughly divided into seven sections over the nine inches of the sleeve. It looks interesting, to say the least!

Inside the entrance the canal starts with two wide cross ribs followed by a slight constriction and three wide elongated bumps which twist around the sides of the canal. Next come two offset rows of large bumps with pointed tips, before the canal opens out slightly into a short smooth-walled section.

At just over 3.5” (85mm) from the entrance the sleeve constricts again, continuing with a zig-zag rib and two smooth cross ribs which gradually tighten until the diameter reached 0.4” (10mm) at its tightest point (5.5”, or 140mm, from the entrance).

The final section of the Legend consists of two parts. The first part of the chamber has a spiraling texture, with large pointed bumps for extra stimulation. Then, from 7.5” (10mm), the passage narrows again as round raised bumps press into the center of the sleeve.

How the Jenna Jameson Legend feels

The Legend has a few tight sections, narrowing to a width of just 0.4” (10mm) in several places. This tightness is noticeable as soon as you enter the sleeve and push through the first wide ribs and the spiraling section that follows. It feels like the sleeve is winding itself around the head of your penis and drawing you in.

The bumps in the Legend are quite wide, but the pointed tips mean that they stimulate the sensitive head of the penis as you move through them.

Fleshlight Jenna Jameson Legend Texture

Fleshlight Jenna Jameson Legend Texture

The second constriction creates another section that you have to push through, with a lovely feeling of penetration before the sleeve widens again. The final part of the sleeve once again tickles the tip of the penis with small, pointed stimulations. I could not reach very far into this section but the feeling was very nice around the head on the penis.

Despite the highly textured appearance, the Legend was not as intense as I expected it to be; there was enough sensation to make it enjoyable but it remained comfortable even after orgasm. The feeling was also a lot more realistic and smoother than I expected, especially as lube started to build up and ‘smooth out’ the ridges.


The amount of different bumps and ridges in this sleeve mean that there are a lot of small places for lube to build up. It will require thorough cleaning with a lot of flesh running water, and plenty of time to dry out thoroughly. Make sure you do this as soon as possible after use so that the residue is easier to remove.

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How I rate Fleshlights explained

Jenna Jameson is a star in the porn world, and her namesake sleeve definitely lived up to her reputation. I would rate the Legend as one of the best general Fleshlight sleeves I have tried. I think that it would work even better for longer guys who are able to fully enjoy the last section, but I was very satisfied and will definitely be coming back to this sleeve.

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