Fleshlight Review: Alexis Texas Outlaw – Excellent Middle of the Road Fleshlight

Alexis Texas is one of the Fleshlight Girls who has two exclusive Fleshlight sleeves named after her. I reviewed the ‘Texas Tornado’ sleeve earlier and it remains one of my favorite sleeves. The Outlaw is Alexis’ second sleeve, featuring a vaginal orifice. I had heard good things about it so was happy to give it a try.

Alexis Texas Outlaw
Sleeve is satisfyingly tight; it feels as if the penis is being gently gripped from all sides.

Introducing Alexis Texas

Fleshlight Alexis Texas Outlaw sleeve

Alexis Texas has been a star in the adult movie industry since 2006 and has over 360 credits as an actress on IMDB. She continues to make movies in 2017 and has worked with other many other well-loved porn stars, including Angela White, Asa Akira and Tori Black.

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The blonde Texan beauty is best known for her gorgeous curves and beautiful ass, which has won several awards in its own right! She can be found at alexistexas.com if you would like something to watch while trying out your new Fleshlight sleeve.

Alexis Texas Outlaw Fleshlight Review

Sleeve and Texture

Fleshlight Alexis Texas Outlaw

At first glance, the Outlaw looks like a very interesting texture. The entrance of the canal is one of the most visually pleasing I have seen, with an accurate replica of Alexis’ wide open pussy lips surrounding the entrance hole.

Inside, the sleeve consists of two main chambers, each just over 2” (50mm) long, with wide connecting sections. The width of the sleeve varies throughout and much of it is lined with small nubs and flaps to stimulate the penis.

The first section is surrounded by two sets of three-part flaps, followed by a ring of small bumps at the entrance to the first long chamber. The chamber walls are lined with five wide ribs which run lengthwise along the canal, each topped with five tiny bumps.

The chamber ends with another concentric ring of bumps, followed by two more three-part flaps. The texture in the second chamber is identical to the first, though it narrows even further before ending with another ring of bumps and flaps.

The Outlaw sleeve narrows to just 0.3” (8mm) at the tightest point, and promises to be a very stimulating experience.


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How the Fleshlight Outlaw Feels

When you enter the canal, the first obvious sensation is the constriction caused by the first two sets of flaps. These produce just enough resistance to create a feeling of having to push through into the first chamber. The small bumps which follow are less noticeable at first, but do create some tiny stimulation points around the sensitive head of the penis.

There is no relief from stimulation as you enter the first chamber. The walls of the sleeve narrow and the long raised ribs provide extra pressure, topped with tiny bumps which create tingly points all around the penis, especially as you become more sensitive to the sensation.

Fleshlight Alexis Texas Outlaw Texture

Fleshlight Alexis Texas Outlaw Texture

The chamber does widen slightly towards the end but the ‘relief’ is short lived; the second set of flaps once again opens up around you and creates a lovely feeling of penetration. The second chamber starts to narrow at around 6” from the entrance so the final section, which is a tighter repeat of the first, will only be accessible to bigger guys.

Despite its highly textured appearance, the sensations created by the bumps and ridges are actually quite subtle in the Fleshlight Outlaw. The main sensation is the lovely tightness of the canal engulfing your whole penis and the feeling of penetration as you pop through the flaps. This makes it less intense that I expected, and more enjoyable. I was able to keep stroking through orgasm without feeling overwhelmed.


The flaps and ridges make the Outlaw fiddly to clean as you need to ensure that no residue is left inside. I recommend inserting a finger as far as you can reach to help remove any extra lube around the first set of flaps. Lots of clean running water should be enough to remove the rest. The narrow width means that plenty of drying time is needed: at least four hours in a warm dry spot.







How I rate Fleshlights explained

I really enjoyed the Outlaw. It was a lot more subtle than I expected but did provide a lovely build up and a fantastic orgasm. It would make a good choice for a first (or only) Fleshlight.

Alexis Texas Outlaw
Sleeve is satisfyingly tight; it feels as if the penis is being gently gripped from all sides.

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