Fleshlight Review: Alexis Texas Tornado – Realistic Butt Fleshlight

Alexis Texas ‘Texas Tornado’ Fleshlight is from the Fleshlight Girls series and is named and modelled after pornstar Alexis Texas. It is a longstanding favorite among many Fleshlight users looking for a realistic sleeve. Read on to find out what I thought of it.

Alexis Texas Tornado
Very pleasurable squeezing and releasing sensation as the penis moves in and out.

Introducing Alexis Texas

alexis texas fleshlight

Famous for her incredible ass, blond beauty Alexis Texas has become one of the biggest names in porn since filming her first sex scene in 2006. She is best known for her anal sex scenes and her enthusiasm in this area earned her the nickname ‘Buttwoman’. This nickname features in the title of her self-directed movie ‘The Real Buttwoman Returns in which she filmed her first gangbang scene.

She’s racked up an impressive array of porn industry awards, including six dedicated exclusively to her amazing ass, and has featured prominently in magazines such as Genesis, Hustler and Maxim.

Fleshlight Mini Lotus
The most realistic Fleshlight

However, Ms. Texas is far from being a one trick pony; she has also made the difficult crossover into mainstream movies and music videos with roles in Bloodlust Zombies and a music video for rapper Juicy J.

Thankfully, the blonde bombshell has not left her porn star roots entirely behind her. Her website at alexistexas.com has a good selection of videos: ideal viewing while trying out the Alexis Texas Tornado Fleshlight masturbator.

There is also an Alexis Texas pussy Fleshlight. Check out the Alexis Texas Outlaw review.

Texas Tornado Fleshlight Review

Sleeve and Texture

Fleshlight Alexis Texas Tornado

In recognition of Alexis Texas’ appetite for anal sex, the Texas Tornado Fleshlight comes with a butt orifice as standard. As part of the Fleshlight Girls series, it is modelled on the real orifice of its namesake and features her signature on the sleeve entrance to confirm this.

The sleeve of the Tornado has a spiral texture which twists around the penis to stimulate it. It does not depend on the tightness of the tunnel for stimulation as some anal masturbators do, but relies on a combination of twisted ridges and hollows to create a gently arousing effect.

At the entrance to the tunnel there are three equal strips, or ridges, which twist around the edges along the full length of the sleeve. Along each of these ridges are small, scooped out hollows which form small ‘chambers’ around the penis. There is also a widening and narrowing effect as the actual walls draw together and apart. This all combines to create a gentle squeezing effect which adds to the realistic feeling of this sleeve.

The width of the sleeve varies from 0.5” (12mm) to 0.8” (or 20mm) as the channel widens and the small hollows open up around you. It’s a full length (9”) sleeve but the texture remains the same along the whole channel so the whole effect is accessible to all cock lengths.

How Does the Texas Tornado Feel?

Sliding into the entrance of the Tornado feels quite tight as it has the ‘butt’ orifice. You can also feel quite clearly the changes in width as it tightens then widens along the length. The hollows no doubt add to this feeling: it is a quite noticeable and very pleasurable squeezing and releasing sensation as the penis moves in and out.

The actual texture of the sleeve is less obvious, especially at first. The spiraling ridges make the texture feel quite smooth as they twist around the penis; they do not provide any resistance for your cock to push against as circular ridges would, but give way to it and move gently around it.

alexis texas tornada fleshlight texture

Fleshlight Alexis Texas Tornado Texture

The constant spiraling of the walls of the Tornado means that the stimulation is continuous and the combined effect is a sort of pulsating grip around the penis that starts to build up the sensation. There is also a pleasant amount of vacuum due to the chambers and hollows.

The Texas Tornado is not the most stimulating Fleshlight on the market if you’re looking for obvious bumps and ridges, but it is certainly one of the most realistic feeling and about as close to the real thing as a masturbator sleeve gets.


Mia Malkova Boss Level
  • A fantastic all-round good Fleshlight with a firm grip and constant stimulation.
Kissa Sins Sinner
  • Realistic and stimulating, this Fleshlight is a real treat for anal lovers.
Brandi Love Shameless
  • Shameless is made with a selection of stimulating and unusual textures which combine to bring on a seriously satisfying orgasm.


As with all Fleshlights that feature multiple bumps and ridges, the Tornado needs thorough cleaning to remove any sperm or lube residue. The best way to clean is to run plenty of water through from both ends before leaving it to dry for several hours.







How I rate Fleshlights explained

Overall, the Alexis Texas Texas Tornado is an amazingly realistic masturbation sleeve. The sensations are subtle enough to feel real, yet stimulating enough for a mind-blowing orgasm. People with smaller penises or looking for a higher intensity sleeve should look elsewhere (check Go Surge, it’s great on both accounts).

Alexis Texas Tornado
Very pleasurable squeezing and releasing sensation as the penis moves in and out.

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