Fleshlight Review: Jenna Haze Lust – Medium Tight Anal Fleshlight

Jenna Haze has given her name to two exclusive Fleshlight sleeve textures. The Obsession is known for being extremely intense and did not suit me. Lust is her other exclusive sleeve and, as it looks like quite a different experience, I was ready and willing to give it a chance.

Introducing Jenna Haze

Fleshlight Jenna Haze Lust Sleeve

Brown eyed brunette Jenna Haze was very active in the adult movie industry for over ten years and has been involved in the creation of almost 400 movies, as actor or director. She was best known for her girl on girl roles in the early years of her career, though she diversified into working with men after a split with her boyfriend in 2005.

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Jenna Haze’s talents have earned her an impressive 18 adult industry awards, from over 60 nominations. She is one of the few selected stars who have given their name to two unique Fleshlight sleeves: the vaginal Obsession sleeve and the anal Lust sleeve.

Although Jenna is no longer actively making porn, she can still be found at jennahaze.com and across social media. At the time of writing she is studying psychology, proving that she has brains and ambition, as well as beauty and talent.

Jenna Haze Lust Fleshlight Review

Sleeve and Texture

Fleshlight Jenna Haze Lust

The Lust canal features Jenna Haze’s butt orifice. It is one of the more complex-looking Fleshlight sleeves I have tried: it consists of several chambers and many different textures. At first glance it looks pretty exciting – there is certainly a lot going on inside!

The first section is 0.6” (15mm) wide, with a single cross rib just inside the entrance. This is followed by a short spiraling rib which forms the entrance for the next chamber, 2” (50mm) into the canal.

The first chamber is lined with oval shaped bumps and extends for 1.8” (45mm) before ending with a tight constriction of 0.5” (12 mm) and another spiral rib. The next chamber has a couple of plain cross ribs and a series of small bumps.

The next section constricts again, narrowing to just 0.55” (14mm). This connecting passage is textured with an unusual zigzag cross rib. This section is 6” (150mm) from the entrance to the canal.

The final part of the sleeve has a wave like pattern created by three wide cross ribs, before ending in a smooth walled passage with slightly raised bumps, and softly raised ribs which lie lengthways along the canal.

How the Jenna Haze Lust Feels

The entrance is tight and feels great, with the added effect of the spiraling rib to draw you into the chamber, which is noticeably wider. The small bumps are most noticeable around the head of the penis as you slide through - they create small points of stimulation on the sensitive tip.

The constriction before the second chamber is pleasantly tight and this feeling of pressure continues, only easing slightly as the chamber widens. The bumps in the second chamber are smaller and barely noticeable at first, but the cross ribs are obvious and create small constrictions that add to the feeling of tightness.

Fleshlight Jenna Haze Lust Texture

Fleshlight Jenna Haze Lust Texture

The final two sections, with the wave-like ridges and horizontal ribs will be out of reach to smaller and average guys but they look like interesting sensations for those who can reach them. I did not get past the end of the second chamber, but I found that the parts I could reach were a nice combination of increasing tightness and pinpoint pricks of sensation from the small bumps.

Overall, the Lust was a pleasant sleeve with some interesting textures. Compared to other sleeves, Lust is reasonably tight, but not very intense and not especially exciting.


Despite the complex appearance of the Lust sleeve, there are no deep textures or ‘corners’ for lube to build up so cleanup is relatively simple. Clean running water will remove any leftover liquids, and drying time is average.







How I rate Fleshlights explained

The texture has a lot of going on but felt surprisingly mild. A good buy for Jenna Haze fans but, personally, I think there are more interesting Fleshlight sleeves available.

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